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Whether in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, or retail – supply chains across industries share many similar challenges, albeit with a good dose of specialization. For the most part, most supply chain professionals are trying to resolve issues like:

  • A complex and growing trading partner community with siloed data
  • Quickly growing volumes of structured, unstructured, and dark data
  • Lack of visibility into issues and potential disruptions
  • Lack of insights into business processes and performance
  • No single source of truth of information about transactions
  • Outdated or underperforming legacy software
  • Unacceptable downtime and missed SLAs
  • Limited in-house skills and resources to keep up
  • Business user reliance on IT
  • Inability to incorporate modern technologies effectively

In addition, most organizations must address continuous pressures to reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and maintain positive relationships with their suppliers, partners, and customers.  While all of this is challenging enough to address, you also must address those specific to your own industry and circumstances.

Tap into our extensive industry
expertise to ensure your success.

That’s why we provide high-quality, industry-focused supply chain services and solutions, leveraging our partnership with IBM. We know your challenges, and we know how to resolve them. We’ve spent years helping companies like yours enable more efficient, agile, and intelligent supply chains.

Now, leveraging new capabilities made possible by AI, machine learning, and blockchain – we can make your supply chain even better. Our team can help you harness the power of these solutions to increase productivity, adapt quickly, and drive competitive advantages.

Supply Chain solutions

Learn more about how Lightwell and IBM combine our unique strengths to amplify yours. Explore supply chain solutions for:

New technology brings new visibility and automation capabilities to industry supply chains.

Cloud technology, integration solutions, AI, and blockchain have brought to industry supply chains one of the most important capabilities of all: visibility.

Real-time, end-to-end visibility is possible with newer B2B integration and supply chain technologies. And this level of visibility saves organizations money, time, energy, and IT resources while it sets the stage for future agility and growth.

Furthermore, many of these new solutions help to automate manual processes that slow your supply chain down – without requiring a massive implementation or overhaul of your current systems. They’ll enable you to achieve ‘quick wins’ while augmenting your existing capabilities.

Here are some of these solutions worth exploring:

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network

Streamline connections and collaboration with over 800,000 pre-connected trading partners leveraging this security-rich, cloud-based solution. Support a wide range of unique and diverse translations, requirements, and regulations. Embedded AI and blockchain capabilities help you gain deeper visibility, real-time intelligence, and more.


IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson

Make faster, smarter decisions that help prevent supply chain delays and disruptions. This AI-powered solution provides comprehensive, end-to-end visibility and real-time insights that enable you to optimize the performance of your supply chain. Leveraging the power of AI, it helps to deepen visibility, proactively predict and mitigate disruptions, and reduce costs.


IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

Connect easily with partners using a high availability single gateway that’s built for the most demanding environments. IBM Sterling B2B Integrator helps you securely and reliably integrate complex B2B and EDI processes across your entire ecosystem.


IBM Business Transaction Intelligence

This solution provides a simple way to monitor the progress of your transactions. This solution provides end-to-end visibility across your B2B transaction lifecycles in real-time and in context. Procure-to-pay and order-to-cash data can be searched by business users using natural language, and graphical views help unravel complexity so you can make better-informed decisions. Alerts help you increase awareness and reduce risk.


IBM Sterling Order Management

This order management solution helps you orchestrate complex orders across your entire fulfillment network and deliver great omnichannel customer experiences. It helps you orchestrate orders from all channels in real-time from inception to delivery, and automates processes and data connected to the order as it moves through its life cycle.


Lightwell B2B Visibility Portal

Our solution provides unprecedented visibility into transactions, so you can see exactly what’s happening within your supply chain. This solution enables business users to identify and mitigate problems without the need for IT involvement.


It’s not just one supply chain. You have many to manage.

Supply chain processes are involved in virtually every part of your business operations, from product development to customer delivery, and involve a wide variety of functions and processes:

  • Invent it: Research and Development
  • Make it: Inbound to production
  • Sell it: Finished goods
  • Sustain it: Aftermarket
  • Prove it: Clinical trials

Invent it: Research and Development

Before you create anything, you have to invent a product or service. Or reinvent. Or just make it cheaper, faster, or somehow different from its competitors. At this point, your supply chain presents issues related to:

  • Components
  • Delivery and pre-production scheduling
  • Existing and “test” suppliers
  • Expedited freight costs
  • Product launch deadlines
  • International supply lanes
  • Shorter product lifecycles

Make it: Inbound to production

You know what your mission is, and now it’s time to execute. You’re concerned about:

  • Just-in-time deliveries
  • Pipeline inventory control
  • Cash flow
  • Production line planning and efficiency
  • Expedited freight costs
  • Zero line-stop
  • Variable supplier schedule compliance
  • Production re-work costs
  • SKU count growth

Sell it: Finished goods

Now that the product is ready to go to market, you’re visited by a host of new concerns:

  • Pipeline inventory control
  • Cash flow
  • Merchandiser priorities and competing product groups
  • Supplier reliability
  • Expedited freight costs
  • Lost sales
  • Product launch timing
  • Failed delivery penalties
  • Unreliable demand planning and forecasting

Sustain it: Aftermarket

In some industries, the aftermarket has an extraordinary impact on future sales. When this is the case, you have worries about:

  • Asset uptime maximization
  • Competitive threats from independents (grey market)
  • Damaged parts
  • Lifetime parts commitment
  • Customer order service levels
  • Inventory deployment
  • Failed delivery penalties
  • SKU count growth

Prove it: Clinical trials

Highly regulated industries bring with them their own special issues. This is particularly true in healthcare where lives literally depend upon your products. In sensitive industries of this nature, you have the added concerns of:

  • Trial budget adherence
  • Failed delivery – trial delay
  • Regulatory compliance – GDPR
  • Temperature excursion monitoring
  • First/final mile – hospital ward
  • Direct to patient
  • Flow of test medication out/bio samples return
  • SKU count growth

Comprehensive supply chain solutions that
bring immediate and far-reaching results.

Through our comprehensive services and solutions, we’ll help improve all of these supply chain processes.
We’ll enable you to:

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Improve visibility across your supply chain

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Collaborate to solve problems quickly

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Streamline and automate complex business processes

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Onboard partners faster and manage relationships better

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Improve real-time decision making with actionable insights

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Achieve cost savings

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Mitigate risks and disruption

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Increase inventory visibility and utilization

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Resolve issues specific to your industry

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Respond faster to changing needs and demands

Let’s get down to business.

Your supply chain is complex. One wrong move or problem can send a ripple effect across your entire supply chain ecosystem. That’s why it’s so important that you leverage modern digital supply chain technology to create a more resilient, scalable, agile supply chain – one that is able to meet the demands you face today and prepares you for the challenges you’ll encounter in the future. 

We help you enable intelligent, resilient supply chains leveraging solutions that offer:

  • Real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations 
  • Trusted connectivity — built to scale
  • Hybrid cloud integration to extend existing supply chain investments 
  • Integration with mission-critical applications

Our qualified, experienced professionals can help you implement and optimize your supply chain solutions and will leverage our team’s industry knowledge to adapt them to your specialized industry requirements.

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