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Achieve speed, volume, security, and agility with cloud-based MFT.

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Cloud MFT is radically transforming the exchange of information.

To thrive in today’s hyper-paced business environment:

Your company needs to exchange critical information swiftly and flawlessly with internal and external recipients. You need to be able to do it from any storage location, at any time, regardless of file size, transfer distance, or network conditions. Additionally, you need to do it for the lowest cost possible – without sacrificing security.

These business imperatives are driving more and more organizations to leverage cloud-based managed file transfer (MFT). They’re adopting this next-generation technology to move their digital assets at unprecedented speed and agility, protected by security they can trust.

Proven Solutions to Harness the Power of the Cloud for MFT

Lightwell can help you move your Managed File Transfer solution to the cloud:

Leveraging proven processes and tools to minimize disruption and accelerate time to benefit. We can also help you leverage the industry-leading IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions in the cloud, where our team will help you implement and leverage them most effectively.

Whichever scenario fits your needs, we can provide you a cloud-based MFT solution that you can depend upon, day in and day out without interruption.


Lightwell and IBM have created MFT visibility and monitoring solutions:

That monitor the delivery of your data from any location – to anyone – anywhere. You’ll gain end-to-end visibility of your file transfer activity, and if there’s a problem with a file transfer, you’ll be alerted immediately to help facilitate fast resolution. So, you never have to anticipate a surprise call from a client informing you that critical information didn’t arrive.

Lightwell consultants have decades of experience with IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer technology and can guide you toward the solutions that best suit your specific MFT requirements.

When you’re constantly sending volumes of critically important information

to locations throughout the world:

There are countless opportunities for error.

One small glitch and a bank’s financial data might not be processed. A television program might not be distributed by air time. Life-saving medical information might not be received when it’s needed. 

A lot is riding on fast, flawless file transfers. And your reputation is at stake if anything goes wrong.

These are some of the more crucial challenges of ensuring that information is delivered on time, in full, without corruption.

Security and risk are critically important.

Security threats are greater than ever, and hackers are getting more sophisticated all the time. One breach can cost your organization millions of dollars and the loss of your reputation.

Existing systems aren’t agile.

Your current infrastructure may be outdated and can’t adapt quickly to demand. Unable to respond quickly, you lag behind your more agile competitors.

scalable foundation
Scalability is an issue.

Perhaps your file transfer technologies can’t scale to meet growth in file volume, SLA requirements, and business needs.

It’s difficult to exchange files with all partners

Files are stored in widely-dispersed across on-premises data centers and/and stored on multiple clouds.

The organization lacks expertise in protocols and formats.

Many organizations have insufficient internal IT resources to keep up with modern file transfer technologies and demand.

You can’t manage what you can’t see.

Your current systems may not deliver centralized monitoring and visibility that is essential to managing file transfer performance.

IT is under pressure to reduce costs.

The cost of maintaining legacy file transfer applications continues to rise.

Cloud technology boosts the performance of MFT

IBM and Lightwell provide cloud-based managed file transfer solutions that:

Move any size and volume of files any distance at maximum speed. Our flexible cloud MFT solutions are built on the market-leading IBM Managed File Transfer portfolio to automate and process file transfers in the cloud.

Whether you prefer to have the MFT solution in your private cloud, the IBM cloud, Azure, AWS, or another cloud service – we will collaborate with your team to select and deploy the most beneficial and economical configuration for your needs.

Throughout the world, many organizations have transitioned to our seamless public and hybrid cloud solutions and have found the ideal solution for overcoming their file transfer challenges.

Benefits of our cloud MFT solutions include:

  • Ensure top-notch security.
  • Increase your agility.
  • Grow quickly with scalable technology.
  • Connect quickly to all partners.
  • Get specialized expertise when you need it.
  • Achieve real-time visibility to ensure greater governance.
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership.

Powered by the IBM Sterling MFT solutions, our cloud MFT solutions offer the intense security level demanded by financial institutions, governments, and other transporters of highly sensitive data.

Cloud technology enables the fast deployment of new processes and alterations to existing ones. Containers accelerate the process further, enabling easier and faster deployment.

Expand or contract as needed with scalable file transfer technologies that quickly adapt to changes in file volume, SLA requirements, and business needs.

Wherever your partners may be, they can be rapidly accessed through cloud based MFT. With fast trading partner onboarding capabilities, you can begin working together almost immediately. Additionally, our cloud MFT solutions support all major protocols and file formats, with practically no limit on file sizes.

The Lightwell team is skilled in managed file transfer technologies and has the depth of experience and knowledge that is hard to find internally.

We offer centralized monitoring and visibility capabilities that provide insights and analytics of file transfer activity and facilitates top-notch performance. Proactive support and alerts help you accelerate issue resolution.

When you shift to MFT on the cloud, you can stop paying to maintain expensive legacy systems, and take advantage of the cost-efficiencies of advanced new technology.

Lightwell and IBM Sterling deliver outstanding cloud MFT solutions, services, and support.

For over 20 years, Lightwell has helped organizations like yours connect with their partners to collaborate more productively and profitably. Our team of skilled professionals can help you optimize your B2B file transfer operations and address your needs as your business evolves and grows.

Including strategy, architecture, implementation, migration, MFT managed services, and support for your solution. We also offer solutions to enhance your MFT capabilities and benefits, like SFG Quickstart, the Lightwell Visibility Portal, and more.

Most importantly, we are unrelenting in our design and delivery of unconditionally secure solutions that protect the confidentiality of the information you transmit.

Together, Lightwell and will help implement and optimize MFT in the cloud to achieve:

The security of a fully redundant architecture, removing any single point of failure

Exceptional uptime, reliability, and performance

Continuous, active monitoring and alerting with industry‐leading, proprietary monitoring tools

Multiple layers of monitoring and notification

customer centric

24x7x365 support, including best practices, cost optimization, real‐time monitoring, and alerting.

IBM Platinum Business Partner

IBM Platinum Business Partner

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In today’s fast-paced and highly-sensitive business environment, organizations must adopt secure, scalable, reliable, and affordable cloud technologies. Cloud managed file transfer brings a new level of velocity that facilitates the massive size and number of sensitive, business-critical files companies exchange each day.

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