IBM Aspera

Move big data and digital content globally at maximum speed.

Move big files quickly, securely, and reliably

Traditional technologies can't keep up in this hybrid cloud world.

Organizations are increasingly adopting a hybrid cloud infrastructure that leverages a combination of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises resources. As part of this, they need to exchange files and data sets that are often stored in multiple clouds and on-premises systems.

However, moving data to, from, between these resources has become more challenging – especially when it involves large data sets, time-sensitive files, and long distances. Traditional technologies for transferring this data are often slow and unreliable, and using physical data storage methods to move it is time-consuming and exposes data to unnecessary security risks.

Common pains companies face include:

  • Can’t reliably send, share, and sync large files and data sets over global internet connections
  • Challenges collaborating over long distances globally, with extended wait time due to slow uploads and downloads
  • Limited options to access and store data to the cloud from on-premises infrastructures
  • Lack of security and control when moving files and data sets to employees, collaborators, and external data centers – without impacting other traffic
  • Extensive time and effort needed to migrate to the cloud
  • Data getting out of sync in the meantime
  • Inability to meet service level agreements
  • Challenges of managing multiple data centers (on-premises and cloud-based) in multiple locations

A better and faster approach to file movement is needed

The volume of data that must be transferred continues to grow, as does the need for immediate access to real-time data. It’s clear a better approach is needed. And through our partnership with IBM, we can help you achieve this.

Move large files securely and reliably

IBM Aspera is a solution that enables companies to securely and reliably move big data and large files across on-premises and multi-cloud environments – at an unrivaled speed. Regardless of file size, transfer distance, and network conditions, companies can achieve the fastest possible transfers with predictable delivery times.

This patented data transfer technology supports deployment on-premises or in any cloud to provide a highly secure, scalable modern architecture. Aspera provides:

  • The fastest possible and file data transfers with predictable delivery times
  • Support for hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • 100% reliable data transmission
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Control and automation
  • Transfer up to 100s of times faster using built-in FASP® protocol
  • Regardless of distance
  • Support for large files, large numbers of small files, and streams
  • Achieve multi-Gbps speeds
  • Any infrastructure (on-premises, cloud, hybrid)
  • Any storage location
  • Any leading cloud platform (Azure, IBM, AWS, Azure, Google)
  • Regardless of paradigm (server, client, web browser, mobile)
  • Automatic resume of partial or failed transfers
  • Session semantics guarantee 100% bit-for-bit identical data copy at the destination
  • Automatic HTTP fallback in highly restrictive networks
  • Complete built-in security
  • Encryption, privacy, and integrity of data
  • Authentication and access control
  • Strong cryptography
  • Data integrity verification
  • Over transfer activity, times, and resource usage
  • Seamless integration and automation via APIs

Extensive high-speed data movement use cases

With these capabilities and more, you can leverage IBM Aspera for a wide variety of use cases, including:

Uploading and ingesting large data sets

Migrate/upload massive volumes of data between data sources, wherever they reside.

Cloud data migration

Supports four common cloud migration scenarios: on-premises to cloud, cloud to on-premises, on-premises to on-premises, and cloud to cloud.

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Data analytics

Accelerates your processes to collect data for analytics from any cloud or on-premises system – moving up to 100TB in 24 hours and infusing the resulting insights into business practices.

High-speed data delivery

Provides an ultra-fast, secure solution to deliver data globally to customers, partners, employees, and systems located anywhere.

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Distributing data globally

Quickly distribute globally to many target sites, accelerating accelerate workflows and deliverables.

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Automating and orchestrating file transfers

Helps companies orchestrate and automate the transfer and processing of large files – from simple transfer automation to highly complex workflows involving multiple business-application processes.

Sharing and exchanging files and folders

Allow your teams to quickly collaborate with huge files and data sets, boosting productivity.

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Replicating and syncing data sets

Replicate data repositories, ensure business continuity, and prevent data loss. Aspera syncs files of any size significantly faster.

Streaming high-quality video and data

Stream high-quality video and data feeds quickly over public Internet across all platforms (server, desktop browser, and mobile), without modification.

Key benefits of IBM Aspera

Companies that have deployed the Aspera solution have achieved tremendous benefits, including:
  • 8x improvement in network bandwidth utilization
  • 66% reduction in image transit times
  • 3x faster mobile uploads
  • 100x improvement in speed over FTP

In addition, through the faster and more reliable transfer of large data files, companies have achieved a wide range of business benefits:

  • Shaving days or weeks off digital production processes
  • Increased cost savings by sending file transfers at faster speeds over extreme distances
  • Ensuring business continuity by reducing data site synchronization windows between headquarters and disaster recovery sites
  • Reducing operational and capital equipment costs
  • Achieving faster, more reliable, and more complete reports and analyses, helping to improve business results
  • Improving speed and reliability of processes, leading to faster anomaly detection

Your partner for faster and more secure file transfers

Are you interested in learning more or getting started with IBM Aspera? We’ll be happy to assist you. As an IBM Platinum Business Partner with extensive experience around the IBM Managed File Transfer solutions, and a full range of managed file transfer consulting services, we can assist you in implementing, managing, optimizing, and integrating the solution.

Contact us today to discuss how we can accelerate and streamline your file transfer processes.

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