Implementation Services for
Order Management Solutions

Improving Time-to-Benefit for Your Order Management Solution Investments

Some of the key reasons why a business should embark upon an order management solution implementation or upgrade include:

  • Better visibility into  operations
  • Ability to identify bottlenecks or problems before they become serious
  • Inventory optimization
  • Timely delivery of goods when needed
  • Minimizing stock requirements
  • Increased efficiencies

But the scale of this type of project can become quite intimidating.  The benefits are truly worthwhile, but how can a business execute this type of project efficiently and cost-effectively?

Ensuring a Smooth Implementation and Rapid Time-to-Benefit

Our team of experts has the knowledge and skills required to initiate and complete your implementation, while also providing post-go-live services if needed.

We provide implementation, upgrade and migration services the IBM Sterling Order Management solutions, including:

Implementation, Upgrade and Migration Services

Our services can be tailored to fit your specific business needs for your supply chain management software implementation.

Our implementation, upgrade and migration services for the IBM Sterling Order Management solution include:

  • Detailed evaluation of your existing supply chain and processes to fully understand how the new solution would be utilized and integrated
  • Clear solution architecture and definitions that align with your business goals and objectives
  • Project management from end-to-end or focused on a specific area
  • Configuration planning and management to ensure system settings will work with business processes and trading partner transaction sets
  • Data mapping and translation for B2B, EDI, XML and other types of transactions
  • Deployment and user acceptance testing (UAT) coordination with documentation
  • Training for end users as well as help desk or support team knowledge transfer
  • Performance optimization including analysis of your systems, networking, database and application servers,  as well as your overall process flow
  • Establishing reports for monitoring key performance metrics and enterprise-wide visibility
  • Integrating systems so that all processes flow seamlessly and effectively

Your Omnichannel OMS Solution Implementation Partner

Lightwell has the industry knowledge along with the technical expertise to ensure a successful supply chain management solution implementation.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, Lightwell can assist you with all levels of your implementation—from software procurement to configuration to testing and training.

In addition, we can be there for you after go-live to ensure all features are performing as expected, and as an additional resource to augment your support staff.

Contact us for additional information on supply chain management services that are available to benefit your company.