IBM Sterling Secure Proxy

Protect your file transfers, network, and data from public internet threats.

Explore how to minimize risk and strengthen compliance in data exchange. 

Protect Your Internal Networks from Attacks

Using the Internet for file transfers can be risky.

IT departments are challenged with managing tighter security as employees across the company use the public Internet for file transfers. File transfers across an unsecured medium like this present a significant risk, not only to the files being transferred but also their systems and networks.

Malicious attacks are happening frequently, and most companies’ legacy systems and internal networks are not very well protected from them. As a result, they’re vulnerable to threats like “man-in-the-middle” and “denial-of-service” attacks. This can be very costly, not only in financial and productivity losses, but also customer trust and loyalty.

Why Use a Proxy Server?

Many security professionals leverage proxy servers to shield applications and protocols in their trusted, internal network from threats on the public Internet. Proxy servers provide encryption and authentication, can terminate a file transfer session, and fully authenticate a trading partner before establishing a session on the internal network. This added security protects file transfers and internal networks from malicious attacks.

IBM Sterling Secure Proxy provides companies a proven solution for addressing these risks. The software shields your network from external attacks that threaten your business and affect your internal and external business processes.

Advanced Edge Security for Multi-Enterprise Data Exchanges

Removes file transfer security exposure

IBM Sterling Secure Proxy removes the file transfer security exposure of the public Internet while satisfying compliance and security requirements. It protects your internal network from any outside attacks by creating a buffer between your trading partners and internal servers.

Provides DMZ authentication

The solution provides demilitarized zone-based (DMZ) authentication, SSL terminations, and session breaks before allowing communications with your internal network. With the use of authentication and high-level encryption technology, your trusted zone will be protected from unauthorized access.

The Sterling Secure Proxy solution:

Guards against unauthorized access and reduces data vulnerability
Provides multilayer security and defense-in-depth
connect integrate
Supports single sign-on and integrates with your existing security infrastructure
Enables you to leverage the Internet for securely exchanging files with your trading partners
cohesive pragmatic integrate
Is highly scalable to support rapid growth
360 degree view
Provides your partners self-service capabilities that reduce their onboarding time and support costs

Protect your trusted network with extensive capabilities

IBM Sterling Secure Proxy offers a range of capabilities that secure and protect your network, including:

Application proxy

  • Resides within the DMZ and shields against potential threats.
  • Supports all IBM file transfer products (including Sterling Connect:Direct, Sterling B2B Integrator, and others) in addition to multiple DMZ environments and protocols (FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH/SFTP, and PeSIT).

Authentication services

  • Allows for a customizable login portal with a self-service password management feature for your trading partners.
  • Utilizes multifactor authentication (user ID, certificate, and IP address) to ensure strict controls and validation of partners within the DMZ.
  • Authenticates partners prior to the information being passed in and out of the DMZ.
  • Supports individual sign-on while integrated with your current security infrastructure.


  • Provides a centralized configuration environment that distributes specified rules to several engines running within the DMZ.
  • Allows for greater scalability of the system and the associated file transfer environment.

Firewall navigation best practices

  • Eliminates vulnerabilities in the firewall by ensuring files, user credentials, and information are not stored in the DMZ.
  • Enforces security policies on an internal and external level.

Perimeter security

  • Blocks direct communications between internal and external sessions by creating breaks in the DMZ utilizing SSL or TLS.
  • Enforces session limits while providing a data encryption guard against malicious DoS attacks.
  • Inspects sensitive control information and allows you to configure error handling for any infringements that may occur.

Leverage Our Secure File Transfer and Network Security Expertise

You’ll benefit most from IBM Sterling Secure Proxy when it’s implemented by knowledgeable experts who can take full advantage of all of its capabilities.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, Lightwell has the knowledge and experience needed to help your business fully leverage the Sterling Secure Proxy software and ensure your file transfer processes are secure. 

We can tailor an array of consulting services according to your specific implementation needs.

B2B Integration Team
IBM Platinum Business Partner

IBM Platinum Business Partner

Our Secure Proxy consulting services include:

  • Performing a detailed analysis of your existing file transfer processes, including a risk assessment
  • Software procurement, installation, and configuration
  • Design and planning session to align technology capabilities with your goals and processes
  • End-to-end Secure Proxy project management
  • Providing guidance for risk mitigation and maintaining data integrity
  • Evaluating solution effects on firewalls, encryption, trading partner authentication, perimeter security, and password management procedures
  • Developing and reviewing procedure and process modifications with management
  • Training support personnel and end users
  • Coordinating new security rules with trading partners
  • System troubleshooting, monitoring, and diagnostics

An experienced partner

By partnering with Lightwell, you’ll benefit from an experienced implementation partner that can help your business realize high value from your software investment. We’ll help to lower your overall total cost of ownership (TCO) while enabling better levels of security and improved process efficiencies.

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