IBM Managed File Transfer Solutions

Comprehensive MFT solutions that enable fast, reliable transfers – backed by security that has never been breached.

Security and integrity are more important than ever

File transfers must be flawless.

Your business depends upon the flawless, continuous transmission of files – files of many types and sizes. And if your business is like most, the volume, variety, size, and complexity of these files have grown exponentially. 

These files contain critical information, so if a file goes missing, is corrupted, or is stolen – your operations can be significantly impacted.

There's too much at stake.

Even worse are the effects file transfer failures can have on relationships. Your B2B partners may lose trust in you. Your customers may seek damages for loss of privacy. You may even be subject to fines by regulatory bodies.

There is too much at stake. You simply cannot risk the integrity and security of your file transfers.

Ensure secure and reliable file transfers with the industry-leading IBM Sterling MFT Solutions.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we deliver the IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions to help companies overcome complex data movement challenges, improve file transfer performance, and achieve the highest levels of file transfer security. 

Global organizations that require top-notch speed and reliability, and who also require security and governance, regularly count on us to deploy these MFT solution on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid configuration.

Whether you’re seeking a more advanced file transfer system due to a data breach, an acquisition, or simply the growth of your business – you’ll want to explore the capabilities and benefits of IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer. Our team has decades of experience with IBM Sterling solutions and can help you select, implement, and optimize the MFT solution that delivers the best benefits for your organization, your B2B partners, and your customers.


You have many reasons to implement MFT. And all of them are challenging.

  • Hyper-growth is driving hyper-adoption.
  • The need for speed conflicts with the demand for perfection.
  • Visibility and governance are essential.
  • The workforce demands new, simpler technology.

Hyper-growth is driving hyper-adoption.

Over the years, the transition from FTP to MFT has been driven by many factors: widespread adoption of file transfer for various business processes, increasing volumes of data, the variety of different systems and formats that are used, the growing number of endpoints throughout the world. The strain this is putting on organizations is monumental.

The need for speed conflicts with the demand for perfection.

When the business world is working in real-time, delays are simply not tolerated. A bank check that used to takes days to clear is expected to be deposited instantaneously. Orders that might have been received by mail, processed by hand, and then shipped to arrive in a few weeks are now sent, received, and fulfilled within hours. Today, you need to exchange information rapidly, repeatedly, and absolutely flawlessly if you’re to keep up with the pace of commerce.

Visibility and governance are essential.

We live in a time of unprecedented cyber threats. And they’re increasing and becoming more difficult to detect all the time. Tighter security policies and compliance requirements demand better governance over file exchanges. But how can you ensure your systems are safe and secure, and performing to SLAs, if you don’t have real-time visibility into processes? Many organizations fail security audits for this very reason.

The workforce demands new, simpler technology.

The workforce and its needs are changing. Business users are becoming more technology savvy, and all users expect simple, modern interfaces that support their workflows. You need to provide them with the advanced tools that will help them perform better in their jobs so they can make a stronger contribution to the organization.

IBM Sterling MFT delivers performance, protection, and perfection.

  • Connect quickly and easily with business partners and more.
  • Ensure that files reach their intended destination – quickly and accurately.
  • Achieve visibility and governance with state-of-the-art capabilities.
  • Enhance productivity and performance with modern technological tools.

IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer provides a unified, centralized platform so you can securely share files with internal and external partners, wherever they are, and whatever system and file types they’re using. This solution scales to handle current and future demand as volumes grow.

IBM Sterling MFT assures always-on, 24x7x365 reliability in the transmission of files regardless of size and location. Automated processes detect failures, then trigger subsequent attempts according to customized business rules. Additionally, alerts are distributed to the right people so they’re immediately aware of a problem and can resolve them quickly.

IBM Sterling MFT provides end-to-end visibility to help you anticipate and mitigate risks. It incorporates battle-tested security that keeps sensitive data safe with a never-been-breached proprietary protocol. Meet regulatory compliance requirements with cybersecurity standards that are trusted by the largest financial institutions in the world. Help reduce security risk with secure protocols, encryption methods, digital signatures, and multi-factor identity management tools.

