Ecommerce, Order Management and
Supply Chain Solution Architecture

Leverage our unique blend of solution architects,
industry business experts, and highly skilled technical

Building a Strong Foundation 

An ecommerce platform, order management system or supply chain management solution implementation must be built around a solid solution architecture.  The foundation used within the architecture should have tactical alignment with business goals, and also provide a solid hardware infrastructure, a durable configuration, and a concrete ability to perform reliably and efficiently.

The Right Builder

In addition, your business needs the right “builder” for a solid solution architecture.

Lightwell can bring you a unique blend of solution architects, industry business experts, and highly skilled technical professionals in one complete supply chain management and omni-channel commerce consulting partner.

We enter into each relationship with the intent to build a strong long-term partnership.  With this in mind, we will construct the right solution architecture for your business needs as the first step in this long standing partnership.

As with any construction project, it is important to look hard at your plans to ensure the solution architecture meets your needs.  We will not only design and review the plans with you, but can provide a full range of consulting to see it to successful fruition.

Our commerce and supply chain management solution architecture services, focused on IBM Sterling Order Management (OMS) and IBM WebSphere Commerce include:

Solution analysis and design

Designing the right framework for the supply chain management solution is the first, integral step of the project.

Solution testing and

From user acceptance testing and documentation through training and go live coordination—when you are ready to flip the switch, our team is ready to make sure everything flows as it should.

Measurements and metrics

We architect a solution that provides visibility on key performance metrics and the right reports to ensure you are addressing and meeting your goals.

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