Information Architecture Framework

A Proven 7 Point Framework to Drive Better Business Performance

Manage, Support, and Empower Your Business With Improved Information Architecture 

Information management encompasses a broad set of capabilities, all of which need to work in unison within your Information Architecture (IA). Interconnections and cross-organizational stakeholders add their own layers of complexity. The task of rationalization can be daunting.

First, how do you develop a strategy that delivers the right architecture? Then, how do you plan and implement the right architecture correctly?

Our Information Architecture consulting services will simplify this complexity. Leveraging our proven Information Architecture Framework, we can compartmentalize challenges, bring visibility to areas of overlap and gap, and help guide strategy, planning, and design activities. Basing your information strategy on this approach will lead to the right IA that supports competitive advantages for your company.

How our IA Approach Accelerates Business Value

Information ArchitectOur team provides a disciplined, accelerated way to assess your current information management environment. You can quickly identify gaps, target strategic improvements, and make investment decisions based on needs rather than desires.

We have all seen how a great strategy, implemented poorly, can result in wasted resources, corporate disruption, risk exposure, and delayed or missed business value. Leveraging a Framework will speed up and guide the planning efforts so crucial to successful implementation.

The 7-Point Lightwell Information Architecture Framework

At Lightwell we use a 7-Point Framework based on years of consulting experience across a variety of industries, enabling us to efficiently assess your current IA capabilities. Key components include:

  1. Vision/Strategy
  2. Planning
  3. Governance
  4. Organization
  5. Process
  6. Technology
  7. Metrics

We’ll customize the Framework for a specific strategy, plan, design, or challenge, and often use it as a template to develop a unique approach for our clients.

The Lightwell IA Framework has been proven to accelerate and improve our clients’ information strategies and architectures. In fact, we use it ourselves to guide strategy and architecture decisions within our own Information Architecture Practice.

Optimize Your Information Architecture

Let us help you drive better business performance with the right information architecture. Our framework ensures that all the components required for the right IA will be identified and linked.

We can baseline your current maturity, identify gaps, and provide recommendations based on our IA Framework. We will create an architecture that realizes your information strategy and delivers a competitive advantage. And we can provide guidance on your information strategy, working with you to build out a roadmap and plan.

We have frameworks for Enterprise Information Architecture and for specific Information Management capabilities, including Accelerated Business Analytics, Master Data Management, Knowledge Management, and Information Governance.

Let’s Get Started

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