IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
Capabilities and Benefits

Industry-Leading B2B Integration Capabilities

The IBM Sterling B2B Integrator solution is the answer for businesses that have a growing need for better trading partner and supply chain management.

It offers numerous capabilities and benefits above and beyond other EDI and B2B Integration solutions, including the following:

Securely and flexibly integrate your trading partners

Support for numerous communication standards, protocols, data formats and files
  • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator supports Web services (SOAP), S/FTP/S client and server, HTTP and HTTP/S, SMTP, AS1, AS2, AS3 and RosettaNet, WebDAV, Zengin TCP/IP, and IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct®
  • Supports policy-based file transfer and multi-gigabyte file handling
Any-to-any data mapping and translation capabilities
  • A graphical data mapping tool and multi-purpose data transformation engine
  • Supports traditional EDI (X12, EDIFACT, CII, TRADACOMS, and Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA)), XML standards (OAGi, CIDX, PIDX, and RosettaNet), Internet standards for B2B data exchange (RosettaNet RNIF, ebXML, 1SYNC, and EBICS (France)), and XSLT
World class security features
  • Digital certificate management
  • Encryption
  • Data transport security
  • Role based data access
  • Advanced authentication
Intelligent onboarding with partner self-provisioning
  • Reduces effort required for trading partner onboarding and management.

Extend internal business processes to external partners

A comprehensive library of more than 300 adapters
  • Adapters for enterprise applications (including JD Edwards, SAP, Oracle, Manugistics, PeopleSoft, Siebel, IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct®, IBM® Sterling Connect:Enterprise®, IBM® Sterling Gentran:Server®, GXS, IBM).
  • Adapters for EAI messaging platforms (including IBM WebSphere MQ, Oracle AQ, BEA Tuxedo, TIBCO Rendezvous, and more)
  • Adapters for other technologies such as Instant Messaging, CORBA, and JDBC.
Document conversion and processing
  • Provides routing, business rule validation, delivery, alerting, exception handling, and archiving for end-to-end process automation
A graphical process modeling tool and pre-defined process templates
  • Enables process modeling, execution, and orchestration
Configurable business rules
  • Enable consistent practices across trading partners and transaction types
Application extension and customization tools
  • With Web services, specially designed software development kits and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the solution simplifies any customizations you may need

Provide visibility into key IT and business processes

Centralized visibility and tracking of business processes
  • Provides tremendous opportunities to reduce error rates, isolate issues, and resolve them before they become serious problems
Mobile monitoring, management and tracking
  • Mobile tools provide monitoring for system status, database growth and average business wait time
  • Enable administrators to run or restart any failed or halted business process
  • Allow administrators to initiate or halt key functions such as logging
Dashboards and reports
  • Provide aggregate views of business documents and KPI management for you and your business partners

Your Partner for B2B Integrator Success

As a full service IBM reseller and services provider, we can deliver the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator solution from end-to-end, including:

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