Lightwell B2B Framework for Supply Chains

Accelerate and amplify the value of your IBM Sterling B2B Integration and Supply Chain investments

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Enhance the value of your supply chain solutions while increasing visibility and control.

Is your organization on the path to digitizing more B2B processes? Or are you looking at improvements to your existing systems that support your supply chain and B2B data exchanges?

Many companies are leveraging the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and Sterling File Gateway solutions to digitize and modernize their supply chain systems and processes. They’re world-renowned for their reliability, performance, and efficiency.

These solutions are made even more powerful by our  powerful toolset–the Lightwell B2B Framework. It not only accelerates and amplifies the benefits of these IBM Sterling solutions, but it helps to drive greater business value overall.

Accelerate time-to-benefit.

First, it helps you reduce the time and effort required to implement the IBM Sterling B2B integrator solution, minimizing disruption while helping to accelerate your time-to-value. 

Lightwell B2B Framework has helped our clients implement IBM Sterling B2B Integrator up to 70% faster while ensuring their implementations are following best practices. It’s ideal for organizations that are improving their B2B integration capabilities with a new or upgraded solution.

Simplify and streamline management.

It also helps to greatly simplify the management of B2B transactions. It provides a single, comprehensive interface that enables greater efficiency and control over the performance of your B2B integration and Managed File Transfer solutions. 

It tracks transactions, documents, and processes from end-to-end and provides real-time visibility into their status.

Empower, resolve, and inform.

IT and business staff can view, search, and manage transactions right within its user-friendly interface, helping them identify and resolve issues quickly. In addition, it provides powerful, actionable business and technical insights that can be used to improve everything from system performance to operations and customer relationships.

Overcome B2B integration challenges.

As a supply chain professional, you already understand the importance of B2B integration solutions in supply chains. But as you’re exploring options, you may be asking how your company can move from good to great with its solution. Whether it’s an entirely new installation or you’re updating an existing system, you’re likely grappling with three major challenges:

cohesive pragmatic integrate
Overcoming the hurdles of implementation

Time and resources are at a premium. Disruptions in processes can wreak havoc with your supply chain.

360 degree view
Reducing administrative time

Your people are spending too much time chasing the status of transactions for your partners. You’d prefer that they work on more important strategic issues.

Enabling better decision making

You’re not able to extract value from your data, to determine trends, or respond quickly enough to emerging opportunities.

These challenges are, of course, in addition to all your usual supply chain problems – ensuring that everything is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, and at an affordable cost. 

Fortunately, our team has drawn upon their years of industry experience to develop this solution to help you get the most value from your IT investments.

Boost the power of your IBM Sterling solutions.

Implementation of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator doesn’t need to be a lengthy or cumbersome process. When you’re faced with extremely tight deadlines, overwhelmed IT resources, or you lack the specific skills and expertise needed to assure success, our solution is ideal. 

We also leverage this solution in our B2B Managed Services and Cloud B2B Integration offerings.

Administrative time, too, is effectively reduced with Lightwell B2B Framework. Self-service access enables business users to track the status of transactions, identify and address errors, and prevent costly delays and disruptions – all without IT intervention.

To support more effective decision making, our B2B Framework provides individualized dashboards that present actionable information to help spot issues, identify trends, and mitigate disruption. 

As a result, your organization and partners are able to fine-tune decision making, respond with confidence, and take advantage of new opportunities to outperform the competition.

Business People Partners Aligned

  • Implement B2B Integrator up to 70% faster while minimizing costs and disruption
  • Simplify management processes through a single, user-friendly interface
  • Enable and extend greater visibility and control
  • Simplify management and amplify the benefits of multiple IBM solutions
  • Gain timely, actionable insights from your supply chain data
  • Enable early detection to resolve issues quickly
  • Extend visibility to trusted partners, suppliers, and customers
  • Improve integration of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and SAP
  • Hundreds of pre-built components and assets based on best practices
  • Includes pre-defined, configurable rules-based processes for most common communication, translation, and routing needs such as maps, style sheets, and services


  • Reduce up-front implementation time
  • Accelerate time-to-benefit
  • Reduce development time and costs
  • Centralized, end-to-end visibility and control of documents and processes
  • 360° lifecycle tracking​
  • Easily find and track all transactions that pertain to the life cycle of any workflow through a wide variety of search criteria
  • Flexible, extensive search capabilities
  • Simplified reprocessing and resending
  • A single interface for viewing and managing files and data across multiple solutions
  • Streamline trading partner onboarding and management


  • Enable faster identification and remediation of errors in a high-throughput environment
  • Reduce time spent researching, tracking, and reprocessing transactions
  • Ensure compliance while reducing the risk of penalties.
  • Reduce trading partner onboarding time from days or weeks to minutes
  • Reduce in-house administrative task of updating partner requirements
  • Gain end-to-end, 360-degree visibility into the full lifecycle of transactions
  • Gain enhanced visibility and control across multiple solutions
  • Provide secure, self-service, role-based access for business users across the enterprise


  • Empower users with self-service access to view the status of transactions.
  • Empower customer service, accounting, sales, and marketing staff with greater visibility into and control of transactions, enabling them to assist customers and partners faster
  • Reduce the burden on your IT staff


  • Reduce TCO



  • Highly configurable, role-based dashboards for both IT and business users
  • Allow users to easily configure individualized dashboards and generate reports without IT assistance
  • Individuals can choose what they see and how they want to see it – and easily change it on the fly
  • Generate actionable insights and with fast access to underlying data for uncovering root cause and driving change



  • Reduce the burden of creating reports for various stakeholders
  • Leverage your supply chain data more effectively
  • Empower executives, customer service, logistics, and sales personnel with direct, real-time insight into the areas that matter most to them.
  • Empower users to quickly identify trends, address issues, and make better decisions
  • Identify and capitalize on opportunities while mitigating risk and disruptions
  • Allow business users to quickly and securely review transactions – and even resolve issues on their own with a few clicks
  • Provide granular details and actionable insights that help to identify and resolve errors early 


  • Reduce the time and effort required to fix errors, resend documents, or remediate failed transactions
  • Reduce the time and costs of lost or failed transactions​ – or even downtime
  • Avoid disruption and mitigate risk
  • Make it easier for your partners to work with you
  • Deliver comprehensive, end-to-end visibility across transactions, files, and partners from a single, centralized source
  • Extend visibility to trusted business partners, empowering them with important status details
  • Quickly determine the status of a single transaction or a group of related transactions
  • Provide 24X7 self-service access to detailed, configurable reports


  • Save time and effort required to research and communicate transaction status and details
  • Improve efficiency by responding quickly to internal, customer, and partner status requests. 
  • Eliminate the need for intervention from the IT team to research the status of transactions.
  • Improve satisfaction through increased responsiveness
  • Simplified, out-of-the-box integration with SAP


  • Exchange a full range of SAP IDoc status messages, with no custom business development required.
  • Quickly see status details in one place, versus searching through multiple interfaces.
  • Avoid the time, effort, and potential errors associated with creating and maintaining multiple map sets for multiple SAP clients.

Don’t just take our word for it. Lightwell B2B Framework is a proven solution used by many leaders across the world.

  • Plays a critical role in some of the largest companies across the globe, including many of the Fortune 100.
  • Has reliably processed hundreds of millions of B2B and MFT transactions.
  • Developed from decades of industry experience.
  • Leveraged across numerous industries, including retail, CPG, pharmaceuticals, financial, logistics, healthcare, and more.
  • Backed by customer support and R&D teams to ensure the best experience for our customers.

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