Through extensive data management experience combined with in-depth knowledge Yellowbrick, we’ll help you accelerate the benefits of speed, performance, and unprecedented insights.

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Overcome the limitations of legacy and cloud-only Data Warehouses.

Data continues to grow in volume and complexity, while the demand for real-time, actionable insights from it continues to skyrocket. However, traditional data warehouses that were built on aging architectures can’t keep up with these demands. SQL-on-Hadoop engines don’t enable ad hoc analytics at scale on top of data lakes. 

And cloud-only data warehouse options are either built on VMs that don’t deliver the performance at scale needed by business-critical applications – or lock companies in with their customized hardware.

Lightwell has partnered with Yellowbrick Data to help companies overcome these challenges and unleash the power of their data with faster, higher-performance analytics. 

We’ll help you get the most from the Yellowbrick solution with comprehensive data analytics strategy, architecture, solution implementation, data management, and support services

Achieve faster, higher-performance analytics at a fraction of the cost.

Their solution addresses today’s surging data demands by improving the speed and quality of insights delivered to companies from their data sources, and enabling them get answers to critical questions hundreds of times faster –  while reducing costs significantly. 

With Yellowbrick Data Warehouse, companies can get answers to the hardest business questions for driving improved profitability, better customer loyalty, and faster innovation in real time – at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. In addition, our data analytics team brings the extensive data, technical and domain expertise needed to optimize their data management and analytics processes. 

As a result of working with us, companies benefit from trusted, high quality data and answers that are complete, accurate, and actionable. 

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The only modern Data Warehouse for Hybrid Cloud.

With Yellowbrick Data, companies can get a high-performance, modern data warehouse with the best price/performance in the industry – up to 100x faster than legacy data warehouses or cloud-only options. Users across the enterprise can get fast answers to complex queries and run reports quickly – and thousands of concurrent users can analyze vast amounts of data at the same time.  

The solution enables them to replace aging data warehouses and modernize their legacy data architectures. It augments data lakes with a modern, real-time enterprise analytics environment, enabling users to get better answers to their hardest questions faster. It also dramatically improves performance, scales to the largest data sets, and enables a faster and more cost-effective migration to the cloud.

Exceptional flexibility to accommodate your unique needs.

It can be deployed anywhere – in private clouds, as SaaS in public clouds, or hybrid – while offering simplified, consistent management. It works with leading data management, data integration, and BI solutions – including Tableau, SAS, and Informatica to improve value while leveraging existing investments and skillsets. Companies can accelerate analytics in AWS, Azure, and GCP. And it provides predictable subscription pricing – so there are no surprise bills that often accompany competitive solutions when there is peak demand.

Leverage our expertise to get the most from Yellowbrick.

Our team’s in-depth knowledge of Yellowbrick enables us to provide unparalleled expertise and fully leverage the solution’s functions and capabilities. We take a collaborative approach that helps you leverage resources and skills most effectively and maximizes value throughout your entire data warehouse initiative.  The Data Analytics consulting services we provide to complement the Yellowbrick solution include: 

Learn more about our Data Analytics consulting services, including:

Developers services

Our team has decades of experience helping many of the world’s leading companies succeed with their goals and initiatives, including helping them optimize data and insights, modernize their data, and accelerate innovation and growth.  Learn more about how we help.

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