Data Analytics Strategic Roadmaps

Defining the Steps for a Highly-Successful Initiative

Detailed Guidance for Achieving Your Vision

All of the valuable insight captured in our data analytics assessments can be leveraged to realize and sharpen your analytics vision.

Data Analytics Assessment Roadmap

We’ll create a data analytics roadmap that provides detailed recommendations on where to go next with your initiative. It includes the components, activities, and appropriate platforms required for a high-performance Enterprise DataHub—one that accommodates the right combination of on-premises, public and private cloud, and SaaS ecosystems.

As applicable, the roadmap will include recommendations, commentary, and estimates around your Data Lake Pipeline, Data Warehouse Automation, Data Preparation, DataOps, and more.

We’ll help you define critical development activities, measurable milestones, and help you achieve quick wins with high impact.

We’ll also highlight the best practices, tools, and processes to help keep pace with your rapidly-changing analytical needs.

Furthermore, we’ll leverage what we uncovered in the assessment to identify clear business opportunities for analytics that drive:

  • Market differentiation
  • Cost reduction
  • New business growth
  • Risk mitigation
  • Great customer experiences

Finally, from a true analytics perspective, we can define improvements in reporting construction, dashboard design, and make recommendations for employing advanced tools like predictive and prescriptive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more.

All assessments and recommendations conducted by the Lightwell team will factor in the rapidly-changing trends in the data and analytics landscape, including:

  • Modern Analytics: AI, Machine Learning,
    Self-Service, IoT, and Real-Time
  • Modern Platforms: Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Big Data, Data Lakes, and Streaming
  • Modern Integration: Agile, Automated, Universal, and Real-Time

Moving Forward with Confidence

There’s no better time than now to take the next steps in building an optimized data and analytics foundation, and moving forward with confidence towards your goals.

Get in touch with us and let’s start a discussion on how our Assessments and Roadmaps can help your organization.

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