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Achieve a smarter supply chain with AI-powered and insight-rich solutions from IBM and Lightwell.

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In today’s complex business environment, you need
an intelligent, self-correcting supply chain.

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In today’s ultra-challenging, dynamic, and competitive environment, enabling a smarter supply chain is essential – a supply chain that is so frictionless, agile, and intelligent that it becomes a competitive advantage.

Many supply chain leaders tell us that they’re seeking fast, dependable systems and processes that provide real-time, end-to-end visibility into all of the data and transactions flowing to and from every partner in their ecosystem. 

They want supply chain solutions that automate processes and provide insights to identify issues before they become problems. And they want supply chain platforms that help them forge strong, trustful relationships with their customers and business partners.


Through our combined services and solutions, IBM and Lightwell help companies address these needs and enable intelligent, agile supply chains. We specialize in simplifying complexity, developing and leveraging innovative solutions, and then empowering teams to accelerate and optimize processes from end-to-end – from initial partner onboarding to collaboration to delivery. 

We’ve been breaking down internal and external silos for over 20 years now, and connecting partners of every size and technological capability so they can collaborate and thrive.

Supply Chain solutions
Artificial intelligence

Simplify, accelerate, and optimize with
proven solutions and the power of AI

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we can help you implement, manage, and optimize the industry-leading IBM Sterling Supply Chain solutions. For years, IBM Sterling Supply Chain solutions have led the way in helping organizations work together seamlessly and efficiently – despite leveraging different systems, formats, and protocols.

Today, the addition of powerful Watson AI capabilities is helping companies analyze and leverage all types of supply chain data, automate and streamline processes, and gain clear visibility and timely insights that empower them to take the right actions.

We combine the extensive capabilities of these solutions with our end-to-end services to help companies overcome their supply chain challenges, achieve their goals, and drive competitive advantages. Together, we help them optimize operations, mitigate disruptions and risks, and drive better business outcomes.

Essential capabilities for digitizing, managing, and optimizing supply chains.

The IBM Sterling Supply Chain suite delivers extensive tools, visibility, insights, and recommendations to help you accelerate B2B collaboration, improve operations, avoid disruptions, and transform insights into opportunities. The suite features an open and integrated platform, embedded with AI and blockchain, that enables:

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Fast, seamless, and secure B2B connectivity

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End-to-end visibility and transparency

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Improved governance and control

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Digitization and automation of manual processes

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Real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations

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Simplified partner onboarding and management

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Embedded AI capabilities that accelerate, analyze, and automate

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Business user-friendly tools that empower and increase productivity

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Powerful, real-time insights that enable you to act with speed and confidence

The IBM Sterling Supply Chain Solutions

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IBM Supply Chain Business Network

This comprehensive set of solutions helps organizations of every size achieve full connectivity, integration, visibility, and insights. Our consultants have extensive development, implementation, and management experience with the IBM Sterling Supply Chain solutions and can help you select and deploy the ones that best meet your supply chain requirements.

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IBM Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence

This solution provides end-to-end visibility across your B2B transaction lifecycles in real-time and in context. Procure-to-pay and order-to-cash data can be searched by business users using natural language, and graphical views help unravel complexity so you can make better-informed decisions. Alerts help you increase awareness and reduce risk. Our team will help you leverage this solution to boost performance and increase customer satisfaction.

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IBM Sterling Inventory Control Tower

This AI-powered solution enables your team to easily see and manage your inventory, wherever it is, and respond quickly to changing needs. It helps you detect and understand events that could impact your inventory, prioritize and resolve critical issues in real-time, take the right actions to prevent disruption, and leverage best practices to improve outcomes. Our team will help you leverage this solution to optimize inventory management while reducing risks and costs.

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IBM Sterling Transaction Manager

This solution helps you digitize and automate manual B2B transactions, helping you improve visibility while saving time and money. It provides a user-friendly web portal that enables you to digitally exchange business documents, such as POs, Invoices, or ASNs) with small business partners that still rely on manual processes and are not EDI-enabled. This secure, affordable solution converts email, faxes, and other documents to EDI. We’ll help you leverage this solution to improve efficiency, visibility, and performance.

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IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson

Make faster, smarter decisions that help prevent supply chain delays and disruptions. This AI-powered solution provides comprehensive, end-to-end visibility and real-time insights that enable you to optimize the performance of your supply chain. Leveraging the power of AI, it helps to deepen visibility, proactively predict and mitigate disruptions, and reduce costs. Our team will help you capitalize on this powerful solution, helping you drive the best outcomes for your supply chain, partners, and customers.

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IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

Connect easily with partners using a high availability single gateway that’s built for the most demanding environments. IBM Sterling B2B Integrator helps you securely and reliably integrate complex B2B and EDI processes across your entire ecosystem. We’ll help you deploy, manage, and optimize this powerful B2B integration solution.

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IBM Sterling Order Management

This order management solution helps you orchestrate complex orders across your entire fulfillment network and deliver great omnichannel customer experiences. This intelligent solution combines multichannel order aggregation, inventory and delivery visibility, and service availability within a single platform. It helps you orchestrate orders from all channels in real-time from inception to delivery, and automates processes and data connected to the order as it moves through its life cycle. Leveraging proven approaches and pre-built assets, Lightwell can help you deploy this acclaimed omnichannel order management solution in an accelerated manner.

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Honored During Think 2020

IBM Sterling Business Partner of the Year

IBM develops innovative supply chain solutions.
We provide the expertise to implement, manage, and optimize them.

For over 20 years, our team has helped implement and manage innovative solutions that improve the performance of supply chains. Our clients include leading organizations whose partner ecosystems span the globe. Among the services we offer are supply chain strategy and assessments, solution implementation, project management, upgrades and migrations, and a host of EDI mapping, translation, and B2B integration services.

When you want to optimize the performance of your supply chain, you need professionals with expertise and experience to tackle the issues specific to this discipline. Our consultants begin the process by guiding you through assessments of your existing systems and challenges, selecting software, and developing a comprehensive solution architecture. Next, we help you deploy solutions that resolve today’s problems and lay a firm foundation for the future. We can even train your staff and work with your partners, so everyone is using the system to their fullest advantage. Afterward, we can provide optimization services, managed services, and ongoing support to ensure a strong return on your supply chain technology investment.

Reduce the implementation time and costs of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator by up to 70%. Get your partners onboarded quickly and gain greater control, visibility, and insight into your supply chain activities. Lightwell’s own B2B integration experts created this powerful framework that enhances the value of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, Sterling File Gateway, IBM Sterling Transformation Extender, and more.

Learn about supply chain solutions for your industry.

Many IBM Sterling Supply Chain solutions are specialized for the unique needs of various business sectors, ensuring that standards are met for privacy, security, and other important areas related to business transactions and transmissions:

With the right tools in place, you and your partners will be better equipped for numerous benefits

  • Connect and collaborate more effectively
  • Improve speed, productivity, and profitability
  • Deepen visibility
  • Mitigate disruption
  • Improve customer and partner satisfaction
  • Generate competitive advantages

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