IBM Sterling File Gateway

Improve B2B file transfer control and reliability while minimizing delays and complexity.

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Ensure secure and efficient files with your B2B partner ecosystem

In today’s hyper-connected, rapidly-changing environment, companies are faced with supporting higher volumes of file transfers, increased file sizes and formats, and numerous communications and security protocols.

Many companies are facing:

  • Growth in the number of trading partners and tighter time frames for onboarding them. 
  • Demand for speed and increase in time-sensitive file dependent processes
  • Growing risks and security compliance requirements
  • A demand for increased governance and oversight
  • Tightening SLAs and need for always-on, high performance
  • The need to move towards a hybrid cloud environment while preserving existing investment
  • The need for seamless integration and compatibility with new technologies

Overcoming these challenges is critical to success.

Failure to address these concerns can result in disruption to critical business processes and impact revenue. All of this must be balanced with the need to reduce IT costs and complexity.

Overcoming these challenges and ensuring secure and efficient file transfers in a hybrid cloud world is to your business’s success. Lightwell and IBM can help you achieve this and more through an industry-leading B2B file gateway solution.

IBM Sterling File Gateway: a centralized, intelligent platform

IBM Sterling File Gateway (SFG) is a scalable, secure, and always-on edge-based gateway that consolidates file transfers on a single platform. It improves file transfer control and reliability, enables you to take complete control over file transfers with your trading partners, and minimizes delays and complexity.

B2B EDI Consulting

How IBM Sterling File Gateway works

IBM Sterling File Gateway provides a centralized file gateway with all of the capabilities you need to monitor, administer, route, and transform high volumes of inbound and outbound files. It consolidates disparate centers of file transfers, and intelligent routing and content-driven transformation help to optimize file delivery processes.

Partners can transfer files securely over the internet, in any format, using industry-standard protocols. They can start doing so almost immediately because everything needed to integrate with internal systems and for trading partner onboarding – including reusable templates, standardized processes, and group-based controls – is built into the B2B gateway.

SFG enables great business outcomes

With Sterling File Gateway, companies benefit from a lower cost of ownership of edge-based file transfers, accelerated time to revenue associated with onboarding trading partners, and improved trading partner satisfaction and service.

A scalable, secure, and always-on file gateway

Through IBM Sterling File Gateway, our team can enable a wide variety of capabilities and benefits for your organization.

  • Deliver always-on high-availability file transfers
  • Securely transfer files across multiple communication protocols
  • Dynamic rules-based file routing
  • Enable visibility and governance oversight of data exchange activity
  • Accelerate trading partner onboarding
  • Access application extension and container support
  • ‘Always on’ 24x7x365
  • Active/active file processing
  • Near-zero downtime
  • Avoids data duplication at recovery
  • Spares you of any negative impact of downtime
  • Support for a broad range of communication protocols and industry standards
  • Secure browser-based partner interface
  • Multiple encryption standards
  • Encrypt both in-flight and at-rest files
  • A comprehensive audit trail of file transfer activities
  • Intelligent file routing based on sender, file name, file type, and file contents
  • Reusable templates to optimize file delivery processes
  • Use mapping capabilities to manage file naming relationships
  • Enable exception identification and management
  • Real-time monitoring allows users visibility over in-flight file transfers
  • Monitor file transfer activity on an “exception” basis
  • Provide trading partners security-rich access to initiate upload/download requests
  • Auditing and reporting metrics to help facilitate regulatory compliance
  • Supports a wide variety of EDI and XML standards
  • Supports any format, any protocol, any size file/message transfer
  • Seamless Interaction with RESTful APIs
  • Architected for the future, WITH ease of integration with emerging technologies
  • Secure and cost-effective in the Cloud with IBM Certified Containers
  • Faster deployment
  • Lower IT costs
  • Port seamlessly to multiple cloud endpoints
  • Efficient installation
  • SOA extensibility and customization to develop industry-specific business applications

Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and accelerate growth

Sterling File Gateway Solution

If you need to gain control of file transfers, eliminate security risks, speed up integration and trading partner onboarding, and consolidate all of your departmental FTP servers, the IBM Sterling File Gateway is an ideal solution for you. 

SFG Benefits

  • Reduce onboarding costs by 39%
  • Reduce exception handling costs by 65%
  • Improve trading partner satisfaction
  • Increase scalability to support growth
  • Accelerate time-to-market

To optimize your benefits, turn to Lightwell for expert guidance and consulting before, during, and after your Sterling File Gateway solution implementation. We’re committed to our customers’ success and provide services to assist you every step of the way. In addition, through our SFG Quickstart solution, we help companies reduce IBM Sterling File Gateway implementation time by up to 70%.

