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Connect and engage with over 800,000 preconnected partners quickly and securely, while improving visibility, intelligence, and transparency.

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A powerful, cloud-based B2B partner network that connects your entire ecosystem in a frictionless, secure environment.

Ours is a world of dynamic disruption. What happens in one part of the world can create havoc in another. And what happens in one organization can send ripples of change across every link in the supply chain.

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network provides the visibility, security, and reliability that business partners need to transact with transparency and trust, detect and respond quickly to change, and avoid disruption. Our consultants bring it to life with the expertise and experience needed to transform your partner network into true collaborators who work together to ensure success.

Better business relationships result from improved collaboration and connectivity.

So many things change when you empower your business partners with the tools they need to succeed. They become more trustful, more negotiable, and more supportive of your organization and its goals. Most importantly, they become committed allies who strengthen and support you so you can continue to grow and succeed together. Give your B2B partners the right tools and they’ll give you a competitive advantage. IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network can help.

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IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network empowers your stakeholders and your B2B partners.

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN) is a flexible, cloud-based, AI-enhanced solution that enables seamless connectivity and enhanced visibility across supply chain networks. This powerful B2B collaboration network enables fast, secure, traceable transactions and actionable insights that help you and your B2B partners improve supply chain performance, productivity, and profits.  Its capabilities and benefits include:

  • Streamlined connectivity and collaboration
  • Real-time visibility
  • Increased transparency with Blockchain
  • Greater speed and accuracy
  • Increased scalability and agility
  • Exceptional security and reliability
  • Intuitive self-service capabilities
  • AI-powered intelligence
  • Actionable Insights
  • Flexible service options
  • Establish frictionless, any-to-any connectivity and interoperability with partners, suppliers, and customers.
  • Connect rapidly with over 800,000 pre-connected trading partners.
  • Digitize and automate all your B2B exchanges.
  • Leverage small partner automation services for quick connections to non-EDI suppliers.
  • Achieve rapid partner onboarding in hours or days, rather than weeks, through self-service and community management.
  • Obtain support for industry and government mandates such as PEPPOL.


  • Generate revenue with new partners faster.
  • Accelerate processes and eliminate risk of error.
  • Increase efficiencies and reduce costs.
  • Provide visibility for technical and business users across the transaction lifecycle, in real-time and in context.
  • Apply artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive capabilities to deepen visibility across the supply chain.
  • Enable users to search and track transactions throughout the order-to-cash or procure-to-pay cycle, and drill down to the underlying granular order, shipment, and receipt details.
  • Generate actionable intelligence including trend analysis and dashboards.
  • Leverage Blockchain to empower transparency and trust with multi-party visibility of digital events across your supply chain.


  • Improve collaboration with partners to resolve issues and avert potential disputes.
  • Empower your business and technical users to identify and respond to issues, and assist your partners and customers.
  • Improve issue resolution, simulation, and scenario planning.
  • Reduce stockouts and shortages.
  • Reduce risk and avoid disruption.
  • View a single source of truth, leveraging Blockchain capabilities, with a multi-party, secure shared ledger of digital transactions.
  • Provide partners access and insights around their own transactions.
  • Enable transaction traceability throughout the entire life cycle.


  • Increase efficiency by reduce phone calls and manual searches to research status and reasons for anomalies.
  • Ensure that disruptions and issues are quickly detected and addressed.
  • Improve trust and satisfaction.
  • Eliminate slow, error-prone manual processes.
  • Leverage AI capabilities to accelerate issue resolution and analyze data up to 90% faster.


  • Reduce errors and costs.
  • Increase productivity and responsiveness.
  • Empower stakeholders with better, faster insights to take action.
  • Rely on a proven, cloud-based network that enables you to grow without the need to invest in a large staff or technical infrastructure.
  • Scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising performance.
  • Scale to accommodate a diverse set of business translations, industry  (X12, EDIFACT, XML, Web Services) and government  (Peppol, eInvoicing, RosettaNet) requirements.
  • Shift your technology investments to Opex versus Capex.


  • Handle more than twice the volume of B2B transactions with the same resources.
  • Gain a secure, scalable foundation that will support your future needs.
  • Free up your IT resources to concentrate on strategic corporate issues.
  • Quickly adjust or add capabilities as your needs change.
  • Reduce capital expenditures.
  • Leverage highly-secure, cloud-based connectivity.
  • Achieve always-on availability with industry-leading uptime.
  • Operate confidently with IBM security best practices.


  • Minimize the risk of security breaches and privacy issues.
  • Reduce the high cost of unexpected outages, fines, or lost or delayed orders.
  • Meet industry and government requirements for security.
  • Increase partner and customer satisfaction.
  • Enable internal and external stakeholders to take advantage of expanding user-friendly, self-service capabilities.
  • With the power of AI and machine learning, equip stakeholders to use their natural language to search for information about documents and their status.
  • Empower business users to find answers to complicated questions around supply chain transactions – without requiring IT involvement.
  • Improve outcomes as the system becomes smarter and better over time


  • Address inquires faster, improving customer and partner satisfaction.
  • Improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Enable technical experts to dedicate their time to more strategic issues and innovation.
  • Leverage the power of Watson AI for improved intelligence, deep analytics, and machine learning.
  • Gain real-time recommendations to take the right action at the right time, helping to mitigate and resolve supply chain issues faster.


  • Improve outcomes, as users will take the right actions quickly and confidently.
  • Increase customer and partner satisfaction.
  • Increase perfect orders and on-time delivery.
  • Monitor transactions and KPIs on user-friendly, real-time dashboards.
  • Monitor partner activity and performance.
  • View KPIs and trends around transactions, including volume and trends.
  • Track and monitors SLA performance, indicating whether SLAs are met, in jeopardy or violated.
  • Receive alerts for potential issues and anomalies, helping to avoid problems.


  • Get deeper insights for faster, better-informed decision making, including operational performance, financials, and customer satisfaction.
  • Identify process and performance improvement opportunities among customers, vendors, and suppliers – helping to reduce costs and improve outcomes.
  • Reduce transportation and distribution costs through better processes
  • Reduce fines and costs resulting from errors and downtime.
  • Essentials provides secure connectivity, document tracking visibility, analytics dashboards, and more.
  • Standard provides all of the above plus the ability to transform documents.
  • Premium includes all of these capabilities plus extensive managed services and support.


  • Each level enables your organization to improve agility, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance performance and productivity.
  • Once you have the foundation in place, you can quickly and easily move to the next level of innovation.

IBM supplies industry-leading supply chain solutions. Lightwell provides the expertise to help you get the most from them.

We combine experience and strategy to give you a competitive edge. For over 20 years, we’ve implemented IBM Sterling B2B Integration and Supply Chain solutions to generate significant benefits for our clients. Through our comprehensive supply chain consulting services, we help them select, deploy, manage and optimize these solutions so they can perform more profitability in an increasingly complex business environment.

Learn more about how our combined solutions and services will empower you to conduct fast, secure, and intelligent supply chain transactions — and drive better business results.  

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IBM Platinum Business Partner

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