B2B Integration Solution Health Check

Ensuring Your B2B Integration System
Stays in Peak Condition

Are Your B2B Integration and EDI Systems Performing to your Expectations? 

Are there ways to improve them?  Could there be hidden issues that could cause serious problems in the future?  Can any of your processes be optimized for even greater efficiency or accuracy?

While your EDI and B2B Integration systems seem to be stable at the moment, changes in transaction volume change this.  Also, hardware and networks can degrade or reach capacity at some point, which will impact your stability.  With this in mind, you should perform routine B2B solution health checks to make sure your system stays in shape.

Our Comprehensive B2B Integration Solution Health Check

Lightwell offers an intensive B2B Integration solution health check service that includes a thorough examination with diagnosis and treatment options for your B2B Integration and EDI systems.

It is a valuable service to confirm that your B2B Integration and EDI systems are meeting expectations while also planning for future changes such as new trading partners, business expansion, or new transaction sets.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we can help you analyze and optimize any of the B2B integration solutions within the IBM Sterling B2B Integration solutions portfolio, including:

As part of our B2B solution health checks, our consultants will:

  • Evaluate and review business objectives regarding B2B and EDI initiatives, including a forecast of any upcoming business changes
  • Examine and analyze your existing B2B and EDI environments including integration configurations and interfaces, architecture, database, and data translation maps
  • Establish and identify key performance bottlenecks and risks that could negatively impact system performance or integrity
  • Explore gaps in technology including versions, compatibility, or new solution alternatives
  • Evaluate and expand system maintenance processes, including event and error log monitors, notification processes, backup and restoration procedures, archiving, indexing, and disaster recovery steps
  • Explicate on industry best practices to determine if opportunities exist to improve operational and system processes

Upon completion of the health check, we’ll produce a detailed report of the findings, including remediation plans for identified issues and recommendations for optimization and mitigation of risks.  As a result, you’ll be prepared to keep your business moving forward with minimal issues or challenges.

Your Partner for the Health of Your B2B Integration Solution

Lightwell has performed numerous B2B solution health checks for businesses of all sizes across many different industries. Learn about our comprehensive B2B integration services, and contact us today to discuss a tailored B2B integration solution health check for your business.