Lightwell SFG Quickstart

Rapid Implementation Solution for IBM Sterling File Gateway

Reduce IBM Sterling File Gateway Implementation Time By Up to 70%

The IBM Sterling File Gateway (SFG) solution provides companies a centralized file gateway with the capabilities needed to monitor, administer, route, and transform high volumes of inbound and outbound files. 

However, some of the powerful features and capabilities aren’t ready to use right out of the box, and you may not have the time, resources, and expertise on hand for development, testing, trading partner onboarding, and more.   This can put a lot of pressure on your IT resources, while delaying your time to benefit.

We recognized the need to help companies get past these barriers and achieve the benefits of IBM Sterling File Gateway faster.

Drawing upon years of experience and best practices gained from our work with the IBM Sterling File Gateway solution, we developed the Lightwell SFG Quickstart solution. This solution:

Accelerates the implementation timeline

Reduces or eliminates the custom development work required

Minimizes trading partner onboarding time, cost and complexity

Helps you achieve the benefits of SFG faster

Pre-Built Components Based on Numerous Successful SFG Implementations

The Lightwell SFG Quickstart solution leverages over 120 pre-built, standardized and tested assets—including custom protocols, business processes, rules, services, sample configurations, and adapters—for IBM Sterling File Gateway.

They address all of the typical requirements of a standard IBM SFG implementation, reducing—even eliminating—the need for extensive development and testing.

With the Lightwell SFG Quickstart solution, your company can begin onboarding its partners quickly and begin experiencing the extensive SFG benefits faster than ever. In addition, it provides the foundation for our user-friendly onboarding tools and partner self-onboarding capabilities, which will reduce partner onboarding time while improving user and partner satisfaction.

As a result of leveraging our SFG Quickstart solution, companies can:

  • Reduce the SFG solution implementation time and costs by up to 70%
  • Complete installation in under one day
  • Begin onboarding their trading partners on day two

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IBM Platinum Business Partner

IBM Platinum Business Partner

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