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EDGE: Accelerate Development Through Automation, Proven Templates, and Best Practices

For many organizations, data analytics initiatives have climbed to the top of the corporate agenda. When implemented and leveraged effectively, analytics can play an essential role in improving business decisions, enhancing products and services, strengthening customer loyalty, outperforming competitors, and growing the business.

While modern Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics tools are extremely powerful in enabling these outcomes, harnessing this power requires a dependable and durable foundation of high-quality, clean, and noise-free data.

However, building and maintaining this strong data foundation has proven to be challenging—even daunting —for most organizations. This is such a widespread issue that the failure rates of data warehousing projects are very high: various studies have reported failure rates ranging from 50-75%.

To help companies overcome the challenges and support the rapid development of analysis-friendly data environment, Lightwell has created EDGE.

Lightwell EDGE
EDGE is a standalone, methodology-driven software that prescribes and automates the development of the key structures and architectural processes that high-performance data analytics environments require.

EDGE was developed based on decades of data analytics experience and best practices gained from assisting some of the world’s leading organizations in finance, insurance, banking, and retail. It provides technical and business users a powerful roadmap to a successful data analytics foundation, based on proven approaches and techniques.

EDGE – Examination, Design, Generation, and Evaluation

EDGE draws its name from an acronym identifying the lifecycle phases undertaken during the accelerated construction of data foundations: Examination, Design, Generation, and Evaluation. It provides guided, intuitive workflow and automation based on best practices associated with examining source data, designing data transformation and validations, generating ETL transformations, and evaluating data quality outcomes.

EDGE automatically generates full-featured ETL processes that may be exported to ETL tools including Informatica, Ab Initio, IBM InfoSphere DataStage, Microsoft SSIS, Syncsort, and more.

EDGE Benefits

As a result of leveraging EDGE, some of the world’s leading organizations have achieved numerous advantages and benefits including:

  • Reduces ETL development and data integration time and costs by up to 70%
  • Doubles productivity by increasing reusability
  • Shortens the learning curve and reduces training costs
  • Improves collaboration and alignment between business and technical users
  • Generates consistent, proven, high-quality ETL code and promotes reusable work
  • Increases data quality and governance significantly
  • Enables rapid time-to-value for new data sources and greater agility in addressing new requirements
  • Increases scalability and flexibility, with the agility to adapt to rapidly-changing requirements
  • Drastically reduces ongoing management and maintenance costs
  • Enhances dashboard and reporting accuracy, leading to better business outcomes

Learn more about Lightwell EDGE by viewing our brochure below. To learn more about how EDGE can assist you with your data analytics initiatives, please reach out to us.

Lightwell EDGE Brochure