B2B Integration Software Selection

We'll help you weed through the jungle of B2B
integration software choices with our proven approach.

The Challenges of Selecting a B2B Integration Software Solution

When it comes to selecting a B2B integration software solution, the process can be long and complicated.  It’s not simply a matter of doing some research, finding a few software vendors, listening to their sales presentations and picking the best one.  You wish.

Rather, on top of hours of requirements gathering, internal meetings, vendor and industry research, and more, you must address some difficult questions like:

  • What does my company actually need, versus what is “nice to have”?
  • What should my critical success factors be for the project?
  • How do find the right vendor to meet our critical success factors?
  • Should I completely outsource this project? Or are my internal resources a better option?
  • Do I need to bring in more technical people to determine if this solution is even feasible?
  • How will my other business systems be affected by this choice?
  • How should I measure ROI of the solution?

Even after you think through these questions and find a few vendors that fit the bill, you must filter through a heap of presentations, proposals and references to find the “right” solution.

And then, despite hours of evaluation and deliberation, you may feel reluctant to make a move because you just don’t have confidence in your/your team’s knowledge and understanding of the solution and its long-term implications.

We Can Save You a Great Deal of Time and Effort

Lightwell can help you weed through the jungle of B2B integration software choices with a proven approach to meeting your business requirements and adhering to budget mandates.

Our comprehensive B2B integration software selection service has helped a wide variety of businesses choose the right B2B integration solutions for their needs and save a great deal of time and effort along the way. Among the steps we utilize during our B2B integration software selection process are:

  • Defining your current business issues
  • Aligning and prioritizing critical success factors that will influence the decision
  • Carefully evaluating insourcing versus outsourcing alternatives (or determining if a combination of both would be feasible)
  • Reviewing industry trends and determining how these trends could impact the solution now and in the future
  • Conducting a growth assessment based on transaction size, frequency, and the number of trading partners
  • Executing a targeted request for proposal (RFP) process based on industry-leading integration provider alternatives
  • Completing a vendor scorecard analysis with unbiased, quantifiable rankings based on the prioritized critical success factors
  • Validating the solution, where a proof of concept or other criteria are used to insure the solution can perform according to the RFP
  • Selecting a vendor, with recommendations and suggestions for negotiation discussion points

Your End-to-End B2B Integration Solution Partner

Once a final selection is made, Lightwell can further assist your business in the full deployment of the solution with a variety of additional services.

IBM Premier Business Partner - Smarter CommerceAs an IBM Premier partner, we have successfully managed the deployment of over 1000 IBM B2B integration solutions, and our staff can help ensure that yours is successful as well.

The solution deployment is fully coordinated with our highly trained project managers, business analysts, and technical specialists who will ensure your project stays on track with objective industry insights and benchmarks.

Regardless of the size or scope of your B2B integration software selection project, Lightwell can lend their knowledge and expertise to your evaluation and decision making process.

Whether you want Lightwell to provide end-to-end management of the entire selection process, or you simply need guidance in one particular area – Lightwell can provide the resources you need to ensure your B2B projects meet your needs, budget and expectations. Contact us today to learn more.