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Can you see that you’re compliant?

Or have you put blind faith into invisible processes?

If your company is like most organizations:

You don’t have full visibility into your file transfer processes and how they’re performing. That’s because it’s a complicated system that includes a multitude of different applications, business units, customers, locations, servers, time zones, and trading partners. Often, it’s been cobbled together over time in reaction to urgent, immediate needs rather than holistically designed and optimized.

Creating a single, centralized, comprehensive view of file transfer is challenging. But its absence creates serious challenges with decision making, compliance, partner relationships, and competitive performance. As you well know, resolving these problems can become very costly.

If you can’t answer these questions:

How can you be certain that your systems are functioning properly and adhering to regulatory guidelines?
  • What is the status of our file transfer?
  • How many file transfer failures have we experienced, and why?
  • Which files have passed retry thresholds?
  • How many file transfers have occurred?
  • How much data has been sent and received?
  • Will any critical transfers be late?

Without visibility, there can be no governance.

It’s indisputable: when you can’t identify problems, you also can’t understand, analyze, and take action to resolve them. Every day, a massive amount of critical information flows through your file transfer systems, and unless those systems are running seamlessly and error-free, you’re in a vulnerable position.

Today, companies need better visibility and insight than ever.
  • Real-time visibility
  • Insight into regulatory compliance
  • Alerts when a file isn’t delivered
  • Actionable analytics and reports

Real-time visibility

Many vital business and customer-facing processes depend on data exchange. Your customer support representatives need actionable information so they can proactively address an issue before it impacts a service-level agreement (SLA) or critical business process, such as corporate payments in banking.

Additionally, this visibility needs to be provided through simplified dashboards that can be accessed and customized on a user-by-user basis.

Insight into regulatory compliance

Crucial data movement and exchange requires better governance. Increasingly restrictive security policies make it imperative to monitor critical exchanges. Otherwise, you increase the risk of non-compliance – and the resulting penalties and business losses.

Alerts when a file isn’t delivered

When a file doesn’t arrive where it’s intended, or it’s only partial or corrupted, you need to take immediate remedial action. Rather than wait for the intended recipient to contact you, you need to be alerted to the situation and to the status of automated attempts at resolution.

Actionable analytics and reports

Analyzing information and compiling meaningful reports about the myriad file transfers occurring each day can be painfully slow and difficult. As a result, opportunities are missed, and issues become problems before managers are aware of the situation.

When so much is at stake, managers must know how efficiently servers are performing, whether their networks are effectively handling traffic, and whether SLAs are being met.

Lightwell and IBM enable streamlined, integrated, and auditable file transfer processes.

We help you:

Implement the visibility and control needed to better manage and govern your file transfers through expert services and industry-leading solutions. So, you can protect your company, improve operations, and streamline operations. Most of all, we collaborate to help you build trust.

Offer your business partners, LOB users, and IT personnel the tools they need to make better decisions, perform more efficiently, and meet your SLAs. Lightwell and IBM can help you ensure the delivery of critical files, improve file transfer processes, and meet your customer and partner expectations.

Gain the certainty of visibility and the confidence of governance.

We offer powerful solutions that consolidate data and deliver information via business user-friendly dashboards.

Your technical and non-technical team members can easily monitor and gain control over file transfers, and are empowered with detailed, actionable insight. Users can get a quick overview of what’s happening at all times, and they can drill down for more detailed analysis to take action.

This capability can be extended to your B2B partners and customers as well.

Absolute security and optimal performance.

Although this information can be easily accessible to those who need it, absolute security is maintained through strong password policies and external authentication.

To ensure optimal performance, managers, and other decision-makers across the company can access or receive reports around the details they care most about. Furthermore, proactive alerts supplement the dashboards and reports to ensure any file transfer problems are identified and rectified quickly.

Armed with this information, investigations and resolutions can be rapidly initiated, whenever it’s needed.

Our file transfer visibility solutions include:

  • IBM Sterling Control Center
  • Lightwell Visibility Portal

IBM Sterling Control Center

Optimize your file transfer operations, ensure SLAs are met, and reduce errors. The IBM Sterling Control Center solution enables you to monitor file transfer and other crucial events activity across all of your B2B Integration and MFT applications, including: 

It provides visibility into a wide range of servers and protocols, continuously checks for errors or exceptions, and provides service-level monitoring on your mobile device.

Lightwell Visibility Portal

Our proven Lightwell Visibility Portal solution provides extensive visibility across files, documents, and processes flowing across your B2B integration, MFT, and other integration systems. It delivers both business and technical insights to take action and enable better-informed decisions.  

With 360-degree transaction tracking and control, this robust solution displays comprehensive, end-to-end visibility across transactions, files, and partners. When a problem is identified, the technical team can quickly delve in for an in-depth investigation of the situation.

It provides self-service, role-based access to users through dashboards that deliver information precisely how your users want to see it.  When desired, they can quickly access underlying data.

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