OMS Support Services

For IBM Order Management

High-Quality, Comprehensive Support for Omnichannel Order Management Systems

Lightwell truly understands the importance of support for your order management and fulfillment systems, and how critical it is to your business bottom line.  Lightwell provides personalized, high-quality support services for IBM Order Management that go beyond offshore or software provider support levels. This includes:

  • Providing first-line support or acting as a backup to internal support staff
  • Triaging support requests, classifying them as either product problem or custom problem
  • For custom problems, documenting the issue with cause, effect, impact, test scenarios, and success criteria.  We then present to the business change management board for approval and prioritization.  Finally, we work with the business to implement the solution in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • For product problems, we submit the issues to the software provider in a way that will convince the provider to make the change a higher priority and escalate as a hotfix as quickly as possible.  We also add rationale to clarify how the solution will benefit the customer base–not just one specific customer.

Learn about the full range of services and support for IBM Order Management, including strategy, implementation, managed services, hosting, and cloud services.

Your End-to-End Order Management Partner

IBM Platinum Business PartnerLightwell has an enormous amount of experience and success with coordinating and escalating issues as well as implementing the fixes and upgrades.

For your ongoing supply chain management system, order management software, look no further than Lightwell.

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