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Illuminate blind spots and gain shared visibility.


Commerce is strategized, synchronized movement. It’s the force of energy that keeps the wheels of business turning. And it fuels the engines of economic prosperity – yours and that of your community. 

That’s why you need to ensure that materials and goods are moving swiftly and precisely from order to final delivery. And that’s why you need full, real-time, indisputable visibility into what’s occurring within your supply chain.

Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence helps organizations gain greater visibility into supply chain transactions and processes. 

Leveraging AI and blockchain, it helps you easily monitor the progress of orders and take swift actions to ensure they move unimpeded to their final destination.  You’ll elevate performance, mitigate risk, and improve customer and partner satisfaction.

Visibility is essential to reliable, predictable transactions.

We all want orders and deliveries to be perfect. But there are a lot of factors working against that goal. How many of these challenges are you, your organization, and your partners grappling with right now?

  • Complicated order inquiry processes that require an EDI specialist to complete
  • Internal and external data silos that create transaction blind spots
  • Complex transactions with multiple shipments
  • Rejected orders due to discrepancies in quantity, unit of measure, price, or delivery date
  • Conflicting partner records that lead to disputes
  • Pressure to meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Increased business demands due to global changes, mergers and acquisitions, and other factors
  • Unsatisfactory KPIs
  • Internal pressure to reduce expenditures and cut costs to improve the bottom line

To address these common issues and mitigate disruptions, you need a complete, real-time view of your critical supply chain transactions. With complete order transparency and insights into potential problems, you can make better-informed decisions that will get you closer to achieving your goals.


Get confidence to make faster, smarter decisions that help prevent supply chain delays and disruptions.

IBM Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence provides a variety of capabilities to help you streamline processes, meet expectations, and improve business outcomes.

  • Visibility into the entire transaction lifecycle
  • User-friendly capabilities to empower business and IT stakeholders
  • Actionable insights powered by AI and analytics
  • Early anomaly detection and proactive alerts
  • Visual displays and personalized dashboards

Visibility into the entire transaction lifecycle

  • View and search entire lifecycle of B2B transactions in real time and in context – from order through delivery.
  • Easily find out where a specific order is in its lifecycle.
  • Quickly locate and examine all documents relevant to a transaction.
  • See order-to-cash, procure-to-pay transactions more clearly.
  • Secure, shared visibility for multiple enterprises


  • Eliminate B2B transaction blind spots.
  • Address potential delays and mitigate disruptions.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Research and resolve issues with shared visibility across multiple partners leveraging a trusted, permanent blockchain record.
  • Improve governance, risk, and security compliance with auditable transaction records. 
  • Reduce the frequency and rate of disputes
  • Deepen partner trust and transparency.

User-friendly capabilities to empower business and IT stakeholders

  • Offer users self-service visibility into transactions throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • Enable IT and business users to investigate supply chain transactions using natural language search, powered by IBM Watson.
  • Allow EDI experts to delve into transaction details when needed.


  • Empower IT and business users, regardless of skill level, to investigate and address issues.
  • Complete transaction-related queries much faster without the need for IT involvement.
  • Increase business user productivity and improve customer satisfaction by providing access to vital transaction data that was previously unavailable to business users.
  • Reduce the need for EDI and IT support.

Actionable insights powered by AI and analytics

  • Cycle time predictions recognize patterns and predict the completion of events, such as order commitment and shipped in full.
  • Proactive alarms notify users about potential discrepancies and delays.


  • Discover potential issues faster and resolve them before they escalate and impact the business.
  • Get deeper insights into supply chain data to better manage processes such as order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay interactions.
  • Minimize the impact of delays and disruptions to business and customers.
  • Make wiser decisions based on reliable cycle-time predictions.

Early anomaly detection and proactive alerts

  • Leverage AI machine learning to detect hidden anomalies that can disrupt your business.
  • Find anomalies related to specific partners, dates, or patterns:
    • Velocity – document quantity over time
    • Volume – size of documents
    • Value – currency value inside the document
  • Receive early discrepancy alerts on transactions such as orders, acknowledgments, and shipments.


  • Ensure awareness of potential problems so you can immediately troubleshoot to prevent disruptions.
  • Get ahead of order to delivery disruptions so you can improve KPI performance and reduce inventory and order costs.

Visual displays and personalized dashboards

  • Visualizes business transactions and key milestones.
  • Drill-down capabilities for deeper visibility into potential impact.
  • Visual representation includes detailed records and workflow automation.
  • Dashboards display real-time status of transactions in a detailed, business-formatted view.


  • Business users can easily see what happened in real-time and context. 
  • Better decisions can be made based on relevant, accurate information.

IBM Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence is available in three editions that provide increased capabilities and benefits.

IBM Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence offers three levels of solutions to deliver real-time information and insights and predictive analytics to your decision makers. Additionally, the Multi-Enterprise version connects every partner in your supply chain to an immutable record of activity.


Enterprise Edition

Multi-Enterprise Edition





Graphical dashboard




Ease of use




Anomaly Detection




IBM Watson AI-enabled cycle time predictions




IBM Blockchain-enabled trading partner visibility




With Business Transaction Intelligence, decision makers are better able to predict, assess and mitigate disruptions – and companies can compete more vigorously in a volatile global marketplace that demands unprecedented supply chain visibility.

IBM Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence provides innovative supply chain capabilities. Lightwell helps to optimize the benefits.

Supply chain management is an evolving, expanding discipline that is fast becoming one of the most critical roles in business today. The Lightwell team has helped organizations like yours adapt to changes in the market for over 20 years now. 

We’ve guided many leading organizations to become early adopters of technology, to forge an innovative path to the future, and to achieve competitive advantages.

Leveraging IBM solutions, we help our customers utilize best-of-breed tools to optimize their supply chain performance – to avoid disruptions, improve performance, and increase their bottom line.

Through our comprehensive supply chain consulting services, we help them select, deploy, manage, and optimize these solutions so they can perform more profitability in an increasingly complex business environment.

Learn more about how our combined solutions and services will empower you to conduct fast, secure, and intelligent supply chain transactions – and drive better business results. 

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In this volatile global marketplace, you need the wisdom to foresee detrimental events and the agility to prevent them. Reliable, real-time supply chain visibility across your entire transaction lifecycle is a major step toward optimized performance. The next step is predictive analytics that deliver valuable insights to enable supply chain managers to mitigate delays and disruptions. Beyond that come the benefits of sharing accurate, up-to-the-minute information with business partners through the power of blockchain.

If you want to start with the basics and make incremental improvements, we’ll guide you through the process and help you plan for the future. We understand the many challenges you’re now facing, and we also appreciate the changes you may face in the future. Let us help you implement solutions that will help you monitor activity, make insightful decisions, and collaborate more effectively to build strong, trustful relationships throughout your B2B partner ecosystem.

Our goal is to create a supply chain foundation that enables you to outperform, outmaneuver and outsmart your competition – today and in our exciting, sometimes unpredictable future.

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