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File transfer is a risky business.

When a file isn’t transferred correctly, you have a problem.

But when a file is stolen, you have the potential for catastrophe. According to TechRepublic, data breaches increased by 54% in the first half of 2019 alone. And research indicates that in the first quarter of 2020, exposed records were pacing at an increase of 273% over 2019.

While regulatory controls are tightening:

And new privacy and security measures are continuously being implemented to help ensure the number of breaches is reduced – we know without a doubt that attempts will increase exponentially. And the losses with also mount up. The current average cost of every record stolen is estimated by IBM to be $148 US. The costs could be massive, considering how many records the average organization has.

Equally as alarming as the financial impact is the fact that any breach in data diminishes the trust of your customers and business partners and threatens the equity of your brand.

A major breach can send your stock value plummeting.

That’s why you need to move away from any vulnerable FTP system you may be using for your critical file transfers and adopt the security of our managed file transfer (MFT) solutions.

With decades of experience working with many of the world’s leading companies, we provide extensive expertise to help secure and manage your data, and implement the best solutions and processes to ensure that your files are never at risk.

FTP was never designed to protect you.

Recent research reveals that more than 400 million files from FTP servers are publicly available online.

B2B EDI Consulting

Although FTP and Secure FTP are among the most widely used file sharing methods:

They lack security controls because they were not intended for sensitive corporate information. These free services were suitable for their original purpose, but when applied to sensitive information, they put your company in peril.

Today’s B2B partner interactions are far more complicated, voluminous, and confidential – and they must be safely guarded. Security weaknesses and other vulnerabilities make it easy to intercept FTP-based file transfers. 

Some of the problems encountered with FTP and SFTP include:

  • User IDs and passwords to login to FTP servers and send files aren’t always protected.
  • When files are exposed, FTP doesn’t log security violations or authenticate users – basic capabilities you need to help detect and stop breaches.
  • Encryption is an afterthought requiring extra steps and IT expertise.
  • FTP clients are common and free, giving every hacker the tools necessary to attempt to breach your critical systems.

The optimal approach to file transfer is secure MFT. It isn’t free. But it costs a lot less than the problems created by unstable, unprotected methods that might be available for free.

IBM and Lightwell build security into file transfers from the start.

Whether we’re helping clients embark on their journey to the cloud, or adding AI to existing sophisticated file transfer processes, we’re vigilant about protecting our clients’ data, and the data they’re entrusted to share.

Our partner, IBM, ensures:

World-class security throughout its IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions. They test their solutions constantly to ensure that data is perfectly guarded. And they’re continually searching the globe for new forms of cyber threat so that we can create and deploy protective measures before our clients’ files can be breached.  

The IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions meet regulatory compliance requirements with cybersecurity standards that are employed by the largest financial institutions in the world.  

To help our clients reduce security risk, these solutions incorporate:

  • Secure protocols
  • Encryption methods
  • Digital signatures
  • Multi-factor identity management tools
  • Firewall navigation best practices for perimeter security.

As part of our MFT consulting services, we provide guidance on effectively leveraging these security features to ensure you’re fully protected.

Lightwell and IBM help you minimize risk while you optimize the benefits of Secure MFT.

Lightwell and IBM provide:

The security and reliability you need to ensure strict compliance and utmost security. We provide end-to-end managed file transfer consulting services, including strategy, architecture, implementation, migration, MFT managed services, and support for your MFT solution.

We also provide solutions to enhance these technologies like SFG Quickstart, Cloud MFT solutions, the Lightwell Visibility Portal for MFT, and more. And we’re continuously evaluating new technologies and approaches to ensure our clients are safe against emerging threats. 

Learn more about the extensive capabilities and security built into the IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions:

IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer

Provides a unified, secure file transfer platform so you can share and track mission-critical information movement within your enterprise and across your trading partner network.


IBM Sterling File Gateway

Enables companies to consolidate all internet-based file transfers on a secure, single, scalable, and always-on edge gateway.


IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

Provides security-hardened, high-performance point-to-point file transfers trusted by the world’s leading companies.


IBM Sterling Control Center

Provides visibility into critical events across your B2B and managed file transfer (MFT) infrastructure, helping to proactively address issues and achieve your SLA commitments with confidence.


IBM Sterling Secure Proxy

Provides advanced edge security for multi-enterprise data exchanges, helping to shield your trusted network by preventing direct connectivity between external partners and internal servers.


IBM Aspera

Securely moves data of any size across any distance 100s of times faster than FTP or HTTP.

IBM Platinum Business Partner

IBM Platinum Business Partner

The MFT services and innovations we deliver around these solutions include:

Lightwell Managed File Transfer Consulting

We provide a full range of Managed File Transfer consulting services – including assessments, design, architecture, implementation, management, and support –  to enable, secure, and optimize your file transfer management processes.


Lightwell SFG Quickstart

Enables rapid implementation of IBM Sterling File Gateway leveraging pre-built components and best practices, helping you achieve the benefits of SFG faster.


Lightwell Visibility Portal

Provides an unprecedented level of visibility, control, and insight across your Managed File Transfer, B2B Integration, and integration solutions.


Lightwell MFT Managed Services

Our experts ensure your MFT solution is always running optimally, including management, security, patching, upgrades, health checks, maintenance, and access management.


Lightwell MFT Cloud Services

We provide a flexible cloud MFT solution, tailored to your needs, that is built on the IBM Managed File Transfer portfolio.


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