B2B Integration Strategy Services

B2B Integration Assessments, Solution
Architecture, and Software Selection Assistance

We’ll Help You Develop and Optimize Your Business to Business Integration Strategy 

Lightwell’s B2B Integration strategy and design services include:

B2B integration assessments

We’ll review and assess your B2B and EDI systems, processes and architecture, identify areas of opportunity, and isolate issues before they become problems.

B2B integration software selection

We can execute an objective and quantifiable vendor and solution selection process with you, enabling your business to make a sound, rational EDI or B2B technology solution choice.

B2B solution architecture

Lightwell provides a comprehensive view of EDI and B2B solutions that will meet your business needs while remaining cost-effective.

Through these business to business integration strategy services, we have helped a wide variety of organizations select and architect the right B2B integration, EDI, and managed file transfer solutions for their needs and goals, while saving a great deal of time and effort along the way.

IBM Premier Business Partner - Smarter CommerceYour Strategic Partner for IBM Sterling B2B Integration Solutions

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we can assist you in evaluating and architecting a variety of solutions, including IBM Sterling GentranIBM Sterling B2B Integrator,  IBM Sterling Transformation Extender (ITX), and the IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions.

Our proactive approach has helped to keep companies ahead of the curve—where they are prepared to address changing business needs—while keeping them out of the constant “reaction mode.”

No matter your industry or specific challenges, we can leverage our years of experience and technology partnerships to deliver a solution that matches your needs and addresses your challenges.

Learn more about our specific B2B strategy and design services through the links above, or contact Lightwell today to discuss your needs. We’ll customize services that are precisely right for you.