Establish trust with customers and business partners while removing barriers to modernization. IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer seamlessly links data movement between your on-premises, hybrid cloud, and cloud environments. It includes options for certified containers in the hybrid cloud that delivers increased security and greater cost-effectiveness. Additionally, the system is easily managed through a single console so LOB users can perform functions without the need for IT involvement.

IBM Sterling provides innovative MFT solutions.

Lightwell ensures they’re designed and deployed to achieve your organization’s evolving business goals.

Your business is growing, and your partner network is continuously expanding. As your ecosystem grows, you have to overcome new challenges in integrating and collaborating with partners, and adhering to increased regulations and stringent SLAs.

Through the IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions, you can automate inbound and outbound file transfers across multiple protocols. Powerful RESTful API capabilities enable easy integration to nearly any third-party system – so you can partner with anyone, anywhere.

Even your most demanding workloads can be handled quickly and efficiently with reliable, point-to-point file transfers. What’s more, scaling to accommodate changes in volume is easy and affordable.

A simple, customizable interface provides an intuitive and approachable user experience. It even eliminates the hassle of onboarding and maintaining partner relationships by automating the process and enabling partner self-service.

Compliance personnel appreciate this solution’s end-to-end visibility and governance capabilities, and its simple yet powerful SLA management system that provides notification in time to anticipate and correct problems.

Lightwell consultants are experts in IBM Sterling B2B Integration and MFT technology, and we’re passionate about serving our customers’ needs.

End-to-end MFT Consulting Services.

For over 20 years, we’ve helped organizations like yours connect with their partners to collaborate more productively and profitably. Our team of skilled professionals will collaborate with you to ensure that your business objectives for information transfer are fulfilled through trustworthy, scalable, and agile technology that is also simple and affordable.

We provide end-to-end MFT consulting services, including strategy, architecture, implementation, migration, MFT managed services, and support for your solution. We also provide solutions to enhance these technologies like SFG Quickstart, Cloud MFT solutions, the Lightwell Visibility Portal for MFT, and more. We can also help you get your partners up and running quickly — and without unnecessary disruption.


Ensure the smooth functioning of your file transfer operations and protect your brand reputation. Work with Lightwell experts and IBM Sterling technology to achieve file transfer speed, protection, and perfection.

Learn more about world-class IBM Sterling and Lightwell solutions:

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we deliver the IBM Sterling MFT solutions, including:

IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer

Secure file transfers across your cloud and hybrid cloud environments and achieve end-to-end visibility with the unified IBM secure file transfer solution.


IBM Sterling File Gateway

Consolidate all your B2B file transfers on a secure, single, scalable, and always-on edge gateway.


IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

Ensure more reliable movement of files with security-hardened, high-performance point-to-point file transfers trusted by the world’s leading companies.


IBM Sterling Control Center

Track and monitor critical events so you can proactively address issues and achieve your SLA commitments with confidence.


IBM Sterling Secure Proxy

Secure your network and data exchanges at the network edge to enable trusted B2B transactions and managed file transfer file exchanges.


IBM Aspera

Securely transfer large files and big data anywhere – up to hundreds of times faster than other technologies.


The MFT services and innovations we deliver around these solutions include:

Lightwell Managed File Transfer Consulting

We provide a full range of Managed File Transfer consulting services to enable, secure, and optimize your file transfer management processes.


Lightwell SFG Quickstart

Enables rapid implementation of IBM Sterling File Gateway leveraging pre-built components and best practices, helping you achieve the benefits of SFG faster.


Lightwell Visibility Portal for MFT

Provides an unprecedented level of visibility, control, and insight across your Managed File Transfer, B2B Integration, and integration solutions.


Lightwell MFT Managed Services

Our experts ensure your MFT solution is always running optimally, including management, security, patching, upgrades, health checks, maintenance, and access management.


Lightwell MFT Cloud Services

We provide a flexible cloud MFT solution, tailored to your needs, built on the IBM Managed File Transfer portfolio.

IBM Platinum Business Partner

IBM Platinum Business Partner

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