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Create an intelligent, agile, and high-performance supply chain so you and your business partners can succeed—even when business as usual doesn’t work.

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Anticipate and respond to the unexpected

Supply chain complexity

The supply chain is no longer invisible. Not to its participants. Not to the business people and consumers who depend upon it. 

What was once a hidden part of everyday commerce was recently thrust into global consciousness by an unanticipated chain of world events. 

Shortages became front-page news. Alternatives were swiftly sought out and deployed. Those who moved decisively and with agility were hailed as heroes. Those who could not suffered.

The repercussions of a broken supply chain were so vast and so quick that the world has suddenly and collectively taken notice. Consumers now realize how fragile and critical the supply chain actually is. Business people understand the need for innovative technologies that will equip them to deal with delays and disruptions in the future.

Because there will always be unexpected events, there will always be complexity. And there will also be the need for goods and services.

Get smarter with your supply chain

Through an array of supply chain solutions and services, we help companies improve supply chain integration, collaboration, visibility, and analytics. We help them optimize their B2B communications and operations and achieve 100% visibility into what’s happening with each and every transaction – all the time, everywhere.

Additionally, with advanced AI and blockchain technology, we help our clients analyze all types of data – structured and unstructured – to reveal actionable insights that help them predict future disruptions and move with agility to prevent them.

Learn how you can take the next step to modernize your outdated supply chain processes that are holding you back. Discover how we can help you create an efficient, intelligent, and high-performance supply chain that benefits you, your partners, and your customers. Learn about our proven, trusted solutions, and the benefits of leveraging our decades of experience.

What recent events have impacted supply chains?

What recent events have impacted supply chains?

  • Global pandemic
  • Forest fires
  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Political upheaval
  • Social unrest
  • Financial collapse
  • Transportation and civil engineering failures

What could happen if the supply chains came to a standstill?

What could happen if the supply chains came to a standstill?

  • 24 hours: Hospitals exhaust supplies
  • 48 hours: Petrol or service stations run out of gasoline
  • 72 hours: Grocery stores run out of perishables

The supply chain will continue to be
at the forefront of business.


of supply chain leaders believe the supply chain will be a key driver of customer satisfaction by the end of 2020.


of G2000 manufacturers will rely on AI platforms to drive digital supply chain transformation by 2024.


of retail executives will be using intelligent automation in supply chain planning and/or demand forecasting by 2021.

Your job is to anticipate the future…
and prevent problems from happening.

Roughly 2/3 of all world trade goes through the global supply chain. That means that in the production of goods, the raw material crosses at least one border 2/3 of the time. What could possibly go wrong?

Anything and everything!

When you’re the supply chain professional charged with the task of managing a reliable supply chain – despite a world in upheaval – you need to take bold steps to protect yourself and your business partners. It’s a tough job. And there are a lot of challenges to overcome.

Your challenges are to:

  • Keep business flowing
  • Facilitate the right business decisions
  • Keep stakeholders satisfied
  • Demonstrate financial responsibility
  • Outpace the competition

Keep business flowing

  • Your roster of business partners continues to expand, and you’re forced to deal with complexity in data, processes, platforms, and expectations.
  • You can’t afford downtime on your B2B network.

What you can do:

Adopt a secure B2B network that communicates with all partners at all times – regardless of their location, platform, or technology capabilities.

Facilitate the right business decisions

  • Help business managers plan for demand so that inventory is where is it needs to be.
  • Ensure that you collect and are correctly using the data that is absolutely critical to your business – internal, external, structured, and unstructured.
  • Deliver actionable information in a timely manner.

What you can do:

Implement technology that provides visibility into your supply chain – from sourcing to customer delivery – and provides visibility into inventory (supply) and demand. Select a technology that can integrate and analyze any data from any partner. Deliver insights to your user's information in a graphical format that is easy to access, search, and use to make smarter business decisions.

