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Optimize your file transfers with Lightwell Managed File Transfer solutions.

Decades ago, file transfer was performed on a one-off basis and was considered no more strategic than a fax. FTP worked well when all you had to do was transfer a few simple files overnight.

But times have changed, and business practices have shifted.

File transfer has evolved from an occasional administrative process to an ongoing, strategic business process. 

The rapid exchange of information is now occurring in massive volumes to keep pace with 24-hour business. Overnight file transfers are giving way to an uninterrupted stream of critical information being delivered to organizations throughout the world.

Now you need to monitor, manage, secure, and scale a massive volume of sensitive, time-critical data in many different formats.

If you haven’t updated from your legacy file transfer system to one that provides secure managed file transfer (MFT), you’re risking a lot more than the occasional missing file:

managed services

Security weaknesses put you at risk with partners, customers, and regulatory bodies.

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Lack of control over file transfers prevents prioritization of especially critical files.


Lack of visibility means you don’t know which files arrived at their destination uncorrupted and on time.


Manual recovery from failures when they’re detected creates stressful fire drills.


Unproductive use of IT and other resources who are needed to code and transfer files.


Cost: Free file transfer services cost more than you think as a result of poor transmission performance and subsequent fixes.

strategy plan

Falling behind: The inability to support file movement for modern technologies like cloud, big data, AI, data analytics, IoT, and more hinders your growth and transformation initiatives.

Even a single missing file can disrupt critical business processes and revenue-generating opportunities. And the worst part is – you don’t even know it wasn’t received until the transmission failure has already created problems.

B2B operations depend upon reliable, secure, and fast file transfer.

Digitalization is fueling growth in data at unprecedented rates. 

But if your organization is like many others:

You’re still using file transfer solutions built on FTP, and can’t ensure consistent management, monitoring, and security of your critical data flows.

Sophisticated, modern managed file transfer solutions bring advanced integration, automation, and visibility to a process that is now conducted at much higher speeds, more often, and with more partners than ever before.

Here are just a few of the benefits of managed file transfer solutions:

  • Secure, reliable managed file transfer solutions protect your data and your reputation.
  • Control over transfers enables you to prioritize critical files.
  • Visibility enables you to remediate file transfer failures before they become problems.
  • Automated recovery from failures helps prevent fire drills.
  • Automation frees your IT team and other resources from time-consuming activities.
  • You can afford MFT far more than you can afford free FTP services.
  • Achieve flexibility and scalability through the cloud.

File movement is too important and too sensitive to be left open for vulnerable, loosely managed processes, potential theft, or corruption. Whether the risk is related to data integrity, system failure, or a security breach that could wipe out files or corrupt databases, it’s critical that the interactions between B2B systems are kept safely guarded and compliant with regulations.

Whatever your industry, Lightwell experts understand the need for absolute security in reliable transmissions that cannot be breached. So whether you’re a bank transferring highly sensitive financial data or a boutique selling artisanal goods, you get the same level of strict security that will prevent you from putting your business, your partners, and your customers at risk.

FTP sends files on a first-come, first-served basis. So an important transfer of financial information might be at the bottom of the queue while administrative transfers take precedence, risking stale data and missed SLAs that result in fines. With advanced MFT solutions, you can create enforceable policies to prioritize critical work and reserve transmission channels for sensitive transfers. If you need to re-prioritize transfers, the system enables you to make the adjustment to take advantage of last-minute opportunities or resolve emergencies.

Our consultants help you architect and deploy the MFT solutions that ensure your information flows seamlessly and without interruptions – based upon your organization's business requirements, your B2B partners, and customers.

Most organizations are still using a mix of legacy and modern applications that can transfer files – but cannot identify and report when a transmission has been interrupted or corrupted. In this case, you may not find out about the failure until you receive a call from the intended recipient. Our MFT solutions provide the visibility you need to detect delays and failures across your network quickly, and send alerts to notify team members responsible for the fix.

Our consultants have years of experience implementing these MFT systems so that users can monitor activity, address issues, and proactively prevent errors in the future.

