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Optimizing Technology to Reduce Complexity, Increase Agility, and Improve Business Performance

Your company’s Enterprise Architecture is critical to achieving your company’s vision. Today’s demands require an architecture that is highly scalable, agile, flexible, and cloud-ready.

Whether you could use some expertise for fine-tuning your current architecture, or you need assistance with a complete overhaul, we’re here to help.

Our team of experienced Enterprise Architects, strategists, designers, and builders help companies navigate the chaos, improve performance, and achieve their visions.

Leveraging expertise in both business and IT, our team works stakeholders across the organization—ranging from C-level executives and departmental managers, to IT staff and subject matter experts—to gain a deep understanding of business strategy, processes, goals, and visions.

They create alignment and effectiveness by building linkages between your business and the technical delivery team. And they’re highly effective at doing this as a result of their unique blend of Enterprise Architecture and Integration expertise, along with taking a practical approach to Business Architecture, Information Architecture, Application Architecture, and Infrastructure Architecture.

How Our Team Can Help

Our Enterprise Architecture Team can help you:

  • Create a holistic view of your information assets, systems, data, and processes
  • Identify and expose information assets needed to meet business objectives
  • Break down silos wherever possible
  • Find ways to reduce the complexity across systems and processes
  • Define the systems, tools, and processes required to achieve company goals

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Our Proven EA Operating Model

Leveraging decades of Enterprise Architecture experience, our team has developed an EA Operating model to sift through all the complexity and help you build a program that’s right for your organization.

Enterprise Architecture Operating Model

It allows you to leverage a building block approach that can be implemented one block at a time or many blocks at a time.

Our proven model is comprised of assets that cover Enterprise Architecture:

  • Education
  • Team and Entity Models
  • Capability Framework
  • Assessment
  • And Business Relationship Model

By leveraging our EA Operating model, we help mitigate complexity so you can get fast business results.  It’s a great approach for companies that are new to EA, have an EA program that isn’t meeting expectations, or those that are looking to improve the success of their transformation initiatives.

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Preparing for the Future

In addition to solving problems around your organization’s current needs, our Enterprise Architects always have an eye on the future. They ensure that the business, applications, data, and systems are aligned with technology and governance strategies, policies, and standards.

They put plans in place to make sure the overall architecture is maintained in a cohesive manner, and that security and quality concerns are properly addressed.

Furthermore, they help to inform a range of business improvement activities by interpreting, using, and applying information contained within the IT architecture.

Through multiple models, they can show how current and future needs will be met, and help to future-proof the business as much as possible.

The Benefits of Effective Enterprise Architecture

The benefits of leveraging our Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services include:

  • Greater visibility into technology across the business
  • Increased agility and efficiency
  • Improved alignment between business and IT
  • Reduced risk
  • A stronger foundation for innovation
  • Accelerated performance

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Enterprise Architecture Services

Our Enterprise Architecture Consultants can assist your organization through a variety of services, including:

Planning and Strategy

  • Engaging with various stakeholders and leaders across the organization to derive requirements
  • Performing an in-depth Enterprise Architecture Assessment, helping to develop an EA Roadmap
  • Recommending enterprise architecture strategies, processes, tools, standards, and methodologies
  • Researching and identifying solutions to meet technical requirements and business needs
  • Providing guidance on leveraging IT to transform business operations and gain competitive advantages

Implementation and Management

  • Assisting in the design, development, and maintenance of the Enterprise Architecture
  • Creating, managing, leveraging, and maintaining technology architecture models to reflect business strategies and goals
  • Implementing and directing technology architecture activities

Governance and Operations

  • Ensuring new models and processes adhere to standards and meet requirements
  • Identifying ways to improve IT capabilities to support future goals
  • Identifying risks and analyzing the potential impact on the enterprise and on achieving objectives
  • Identifying ways to reduce costs and inefficiencies across the business and IT

Optimization and Support

  • Sharing best practices and lessons learned
  • Motivating and inspiring others across the organization to adopt and capitalize on new technologies

Enterprise Architecture Skills and Experience

Our Enterprise Architecture Consultants have experience across a variety of areas including:

  • IT Strategy and Governance
  • IT Quality Management
  • IT Infrastructure Design and Planning
  • Business Analysis
  • IT Project Management
  • IT Risk Management
  • IT Financial management
  • Systems Architecture
  • System Design
  • Software Development
  • IT and Data Security
  • IT Operations

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