Keep stakeholders satisfied

  • Your supply chain impacts a lot of people with diverse requirements or expectations regarding visibility, security, accuracy, timeliness, and compliance:
    • Partners
    • Customers
    • Internal staff
    • Governance bodies
  • You need to deliver better experiences and continuously optimize supply chain operations to satisfy partners, customers, and LOB users.
  • Every user has the expectation that the data inside your firewall is secure and that every transaction is secure.

What you can do:

Adopt a secure, dependable supply chain solution that enables self-service visibility and natural language search for business users.

Demonstrate financial responsibility

  • You’re pressured to control the costs of maintaining critical supply chain systems and connections.
  • You must help business managers deliver orders at the lowest landed cost while meeting customer commitments.

What you can do:

Leverage your existing IT investments as much as possible while connecting them with technologies that enable a scalable and affordable foundation for the future.

Outpace the competition

  • You’re under extreme competitive pressures as new technologies accelerate speed to market.
  • You need to quickly distribute information, materials, and processes to a broadly based ecosystem of business partners.
  • An unexpected event triggers the need to respond quickly to changing market dynamics.

What you can do:

Apply innovative new techniques, such as leveraging the cloud, APIs, Artificial Intelligence, and advanced analytics to collaborate, compete, and deliver differentiated products and services.

What are the weak links in your supply chain?
AI and blockchain reveal your vulnerabilities.

With the power of advanced analytics, machine learning, and an immutable record of transactions, supply chain professionals have access to information that was never before possible. These new technologies not only help you identify areas of potential disruption, they also help direct you to the best solutions. What’s more, they help pinpoint exactly where and how the issue originally arose.

Combined with a powerful supply chain business network, these new technologies allow you to proactively predict, assess and mitigate risks while also helping you manage your business partner network more efficiently. When a potential issue arises, AI-powered smart alerts provide visibility into the internal or external event that triggered it.

The added advantages of AI and blockchain bring new levels of visibility and actionable insights to your supply chain, strengthen your ecosystem, and help you build a smarter supply chain for the future.

Supply chain links

To thrive in a complex environment, you need an efficient, intelligent supply chain.

This is a supply chain the provides greater visibility to every activity and partner in your ecosystem. It’s one that helps you understand how decisions, or information, correlate to other aspects in the supply chain. It provides insights that help you understand the impact of events or actions taken and guides your team to take appropriate action.

With an intelligent supply chain, you can:

Check 1

Connect and collaborate with your entire supply chain

Check 1

Increase efficiency

Check 1

Increase visibility and manage disruption

Check 1

Leverage insights to optimize performance

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Drive better business results

Smarter supply chains deliver outsized results.

For enabling efficient, intelligent supply chains, we partner with IBM for their IBM Sterling Supply Chain solutions. Companies who have modernized their supply chains report tremendous performance improvements and substantial financial gains from the addition of smarter supply chain technologies.

Connect and collaborate

Connect and collaborate

  • 24/7 availability for mission-critical trading partner communications
  • 5 million transactions processed per hour (single client)

Streamline and accelerate Processes

Streamline and accelerate Processes

  • 40% cost savings through process automation
  • 50% faster partner onboarding
  • 75% less staff time to support B2B operations
  • 65% less time for call center support

Increase visibility and manage disruption

Increase visibility and manage disruption

  • 95% greater efficiency addressing recurring challenges
  • 90% faster data retrieval times
  • 46K hours saved per year

Drive better business results

Drive better business results

A study revealed that IBM B2B integration solutions deliver:
  • $3,000,000 average additional revenue
  • $4+ in business benefits from each dollar invested

Trust Lightwell to help you enable an efficient,
intelligent, and resilient supply chain.

Change is a constant. Disruption is inevitable. The one thing we’ve learned through these troubled times is that we can, and will, find a way to triumph over disaster. We’ll use our ingenuity, our passion, our commitment, and our strength to help you emerge victorious in your supply chain initiatives.

While we may not be able to predict the future, we can prepare for it. We have the tools and expertise to help you do that.

As Charles Darwin so eloquently put It, “The winners will be those who can adapt the quickest.” Don’t wait.

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