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Meeting B2B System Performance Expectations

The best B2B integration solution available may not be deemed successful unless system performance meets expectations.  System performance can be measured in a variety of ways, and every business may have its own unique definition for adequate performance.

Regardless of the definition, B2B integration systems must meet performance expectations at the time of implementation, and then be reviewed on a routine basis to ensure that performance is optimized.

Evaluating B2B Integration System Performance

When conducting a review of system performance, there are several variables to consider:

  • User perception – Although it may not be the most reliable or quantifiable measure, it is an important one that can be measured in the form of user surveys or functional performance tests.
  • Network performance can often be a factor with overall B2B performance optimization and should be analyzed.
  • Database or backend systems may cause delays or performance issues and should be checked as part of the analysis.

In addition, the review should investigate all functional and technical aspects of the B2B system, including translation, disk utilization, memory, and system configuration metrics.

Optimizing B2B Integration System Performance

We provide a comprehensive B2B integration system performance optimization service where we analyze these variables and more.  The service includes:

  • An overall system assessment and comparison against business objectives
  • Reviewing the system architecture, and creating a list of performance optimization areas within and outside the B2B solution architecture
  • Targeting and resolving any basic issues related to performance
  • Analyzing dashboard panes to determine if any configuration changes are needed or if additional measures are needed with the dashboard
  • Auditing user accounts, groups, and security permissions
  • Inserting or configuring any business process checkpoints, and benchmarking against best practices
  • Inspecting performance statistics during peak activity and  low activity to identify and resolve any other issues
  • Performing a controlled test of the system with a single transaction to help in error identification and resolution
  • Reviewing server event logs, network statistics, and database logs to track and resolve issues

Once we complete the performance optimization service, we can implement an ongoing review to ensure that performance will continue to meet expectations as volume grows, trading partners are added or transactions change.

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Meeting business expectations is critical for B2B processes, and optimizing the performance of your B2B integration systems is one of the most important components of meeting those expectations.

Lightwell has tremendous experience with B2B performance optimization and can work with your IT group or independently to identify and resolve any issues quickly.

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