IBM Sterling Control Center

Gain real-time visibility and control of your file transfers to improve business outcomes.

Explore how to monitor and control file transfer more effectively. 

Stay in Control of Your File Transfers

Controlling file transfer is vital

Maintaining control over any business process is vital to success – and it’s essential with file transfers. 

As your company continues to grow, so does the complexity of your file transfer operations and monitoring processes.

Gain consolidated view of file transfer environment

With so many areas to manage – including applications, business units, customers, locations, servers, time zones, and trading partners – it can be challenging to stay in control. 

Fortunately, with IBM Sterling Control Center, you can gain significantly better control and a consolidated view of your entire file transfer environment.

Centralized Management and Control

IBM Sterling Control Center helps you manage file transfer activity across all of your applications and servers, including Connect:Direct, Sterling File Gateway, and Sterling B2B Integrator, as well as most third-party UNIX and Windows FTP servers.

The solution provides centralized monitoring and consolidated management features, visibility into a wide range of servers and protocols, continuously checks for errors or exceptions, and much more.

IBM Sterling Control Center helps you address burning questions like:

  • When are our servers running out of capacity…or failing?
  • Will critical transfers be late?
  • Which files have passed retry thresholds?
  • How many transfers have been successful, and how many have failed?
  • How much data are we sending and receiving?

IBM Sterling Control Center software provides you with a proactive approach to problem resolution, simplifies configuration management, and delivers effective compliance controls. Among other benefits, your company will improve SLA performance, reduce fines and penalties associated with missed deadlines, and improve customer satisfaction.

Gain Complete File Transfer Control and Visibility with Control Center

With IBM Sterling Control Center, you’ll gain complete control and oversight of the transfer of sensitive corporate data and files across networks. The solution offers numerous capabilities for improving your operations, including:

Comprehensive file transfer control center console

  • Provides transparency for file transfer processes across all supported file transfer servers.
  • Displays the properties about all managed servers, licensing and version information, and more.
  • Gathers data about active and completed processes and can suspend, resume, or delete processes.
  • Enables you to control instances of Sterling Connect:Direct, define user roles and security, and align server views with systematic logic.

Audit and compliance functions

  • Provides industry-leading tracking and logging by consolidating file transfer process information from all servers into a single SQL database.
  • Generates over 35 standard reports for activity, error analysis, operational auditing, and supports many third-party tools.
  • Boasts license key management and node discovery and manages Sterling Connect:Direct configurations, including providing change control.
  • Enables administrators to control user access to specific data by defining and managing data visibility groups.

File and process monitoring service

  • The IBM Sterling Control Center built-in monitoring service monitors the server, daemon, and adapter status; file transfer errors, exceptions, and successes – regardless of platform, location, or protocol; and business processes.
  • Displays and notifies about any process failures and enables you to investigate a problem with a single click.

Rules engine

  • Enables you to define rules about specific events and actions.
  • Offers an ease of use similar to configuring email inbox rules, such as sending notifications for late transfers or expired licenses.
  • Enables you to match criteria and trigger actions, while allowing you to define schedules, file names, processes, and other types of data.

Benefits to improve business outcomes

IBM Sterling Control Center offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved SLA performance
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Fewer missed deadlines due to faster response to problems
  • Reduced complexity
  • Less effort required for configuration

Helping You Get the Most from IBM Sterling Control Center

The IBM Sterling Control Center solution provides businesses complete visibility and management for their file transfer system. As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, a full-service reseller, and experienced MFT consulting partner, Lightwell can assist you with all aspects of IBM Sterling Control Center.

Our team of highly skilled technical professionals has delivered thousands successful IBM Sterling solution implementations. With this level of expertise, we can provide your business with a solid configuration that aligns with your business goals and optimizes outcomes.

Whether your file transfer services span time zones, different business units, thousands of trading partners, or all of the above – IBM Sterling Control Center can help your business monitor and manage file transfers securely and effectively.  We’ll help you achieve these benefits quickly and cost-effectively while helping you get the most from its capabilities. Our services include:

Application Development Solution IMplementation

Our Control Center services include:

  • Assessment of your business requirements to ensure alignment with the Control Center solution
  • Configuration of the Sterling Control Center Console, helping you achieve visibility across the enterprise with the ability to drill down to specific areas or processes
  • Configuration of the Control Center Monitoring Service, ensuring alerts and updates are sent to the appropriate groups for response, problem interrogation, and resolution
  • Configuration of the Control Center Rules Engine based on your unique business rules and processes
  • Audit and compliance services such as reviewing file transfer events, license key management, security settings, and setting up user accounts and data visibility groups
  • Setting up reports including activity and throughput, error analysis, transaction validation with configuring the interface to other major reporting tools
  • Complete end-to-end Sterling Control Center implementation project management

Your Managed File Transfer Solution Partner for the Long Term

We want to be your long-term partner. We can help you fine-tune your IBM Sterling Control Center solution as your business needs change and provide performance tuning and optimization to ensure optimal results. We can help you optimize its value as part of your overall Managed File Transfer and B2B integration capabilities. And as part of the long-term relationship, we’ll be there to ensure your business realizes the solution’s key benefits while minimizing the total cost of ownership.

IBM Platinum Business Partner

IBM Platinum Business Partner

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