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Empower your team and partners with greater visibility and control of supply chain data.

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Overcome supply chain visibility challenges that prevent you from moving forward.

A massive amount of critical information flows through your B2B integration, file transfer, and middleware systems every day. Ensuring that it flows seamlessly and error-free is essential to the success of your business and its relationships. But it’s hard to accomplish when there are so many different systems operating simultaneously – each one requiring different skill sets to manage while addressing only a portion of the total picture. 

You’re not the only one grappling with this problem.

Most companies lack the level of visibility and control needed to make well-informed decisions. This is because it’s difficult and time-consuming to identify and resolve issues across a wide variety of files, systems, and partners. And when you can’t identify problems, you also can’t understand, analyze, and take action. You can’t protect your company, improve operations, or generate competitive advantages.

Make your data more visible and manageable.

We developed the Lightwell Visibility Portal to help companies overcome these challenges, improve their operations, and get the most value from the information flowing between their systems and those of their partners.

It can provide your organization and its partners with an unprecedented level of visibility, control, and insight across your critical information and systems.

Gain timely, actionable insights.

Our Visibility Portal informs and empowers a variety of stakeholders inside and outside your organization with accurate and timely information. It also enables your organization to be much more responsive and transparent with your business partners and customers.

You’ll gain insights for driving improvements across your processes and operations, improve productivity and efficiency across your organization, and increase partner and customer satisfaction with better and faster service.

Empower your stakeholders with the exact information they need when they need it.

Through a highly-configurable web-based portal, the solution provides end-to-end visibility, control, and actionable insights to your internal business and IT users – and to your external business partners.

  • Visibility for business users
  • Visibility for supply chain partners
  • Visibility for IT users

Visibility for business users

  • A single tool that delivers self-service, role-based access to users in various departments throughout your organization.
  • Displays comprehensive, end-to-end visibility across transactions, files, and partners.
  • Presents accurate, real-time information through highly-configurable, individualized dashboards that deliver information precisely the way your business users and decision-makers want to see it.
  • Compiles actionable reports and delivers business and technical insights, with fast access to underlying data.
  • Enables quick handoffs to the technical team for when the additional in-depth investigation is required.

Benefits for line-of-business users

  • Instant self-service: Empower customer service, accounting, sales, and marketing with up-to-date information about transactions without requiring intervention from the IT team.
  • Fast answers: Enable your staff to quickly research and answer questions.
  • Better decisions: Deliver the right information at the right time to managers and executives across the organization so they can make better business decisions.
  • Valuable insights: Give decision-makers valuable insight into trends, including customer insights, financial performance, errors and exceptions, marketing and sales trends, supply chain and partner performance, and much more. And they can drill down to view the data behind it.
  • Fast issue resolution. Give business teams the power to initiate the error resolution process, minimizing time and effort while improving satisfaction.

Visibility for supply chain partners

  • A single tool that enables self-service, customized access to trusted supply chain partners.
  • Displays comprehensive, end-to-end visibility across their own transactions and files.
  • Presents accurate, real-time information individualized dashboards that deliver information precisely the way your partners want to see it.
  • Compiles actionable reports and delivers business and technical insights. 
  • Enables faster handoffs to the technical team for when the additional in-depth investigation is required.

Benefits for Partners

  • Instant self-service: Empower permissioned supply chain partners with a self-service status for their own transactions.
  • Fast answers: Enable your partners to quickly answer questions on their own about their transaction status or research and resolve issues.
  • Valuable insights: Give supply chain partners valuable insight into their own performance and trends.
  • Transparency and trust: Provide complete transparency to partners to build their trust and solidify relationships.

Visibility for IT users

  • A single, powerful tool that can be configured to deliver role-based access to users inside and outside your organization, reducing the dependency on IT.
  • Easily configurable, individualized dashboards that provide:
    • End-to-end visibility into transactions, files, and partners
    • 360-degree lifecycle tracking and control
    • Actionable reports that deliver business and technical insights
    • Access to underlying data for better control and troubleshooting 
  • Time savings from faster handoffs from line-of-business users when the in-depth investigation is required.

Benefits for IT

  • Reduce the burden on IT. Empower business users and partners to locate and research transactions without the need for IT intervention.
  • Reduced time and effort. Give business teams the power to initiate the error resolution process, minimizing IT time and effort while improving satisfaction.
  • Faster handoffs. Quickly accept handoffs when IT assistance is needed to examine more complicated issues.
  • Better use of skills. Allow IT teams to concentrate on strategic rather than tactical issues.

The power and benefits of Lightwell Visibility Portal

  • Simplify the management and monitoring of multiple solutions
  • Provide enhanced visibility and control for business users, technical managers, and partners
  • Fine-tune your operations and supply chain
  • Gain actionable insight from the information flowing between systems and partners
  • Get more from your IT investments


  • One comprehensive tool for viewing and managing files and data across multiple solutions


  • Consolidate and streamline processes
  • Reduce management time and costs


  • Highly-configurable dashboards provide self-service access and control to key users
  • Permissioned usage inside and outside the organization
  • Quick, easy access to the information that’s most relevant to your users
  • Explore data from a high level to granular detail


  • Reduce the need for IT intervention
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Minimize the time and effort involved in researching transactions
  • Improve relationships through greater transparency and responsiveness


  • Reports and insights provide real-time, actionable information to decision makers
  • Monitor performance of transactions, supply chain operations, and partners
  • Quickly identify the source of errors and anomalies


  • Identify and address areas for improvement with precision
  • Resolve issues quickly
  • Make better-informed business decisions to improve supply chain performance


  • One accurate source of high level and detailed information for a variety of stakeholders and decision-makers 
  • Gain business, operations, and technical insights
  • View trends related to partners, transactions, customers, operations, and more


  • Act quickly based on a clear understanding of what’s happening 
  • Reduce risk and mitigate disruption
  • Strengthen relationships and trust with a single source of truth 
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Gain competitive advantages


  • Enhance the value of existing investments including:
    • IBM Sterling B2B Integration (B2B IntegratorITXITXA)
    • Managed File Transfer (IBM File Gateway)
    • IBM App Connect Enterprise


  • Do more with what you have
  • Enable your solutions to work more effectively together
  • Improve ROI

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Let Lightwell help you create an intelligent, transparent supply chain.

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