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Delays in distribution can precipitate
diminishment in demand.

You strive for the perfect order every time. It’s what your customers want, your investors demand, and your sales and marketing teams promise. But it’s tough to do in a market where so many different things can go wrong…and competitors insist that they can do better than you.

To keep pace with shifting customer behaviors and to capture new growth opportunities, you need to stay one step ahead of the market. You need to have products in stock – in the right amount – where and when the customer demands them. That’s why you need the visibility and insights made possible only with an intelligent supply chain.

You need to move quickly.

This is an economy in which customer demands are predicted before they know what they want. So, the distribution supply chain must operate at the speed of burgeoning desire. And that’s faster than anyone would have imagined even a decade ago.

To keep up with this pace, and to avoid aging inventory as well as stockouts, many distribution companies are seeking best-in-class supply chain management solutions that enable them to predict and prevent disruptions.

Your industry challenges include:

  • Changing customer behavior created by the digital economy
  • The need for hyper-localization and granularity in demand and assortment planning
  • Lack of end-to-end transaction visibility
  • The pressure to increase operational agility while reducing cost
  • The expectation of delivering the perfect customer experience every time
  • A variety of government and other regulations

Supply chain technology enables you to:

  • Gain accurate, real-time end-to-end visibility
  • Accelerate the speed of transactions so you can meet demand faster
  • Predict, assess and mitigate disruptions
  • Capitalize on AI and blockchain to make faster, more informed business decisions
  • Leverage the cloud to deliver scalable and reliable B2B transactions globally
  • Reduce errors and costs by automating document exchanges with small partners
  • Ensure compliance with government requirements

An intelligent supply chain keeps the lines of distribution
open to ensure customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain solutions

Lightwell offers industry-focused supply chain services and solutions to manage your wholesale distribution network. We create reliable, end-to-end systems drawing from our own proprietary solutions plus those offered by our partner, IBM.  We know your challenges, and we know how to resolve them. We’ve spent years helping organizations like yours work toward a seamless, digital supply chain with minimal disruptions or delays.

Now, with the advent of AI, machine learning, and blockchain, we can make your distribution ecosystem function more efficiently, effectively, and with a single version of the truth that every partner can rely upon.

Explore our comprehensive supply chain consulting services to learn how we can help. Learn about some of the supply chain solutions we can help you leverage and optimize them for your industry.

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network

Connect with your business partners quickly and securely. Share real-time, accurate visibility with your entire retail supply chain. Leverage AI and blockchain technology to optimize processes and outcomes.


IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

This high-speed, high-volume, and highly secure collaboration engine accelerates B2B processes and partner transactions, and establishes more productive, promising collaborative relationships.


Lightwell B2B Visibility Portal

Lightwell B2B Visibility Portal provides unprecedented visibility into transactions, so you can see exactly what’s happening across your B2B operations and supply chain. This solution enables business users to identify and mitigate problems without the need for IT involvement.


Lightwell B2B Framework

Lightwell’s framework for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator -- and other IBM solutions – eases implementation and boosts efficiency.  Lightwell B2B Framework delivers greater control, visibility, and insight across your supply chain network so you can make better, smarter decisions.

bring data together

IBM Sterling Order Management

This order management solution helps you orchestrate complex orders across your entire fulfillment network and deliver great omnichannel customer experiences. It helps you orchestrate orders from all channels in real-time from inception to delivery, and automates processes and data connected to the order as it moves through its life cycle.

out of box

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson

Make faster, smarter decisions that help prevent supply chain delays and disruptions. This AI-powered solution provides comprehensive, end-to-end visibility and real-time insights that enable you to optimize the performance of your supply chain. Leveraging the power of AI, it helps to deepen visibility, proactively predict and mitigate disruptions, and reduce costs.


IBM Sterling Transaction Manager

Eliminate paper documents without requiring any process changes from your partners. This is particularly helpful with smaller business partners that have technological challenges.


IBM Document Conversion Services

Automate transactions with any supply chain partner, even if they’re using older manual processes. This solution translates non-structured documents like fax, email, and PDF into EDI or other electronic formats.


IBM Business Transaction Intelligence

When you depend upon many supply chain partners throughout the world, you need a single, simple way to monitor the progress of your transactions. Get end-to-end insights in seconds with renowned AI and blockchain capabilities.


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