IBM Sterling B2B
Integrator Basic Edition

Industry-Leading B2B Integration Capabilities
Designed for Mid-Market Budgets and Resources

B2B Integration Challenges for Small to Mid-Sized Organizations

For many small to mid-sized companies, achieving end-to-end integration with their entire B2B community has been out of reach.

Typically they have lacked the staff, skills and/or the budget to acquire and manage one of the leading B2B integration solutions, such as IBM Sterling B2B Integrator.  So, among other challenges, they continue to struggle with:

  • Responding to customer demands to exchange documents electronically
  • Costly, error-prone processes
  • Reliance on home-grown or custom B2B integration solutions
  • Compliance
  • Lack of visibility and control.

To help companies overcome these challenges and benefit from business-to-business integration, IBM developed the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Basic edition.  IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Basic is designed for companies that want a proven B2B infrastructure that provides automation, reliability, manageability and growth potential—while addressing their resource and budget constraints.

And through our proven team, B2B integration services, and B2B Integrator hosting options, we can help mid-sized companies maximize the benefits of B2B Integrator Basic while helping to reduce the up-front costs and total cost of ownership.

How B2B Integrator Basic Can Help

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Basic provides mid-sized companies seamless and secure execution of multi-enterprise business processes with their entire business partner community.  It provides basic B2B and EDI capabilities, automation of business processes, support for numerous data formats and protocols, and much more – at an affordable price point for mid-sized companies.

With IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Basic, more companies will achieve the benefits of:

  • Seamless and secure electronic collaboration with customers and partners of all sizes
  • Automation and improvement of multi-enterprise processes
  • End-to-end visibility into key business data
  • Scalability for future business growth
  • Connectivity with a broader B2B community without burdening IT resources or capital
  • And more

As a result, companies can respond to customer demands quickly, improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, gain visibility into their B2B processes with customers, and focus on attracting new business.

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Leverage Our Experienced B2B Integrator Consultants

Lightwell has the experience, solutions and services designed to enhance your organization’s business-to-business integration capabilities. In fact, this has been a core focus of our company for over a decade.

As an IBM Premier Business Partner and reseller, we offer a full range of B2B Integrator consulting services and B2B integration hosting and managed services options.  In addition, we offer a B2B Framework that streamlines the implementation and optimizes the benefits of the IBM Sterling B2B integration solutions.

Interested in getting started with B2B Integrator Basic Edition? Contact us today to discuss your needs and initiatives.