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Is it difficult to do business with you?

That’s one of the first questions a company asks when evaluating a new trading partner.

Do your systems integrate with theirs? How quickly can you get up-and-running together to generate revenue? Is there a steep learning curve for your processes? And what if something goes wrong?

Your partners want to know that they can work productively and profitably with you.

Often that requires the ability to transfer files that are getting larger all the time. And the speed at which they’re exchanged has become more rapid. To complicate matters further, these files exist in many different formats: transactional information, financial data, personal data, proprietary information, and many other forms of sensitive data.

So, it’s not only important that you can integrate and consolidate the information, but you also must secure it. Government regulations and customer demand confidentiality, so whatever method is used to exchange information must be protected by unbreachable security.

B2B File Transfer Failures Affect Relationships

When a file transfer fails – as occasionally happens – your customers want to know that the system you use can detect the issue and make corrections quickly.

And, if the technology is posing a problem:

They want assurance that they can reach technical support at any time, from any place, for every problem they encounter. So, are you offering this level to your business partners and customers right now? Because if you aren’t, it’s time to explore solutions that will enable you to do so. Your business is counting on it.

And you can count on us. Lightwell offers the advanced IBM Managed File Transfer solutions, including IBM Sterling File Gateway, that powers your business and promotes stronger, more profitable relationships.

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One solution to many difficult file transfer challenges.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner:

We provide a secure, scalable, and centralized file gateway that will meet business needs today and in the future: IBM Sterling File Gateway. It has the right capabilities to monitor, administer, route, and transform high volumes of inbound and outbound files.

It provides the reliability and affordability you require, the ease of use your stakeholders want, and the security your customers demand.

New features and capabilities are continuously being added as advanced technologies and methods are developed:

  • Consolidation of all file transfer activity
  • Unbreachable security
  • Complete visibility and control
  • High availability operations
  • Easy to use, easy to onboard
  • Certified Containers
  • RESTful APIs
  • Integration of disparate file transfer activity
  • A single, reliable, centralized source
  • Intelligent routing
  • Content-driven transformation capabilities
  • Single sign-on, LDAP, and user authentication
  • Support for industry-standard security and communication protocols
  • Multiple encryption standards
  • Encryption of in-flight and at-rest files
  • Event logging to provide a comprehensive audit
  • Complete visibility and control over shared file transfer activity
  • Provides information for completed files, in-transit, and failed
  • Sends event-driven notifications and alerts when problems are detected
  • Utilizes pre-determined business rules to elevate file transfers
  • Always on, 24x7x365 with IBM Sterling Global Mailbox
  • Active/active file processing
  • Near-zero downtime
  • Avoids data duplication at recovery
  • Simple, self-service, web-based portal for partners and users
  • Works with most browsers
  • Rapid onboarding of new partners
  • Shared pool of data that facilitates faster, easier collaboration
  • Reduces installation time by up to 60%
  • System dependencies bundled into containers
  • Grow seamlessly from on-premise to cloud
  • Reduce IT budget currently used for maintaining legacy applications
  • Improve agility, flexibility, and velocity of integration
  • Easy to configure, learn and deploy
  • Accelerated adoption of emerging technologies such as blockchain

Lightwell and IBM Sterling deliver a comprehensive solution for secure, affordable MFT.

We provide the technology, training, and support you need to leverage the velocity and security made possible through the IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions.

Our team was awarded the IBM Sterling Business Partner of the Year.

We’ve worked together with some of the largest organizations in the world to provide secure, reliable, continuous file transfer that powers the world of business. We provide end-to-end MFT consulting services, including strategy, architecture, implementation, migration, MFT managed services, and support for your solution.

We also provide solutions to enhance these technologies like SFG Quickstart, Cloud MFT solutions, the Lightwell Visibility Portal, and more.

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IBM Platinum Business Partner

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You want to attract new business partners and solidify relationships with your current ones. Making yourself easier to do business with is a huge step toward growing a more productive, profitable ecosystem.

Replace your old file transfer technology with new systems that automate and accelerate the exchange of critical data. Replace error-prone file transfer processes with reliable, high-visibility self-monitoring platforms. Contact us for more information about how we can assist you with a centralized file gateway solution.

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