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Convert and digitize manual fax, email, and PDF transactions to improve speed, accuracy, and visibility.

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Eliminate manual transactions while strengthening B2B partnerships.

You want to enable secure, digital transactions with all of your business partners – but many of your small partners are relying on faxes, email and postal mail. 

You could demand that your they change the way they’re doing business with you. You could insist they invest in EDI technology. 

But transformation is expensive for these smaller organizations, and IT resources with the right skills are rare. It’s highly unlikely they’d be able to comply with your demand.

IBM Sterling Document Conversion Services offers an easy electronic solution to the inefficient manual processes that often accompany the smaller partners in your ecosystem. It eliminates inaccurate and inefficient manual processes while improving efficiency, accuracy, and visibility.

This solution transforms non-structured, manual forms and documents like faxes, emails, and PDFs into EDI or other structured formats. What’s more, it converts them according to your own organization’s business rules.

So, if you can’t change the situation, change how you deal with it – quickly and accurately, without disruption.

Your small partners can become a big challenge.

Your large business partners are already on board and exchanging data files at lightning speed. But the success of your business also depends upon valuable smaller partners who don’t have access to sophisticated technological tools. According to a 2019 IDC survey, “more than 33% of organizations still use manual forms and fax for their business transactions.” They don’t have the technical skills, resources, or budget to support digital B2B transactions.

This creates a challenge for you. You need to maintain the relationship but translating all those documents into electronic format is time-consuming, error-prone, and expensive. And your staff have far more important things to do.

Fortunately, IBM Sterling Document Conversion Services provides a great solution.

Improve the speed and accuracy of small partner transactions with IBM Sterling Document Conversion Services.

  • Fast, accurate document conversion
  • Automated, consolidated business processes
  • Community visibility and reporting
  • Automated exception handling
  • Easy integration and customization
  • Secure system and transactions

Fast, accurate document conversion

  • Automatically convert faxes, mail, and other paper- and PDF-based documents into EDI or other digital formats.
  • Quick and accurate identification of handwriting using ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition.)
  • Image translation using advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  • Support for 46 languages, including German, Italian, Chinese and Korean


  • Reduce costs by eliminating manual processes of dealing with faxes, email, and postal mail.
  • Detect and handle errors, minimizing human intervention.
  • Focus your internal resources on higher-value activities

Automated, consolidated business processes

  • Eliminate the effort of re-keying and manually processing mail, fax, and telephone order.s
  • Automatically convert manual transactions into EDI, XML, or other formats.
  • Delivers EDI transactions to IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network Mailbox.
  • Streamline your order flow.
  • Enforce business rules at document and process levels.
  • Extend B2B capabilities to your smaller business partners.


  • Streamline your business processes to control spending and protect margins.
  • Reduce errors and save time.
  • Cut costs and improve process efficiencies.
  • Improve supplier cycle times and cash flow.
  • Eliminate the need for process change or major technological investment from your partners.

Community visibility and reporting

  • Get a single view into your community of trading partners.
  • Manage community contacts through inbound and outbound document queues.


  • Improved visibility and governance of your smaller partner activity.
  • Drive partner performance improvements more effectively.

Automated exception handling

  • Exception handling that enables different types of exceptions to be defined and customized for different customers.
  • Documents with exceptions are routed to a queue for authorized personnel to resolve and then placed back into the automated process.


  • Identify and resolve issues before they impact the supply chain.
  • Avoid conflicts with business partners.

Easy integration and customization

  • Allows you to apply your own organization’s business rules.
  • Seamlessly integrates with IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN).


  • Provides you flexibility in handling transactions.
  • Enhances your current investment in SCBN.

Secure system and transactions

  • IBM Cloud security and reliability.
  • Strict password protection policies, unattended timeouts, and logout features .


  • Protect data and reduce risk.
  • Build and strengthen trust with your partners.

IBM provides exceptional solutions for improving B2B collaboration. Lightwell will help you make the most of them.

At Lightwell, we understand the issues small businesses face and the challenges they present to the large organizations that depend on them. That’s why we’re so excited to implement technologies that facilitate commerce between businesses of all sizes.

We help our customers leverage innovative solutions to optimize their supply chain relationships—to avoid disruptions, improve performance, and increase their bottom line. We’ll help guide you through planning, deployment, and optimization through these solutions and more.

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