Customer 360

Achieving a Single View of Your Customer And Their Households

Corraling Customer Data

To effectively manage and strengthen customer relationships, companies must often access data from numerous information systems.  All too often, these disparate systems will represent individual customers in a variety of ways.

Names may subtly differ (e.g. formal vs. informal; married vs. maiden; properly spelled vs. improperly spelled, etc.) and addresses may be incongruent (e.g. former address vs. current address; abbreviated vs. non-abbreviated; business vs. home, etc.).

These inconsistencies can quickly handicap your company’s ability to relate customers to all of their associated products.  It can also have a significant impact on customer satisfaction, as the customer may not feel recognized or appreciated for their purchases and loyalty.

Similarly, you may be unable to identify individual customers that share common households. For example, your marketing team may target multiple members of the household with different, incongruent—perhaps even competing offers—not recognizing they reside within the same home.

Or, your company misses the opportunity to recommend new services or offerings that are a great fit for the household’s needs.

As a result, you may lose customers to a competitor because you weren’t able to offer them the best services for their needs at the right time.

Creating a Comprehensive View

Drawing from its extensive experience with data integration and industry-leading matching algorithms, Lightwell can provide your company a definitive, consolidated view of its customers.

Our team of multi-dimensional experts in technology and financial services can help your company gracefully collect and validate customer data.

We then leverage sophisticated customer data parsing, cleansing, and matching technology to assign unique customer and household identifiers that support the incorporation of external demographics.

As a result, we enable a more precise picture of your customers, their relationships, and their potential needs.

Let the Matching Begin

Are you ready to gain a comprehensive view of your customers and households? The Lightwell team is here to help. Find out more about what our data matching and integration expertise can do for you.

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