Order Management Assessments

Our experienced team can assist you in building
a sound multichannel or omnichannel strategy

Assessing Your Needs and Developing a Sound Strategy

Lightwell can assist you in building a sound ecommerce, omnichannel commerce, order management and supply chain management strategy by conducting an assessment for your business. Our assessments include:

  • Documenting your existing processes with detailed process flow maps, system-to-system communications, and supply chain participant interfaces
  • Evaluating existing processes against industry best practices to determine if there are any opportunities available that can improve the processes
  • Observing system performance and existing reporting or key performance indicators
  • Reviewing options regarding the various available supply chain solutions, including “low hanging fruit” changes as well as larger, more strategic options
  • Analyzing implementation and upgrade processes including testing, training, documentation and customization steps
  • Identifying key areas of improvement and recommending solutions and implementation steps
  • Performing a gap analysis of existing systems versus recommended solutions
  • Prioritizing efforts based on several factors including ease of implementation, return on investment, and resource availability
  • Assisting with RFP development and providing an objective review of proposals, proof of concepts, and other evaluations

Lightwell’s team has extensive ecommerce, order management, and supply chain management experience.  We’ll leverage this to review your supply chain at a very high level as well as at the micro level to find improvement opportunities.

You will realize significant value in the assessment and gain a very sound supply chain strategy that can sustain your business for the long term.

Contact us today and we will begin tailoring an assessment for your unique needs.