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Digitize and automate transactions with your non-EDI partners and customers.

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Make the leap from manual to digital with all your partners.

You’ve already implemented modern B2B integration solutions to connect and collaborate with your large business partners. But if you’re like most organizations, you’re still conducting business with many smaller partners using slow, antiquated processes that involve paper documents, emails, telephone calls, and faxes. Typically, it’s because these smaller firms lack the IT resources required for EDI technology.

To get the most from your partner relationships, while improving your supply chain performance, you should digitize and automate your transactions with these smaller, non-EDI-enabled suppliers and customers.  IBM Sterling Transaction Manager helps you accomplish this quickly and cost-effectively.

Save time, reduce errors, and improve visibility.

IBM Sterling Transaction Manager enables you to save time and money, reduce errors, and improve visibility by digitizing your transactions with these non-technical partners. Through a user-friendly, secure web portal, you can create and exchange B2B documents – such as purchase orders, advance shipping notices, invoices, and other important documents – electronically with your non-EDI-enabled suppliers and customers.

It automates manual B2B processes, reducing the time and effort involved. It also helps you gain deeper visibility across the lifecycles of your B2B transactions – helping you proactively mitigate risks and issues.  Furthermore, it helps you onboard and manage partners quickly and effectively, accelerating time-to-revenue while helping you build better, stronger relationships with your smaller partners and customers.

Neither you nor your small partners can afford the high cost of paper processes.

You need to work quickly. And you need to work wisely. But you can’t build a smart supply chain using slow, error-prone manual processes. If you’re like most companies, 30% of your business partners are using email, phone, fax, and postal mail to conduct B2B transactions.

This is because small trading partners don’t have an EDI infrastructure, or they lack the resources to invest in sophisticated technologies. The impact on both organizations is considerable:

  • Inefficient manual processes devour time and resources.
  • Onboarding small partners is slow and cumbersome.
  • Manual processes are error-prone.
  • Neither you nor your partners have instant visibility into transaction status.
  • Queries about status require multiple people and impact productivity.

To resolve this issue, you need an affordable solution that streamlines processes and is easy for your smaller partners to adopt. You need the simplicity, speed, and cost-efficiency provided by IBM Sterling Transaction Manager.

Eliminate manual processes with your small partners so you can both become more productive and profitable.

  • Connect small partners to help them digitally transform their B2B transactions.
  • Maximize small partner participation with a simple web interface and dashboard.
  • Automate and customize processes to ensure consistency and compliance.
  • Onboard and manage new partners quickly and easily.
  • Achieve visibility and eliminate blind spots across B2B transaction lifecycles.
  • Connect and collaborate with every small or seasonal partner, regardless of location or technical level.
  • Convert email, fax, phone, and postal mail to EDI and other digital formats.
  • Provide frictionless B2B connectivity that enables them to communicate with you digitally.
  • Institute fast and affordable automation.


  • Extend B2B capabilities to your business partners, regardless of their size, technical expertise, or budgetary restrictions.
  • Solidify your relationship by providing helpful tools.
  • Improve data quality and reduce errors caused by manual processes.
  • Reduce staff time required to handle manual transactions.
  • Lower the cost of doing business and improve margins.
  • Provide your B2B partners with an easy to use, web-based interface, to access their own specific transaction information.
  • Give them a customized, user-friendly dashboard with intuitive graphical and tabular displays, including a summary of the current status.
  • Provide a task-based view and turnaround documents to enable faster responses.
  • Customize the portal to your own organization’s brand using configurable templates.
  • Support multiple languages including English, German, French, Spanish, and Chinese.


  • Minimize the cost and process impact on small suppliers.
  • Improve visibility and processes to reduce supplier cycle times and enhance cash flow.
  • Free up IT and other resources to focus on running the business.
  • Support your own brand with a high-quality interface that promotes use.
  • Performs any-to-any data file translation to EDI standards.
  • Uses customizable forms and flows according to your own business rules.
  • Real-time data validation provides immediate compliance feedback to the trading partner.


  • Increase process efficiency and compliance through automatic enforcement of business rules.
  • Enforce more consistent supply chain processes.
  • Onboard non-technical partners with an automated process that follows your own unique business rules.
  • Eliminate the need to manually contact partners, form partner agreements, and collect information.


  • Improve process efficiencies.
  • Reduce staff time required to manage partner relationships.
  • Get faster time-to-revenue and quicker ROI.
  • Gain unified visibility across your partner transactions.
  • Drill down for individual supplier and order status.
  • Eliminate visibility blind spots resulting from manual processes.


  • Get earlier visibility into issues and anomalies to proactively mitigate risks or issues.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by improving response times to customer queries

IBM provides exceptional solutions for improving B2B collaboration. Lightwell will help you make the most of them.

Until recently, small business partners couldn’t reap the benefits of digitization and automation that your larger B2B partners enjoy: connectivity, visibility, reliability, and efficiency. IBM Sterling Transaction Manager changes that dynamic, leveling the playing field so that everyone is easy to do business with.

Retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and others have benefited from the implementation of IBM Sterling Transaction Manager, a surprisingly simple way to eliminate burdensome manual work, facilitate faultless, frictionless transactions and revolutionize small partner processes.

Leveraging the strength of IBM, we implement, manage, and optimize many solutions to optimize our customers’ performance and improve their bottom line.  We’ll help guide you through planning, deployment, and optimization through these solutions and more.  We’ve done this for over 20 years, working with companies across many industries and geographies. 

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