IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

Improve the security and reliability of your critical enterprise file transfers.

Stop putting your business at risk with unreliable FTP-based file transfers

Companies need secure data transfer

From the movement of critical files, to batch integration, to the movement of large graphics and catalogs, to synchronization of data with remote locations – companies require secure and reliable data transfer.

While FTP may be considered “free,” it is insufficient for sending and protecting files within and among your B2B ecosystem and can put your enterprise at risk.

Disadvantages of using FTP for file transfer

  • The secure movement of information must guarantee delivery to the correct destination within a reasonable amount of time and with the least number of issues possible. Unfortunately, solutions built on FTP are outdated and do not contain the correct resources for management, security, or monitoring.
  • When a file is lost or fails to make its processing window, you risk non-compliance and service level (SLA) penalties.
  • Usernames, passwords, and files are transferred in clear text. For any organization, this is a major security issue.
  • Servers could be spoofed to move information to one random port on an unplanned computer.
  • Any firewalls implemented onto a system can inadvertently prevent actual users from accessing enterprise resources. Administrators must modify network permissions for every user – which can become tedious. Also, since the human element is involved, this process is subject to errors.
  • FTP server administrators must be aware of how to support the many FTP clients and which are compatible with their server. The cost of purchasing these client licenses could be substantial.

A high-performance, reliable, and secure solution for point-to-point file transfers

Application Development Solution IMplementation

How Connect:Direct overcomes the disadvantages of FTP

Fortunately, Connect:Direct overcomes the issues mentioned above and provides companies the resources and performance they need to manage file transfer between mission-critical applications. 

Connect:Direct is the leading point-to-point, secure file transfer solution that fulfills the need for high-volume, secure, and reliable file delivery within and between companies.

It offers a variety of functions that can be used for billing, payments, secure transfer of sensitive information, and even the synchronization of data-recovery facilities.

How Connect:Direct manages high-volume transfers

The solution supports high-volume and high speeds for files of all sizes. Connect:Direct helps you manage batch, high-volume file transfers with guaranteed delivery of information and built-in notifications to ensure around-the-clock automated operation. It automates data exchange across applications, regardless of the platform.

Also, it reduces or eliminates manual intervention in data delivery, thus considerably improving productivity amongst your employees while ensuring a high level of reliability.

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Six Sigma Level of Performance

With its Six Sigma Level of performance that ensures successful file transfer every time, Connect:Direct will help you:

  • Minimize disruptions caused by errors, improving productivity
  • Ensure reliable file delivery
  • Gain unprecedented scalability
  • Improve security and ensure compliance
  • Increase confidence in your file transfer

Connect:Direct highlights and use cases

The capabilities and benefits of the IBM Sterling Connect:Direct solution are extensive, including:

  • Ensuring Reliable File Delivery
  • Gaining Unprecedented Scalability
  • Ensuring Security and Compliance
  • Improving Your Business Processes
  • Supporting Multiple Platforms and Protocols
The most critical test of any file transfer system is to observe how it responds when a failure occurs. Connect:Direct delivers internal automation controls with checkpoint restart to ensure continuous operation.
  • With these automated controls, you do not need to assign costly staff members to maintain the system.
  • If a failure occurs, the software will detect and repair it quickly.
  • This also leads to faster and more consistent transfers that improve your brand in your customers' eyes.
  • In addition, with an audit trail, you’ll be able to prove file transfer integrity.
With extensive scalability options, Connect:Direct ensures you can manage peak demand more effectively.
  • By utilizing its event-based architecture, you can transfer large files and batches without the concern of predetermined limits on file or transfer sizes.
  • As your volumes grow, the Connect:Direct secure file transfer solution will accommodate it, guaranteeing you never miss a transfer due to systematic constrictions.

Connect:Direct is one of the most trusted solutions and a secure file transfer leader. The proprietary Connect:Direct protocol is so secure, it has never been breached.

Therefore, you can satisfy your regulatory and industry compliance requirements with regard to file transfer. These include FIPS-140-2, HIPAA, Payment Card Industry (PCI), and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). With the Secure+ option, you’ll gain capabilities like user authentication, data encryption (SSL/TLS), Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) checking, and FIPS 140-2, and Common Criteria certification.

Connect:Direct offers automation, scheduling, and management capabilities that support 24X7 unattended operations.
  • With Connect:Direct, data transfer will be much more reliable and delivered within a reasonable time frame.
  • The recipient of the information will be able to process it and adhere to their deadlines.
  • Additionally, automated tasks will significantly improve productivity among your employees while reducing costs to perform repetitive tasks.

The solution runs on every major platform.  It supports multiple operating systems (z/OS, OpenVMS, i5/OS, UNIX and Linux, Windows, and HP NonStop) and network protocols (TCP/IP, SNA, and UDT).  Its well defined APIs, SDKs, and User Exits make it easy to connect the solution with your back end systems.

Partner with Lightwell to accelerate your managed file transfer benefits

Decades of industry experience

Our consultants have decades of industry experience from numerous companies – from major banks and global enterprises that require a multitude of integration touchpoints to regional manufacturers and retailers who need to connect as a trading partner to their supply chain.

Broad and deep technical expertise

They have broad and deep technical expertise to ensure your Connect:Direct implementation is configured correctly and reliably – from servers and networking to remote connectivity, file routing, volume analysis, and security.

The latest technology

You need an integration partner who not only talks about the latest technology but has the experience and knowledge to apply it. We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your IBM Sterling Connect:Direct implementation or upgrade project.

Comprehensive Consulting Services for Connect:Direct

We offer a variety of Connect:Direct consulting services, including:

Creating a Connect:Direct architecture

We optimize your existing hardware, software, and communications infrastructure. We can also help you choose the right mix of managed file transfer solutions to meet your goals.

Software procurement and installation

We procure the software and install the solution on multiple platforms.

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Configuration of all Connect:Direct nodes

We enable optimized interactions with your internal and external communications partners.

Analysis of your security

We also analyze your file transfer requirements.

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Assistance with encrypting files

We assist with file encryption and authenticating users.

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Project management services

We ensure your business and the IT goals and objectives are aligned properly with clearly defined expectations, requirements, risk mitigation, and prioritization.

Creation and optimization of processes

We create and optimize processes used for file transfer. We also analyze your processes to identify bottlenecks and issues before they escalate.

A support infrastructure

We provide a support infrastructure that goes beyond the basic incident report and gets to the root cause of issues by understanding the business as well as the technical configuration and processes of the specific company.


We validate that systems and processes are meeting expectations, including setup and review of key performance metrics and detailed reporting.

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The Lightwell team enters into each implementation as a long-term partner. Even after a project is completed, you can trust that the Lightwell team is there for ongoing support if needed, follow-up analysis, and assistance with future file transfer and integration initiatives on your business horizon.

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