SFG Quickstart Benefits

  • Accelerates the implementation timeline
  • Reduces or eliminates the custom development work required
  • Minimizes trading partner onboarding time, cost and complexity
  • Helps you achieve the benefits of SFG faster

An intelligent, centralized file gateway for managing B2B file transfers

The IBM Sterling File Gateway solution provides an intelligent, centralized gateway for managing edge-based file transfers. It enables you to manage large file volumes of any protocol or format type and provides numerous management capabilities, visibility, and transparency. Its key capabilities include:

Trading partner onboarding tools

Includes an onboarding Wizard and reusable templates to help you onboard trading partners quickly.

Pre-defined event-driven business processes

Minimize setup and administration of process flows, while rules-based processing elevates file transfers to a business level activity.

Real-time monitoring

Allows you to acquire up-to-date transfer information instantly.

Support for multiple protocols and communication channels

IBM Sterling File Gateway supports numerous industry protocols including: AS1, AS2 & AS3, FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, ODETTE, SOAP, SSH/SCP, SSH/SFTP, Connect:Direct, Connect:Direct Secure+, and custom protocols. It also allows for the utilization of Zip and GZIP software to compress files to maximize disk space.

File processing and routing

An additional capability is file processing through mapping capabilities, automation of processes associated with failed file transfers, and intelligent routing of files based on the file name, type, contents, and sender. Additionally, routing utilizes reusable templates, which reduce the time required to develop and maintain file transfers.

File visibility

MyFileGateway enables partners to upload and download in a secure environment, and with real-time monitoring and self-service capabilities, provides them greater visibility. This will lead to quicker response times, improved decision making, and significantly more satisfied customers.

Auditing and reporting

Provides details you need to verify regulatory compliance and adherence to service level agreements.

Extensive security

MyFileGateway enables partners to upload and download in a secure environment, and with real-time monitoring and self-service capabilities, provides them greater visibility. This will lead to quicker response times, improved decision making, and significantly more satisfied customers.

Increased scalability

The software easily transfers large volume data without file or format limits and enables you to scale up or down based on your business needs. The solution is built using the IBM B2B Integrator platform, which coordinates data movement outside your company’s borders and supports a variety of protocols. Also, the platform utilizes the capabilities of the Sterling Connect solutions to efficiently, securely, and reliably transport data across private and public networks.

With Sterling File Gateway, you can improve time to revenue, lower operating costs, and drive internal and external growth through numerous capabilities.

Our IBM Sterling File Gateway consulting services

Lightwell’s consultants can help you achieve the full benefits of IBM Sterling File Gateway. By combining our managed file transfer consulting expertise with the IBM Sterling File Gateway solution, your business will gain complete visibility and control over file transfer activity, rapidly respond to onboarding requests, and support growth in file transfer volume without sacrificing performance.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner with decades of experience with IBM Sterling solutions, Lightwell provides expert consulting resources to design, deploy, support, and optimize the IBM Sterling File Gateway solution. Our consultants deliver a variety of SFG services including the following:

Application Development Solution IMplementation
  • Developing a customized implementation plan that is tailored to your specific business needs
  • SFG procurement assistance
  • SFG installation and configuration of development, test/QA, production, and disaster recovery instances
  • Migration from Sterling Connect:Enterprise and other file transfer solutions
  • Building a sound integration strategy that seamlessly and reliably connects your back office systems and trading partners
  • Configuration of protocols such as FTP/S, S/FTP, HTTP/S, EDIINT AS2, and IBM Sterling Connect:Direct Secure Plus
  • Integration with the following supporting applications: SMTP Email, Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), IBM®Sterling B2B Integrator database server, and more
  • Setting up multiple encryption standards such as PGP, S/MIME, and others
  • File gateway and control center integration
  • Loading or updating profiles
  • Improving file transfer processes
  • Development of a secure access strategy and plan for trading partners to initiate or schedule uploads and downloads
  • Trading partner setup, communications, and testing
  • Custom reports and customization of built-in reports
  • Post-production support, were we supplement your existing business support resources, or provide full first-tier support services
  • Performance optimization and health checks
  • Knowledge transfer and training

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If you’re considering a managed file transfer solution like Sterling File Gateway, turn to Lightwell for expert guidance and assistance before, during, and after your solution implementation. Contact Lightwell to learn more.

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