IT Professional Placement Services

Finding and placing the right candidates with
the right technology skills at the right time is our specialty.

Finding the Right Technology Skills and Knowledge for the Job

The right technology can be a major asset to any organization, but even more important is having the right people in place to optimize it.  This is much easier said than done. Consider the following:

  • How much does it cost your company to conduct a job search?
  • How much time and effort will it cost to find the right candidates, screen them, and interview them?
  • Who is the right person to own this process? Is your HR staff capable of properly identifying and screening technology candidates for the specific skills you seek?
  • What are the technical skills necessary to move your company into the future?
  • What about corporate culture? How do you know if you have the right fit—or if you don’t—before you hire?
  • How much more does it cost if you hire the wrong person? A poor hiring decision can cost a company five times the salary of that hire!

In our service-driven economy, companies are only as good as the people who work for them.  Finding the right people can be the difference between success and failure.

On top of that, competing for talent is one of the biggest challenges businesses face in today’s high-tech environment. Is your company equipped to stand out in the competition for high-quality candidates?

Let Lightwell’s Recruiters Assist You in Finding Your Next Hire

We can help. Finding and placing the right candidates with the right technology skills at the right time is our specialty.

Our team of talented, experienced, and knowledgeable recruiters can help you get the IT talent you want and need, quickly, without all of the headaches and costs of completing the recruiting process in-house.

Our recruiting staff is highly experienced, with over a decade of experience on average.  What does this mean for you?

  • We’ll better understand your needs and apply this find the right talent for your company
  • We have built an extensive network of highly-skilled candidates over the years, we know their skills and strengths, and have a very good reputation in the IT community. Through us, you’ll gain access to individuals you could not reach on your own.
  • We “speak the language” with IT candidates, enabling us to better match their skills with your needs.  We’re not simply using buzzwords to search for candidates.
  • We know what works and what doesn’t, and the pitfalls to avoid, saving you a great deal of time and frustration in the process.
  • Our matches stick. Because their quality is so high and fit is so good, candidates hired through us have a very high retention rate.

The results of our professional search solutions are superior quality hires, better retention of those hires, a faster time to hire, and a better return on investment that allows you to focus on your core business.  Learn more about the Lightwell difference.

A Sampling of IT Positions We Fill

We have assisted companies in filling a wide variety of IT positions, including but not limited to the following:

  • .NET Software Developer

  • CIO, CTO and CSO

  • Director of IT

  • Programmer

  • Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Hardware and Software Architect

  • Technical Writer

  • Web Developer

  • Business Analyst

  • EDI Manager and Specialist

  • IT Manager

  • Ecommerce Manager

  • Supply Chain Manager

  • Order Management Solution Developer

  • Project Manager

  • Network Engineer

  • System Administrator

  • DBA

  • Windows and Unix Administrator


Do you have an immediate IT position to fill, or anticipate the need to hire in the near future?  Contact us via the web or call us at (614) 310-2700 today. You’ll be glad you did.

IT Professional Placement in Ohio and More

Our IT staffing and professional placement group primarily serves companies closers to our home base in Ohio, but is rapidly expanding to other states and regions, including Pennsylvania.