With traditional FTP, failures follow a familiar path: the intended recipient realizes the file hasn’t arrived and places a call to your organization. The appropriate person is located to upload the file again and conduct a manual transfer. This process is time-consuming, still prone to error, and – worst of all – inconveniences your client or business partner. With MFT, the best way to solve problems is to prevent them from occurring.

We help companies implement processes that trigger automated restarts when a failure is detected. Disruptions are handled quickly and efficiently, so your valuable staff can spend their time dedicated to more productive and profitable activities.

Staff is expensive. And IT staff is not only expensive but also in short supply in most organizations. That’s why you need to automate FTP processes that your IT team is now custom coding. A comprehensive MFT solution not only makes the file transfer process flow smoothly, securely, and reliably, it also helps reduce the amount of time required for partner onboarding.

Our consultants help deploy solutions that reduce the time and errors of manual, labor-intensive processes. Best of all, we can help organizations realize these goals while keeping within today’s tight budgetary constraints.

Lost files and failure to meet file transfer SLAs can cost your organization thousands, even millions in fees and penalties. And security breaches can cost you even more. Add to that the loss of trust and negative publicity, and it’s obvious that you need to protect your organization with secure systems.

Our MFT solutions provide the core visibility and tracking capabilities you need to monitor performance, such as file transfer confirmations, failure notices, security alerts, and detailed activity logs. Our consultants are experts in secure file transfer and can help you select and deploy affordable, ideal solutions for your organization.

FTP-based technologies can’t scale to meet the growth in file volume, SLA requirements, and business needs.  With massive files of critical information going to so many different business partners, customers, and other locations, you need a scalable system that can keep pace with future growth. Our experts can help you leverage an affordable, flexible cloud MFT solution that meets your peak needs, and can connect with many other cloud-based systems.

IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer is the next generation of file transfer.

Lightwell services and solutions accelerate and optimize the benefits.

IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions provide the security, visibility, speed, and compliance capabilities you need for today’s file-based transactions. Lightwell consultants can help you implement these solutions – from systems selection and implementation to user training and ongoing managed services – to help you get the best results from your MFT solution investments.

Our team members are passionate, knowledgeable collaborators who will help you improve file transfer performance, enhance partner relationships, reduce costs, and accelerate ROI.

Explore some of the MFT solutions that Lightwell and IBM provide:

Centralized File Gateway

Manage edge-based file transfers with an intelligent, centralized platform. Our solution offers scalable architecture and a centralized file gateway with the capabilities necessary to monitor, administer, route, and transform high volumes of inbound and outbound files. It has also been enhanced by many features to support high-performance, cloud-readiness, and greater scalability.

Secure File Transfer

Today, security is absolutely paramount. Security breaches cost money and time. Worst of all, they can have a long-lasting impact on your reputation. IBM and Lightwell offer an array of secure, intelligent MFT solutions that protect your files and ensure compliance with SLAs and government and industry regulations.

Our secure file transfer solutions boast battle-tested security that keeps your most sensitive data safe with a never-been-breached proprietary protocol that works wherever you are in your cloud journey. Meet security and regulatory compliance requirements with capabilities that are trusted by the largest financial institutions in the world. Our secure file transfer solutions enable you to reduce security risk with secure protocols, encryption methods, digital signatures, and multi-factor identity management tools.

File Transfer Visibility & Governance

View and manage file transfer status in near-real time so you can determine which file transfers are scheduled, completed, and on-hold. We offer IBM and proprietary Lightwell solutions that provide end-to-end visibility, control, and insight across critical information and systems.

Cloud Managed File Transfer

Our Cloud MFT solutions provide enterprise-grade security with the fastest possible transfers and predictable delivery times. Whether you need to move your existing solution to the cloud or get started with an MFT solution in the cloud, we can help. Almost every organization is on a journey to the cloud, and our advanced Cloud MFT solutions are affordable, scalable, and future-ready.

Lightwell and IBM Sterling deliver the solutions for secure, affordable MFT.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we deliver the IBM Sterling MFT solutions, including:

IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer

Achieve seamless integration and system visibility, transferring files with a portfolio of solutions that can be deployed on the cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises.


IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer

A unified, secure file transfer platform that enables you to securely share and track mission-critical data movement in the cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premises.


IBM Sterling File Gateway

Consolidate all your internet-based file transfers on a secure, single, scalable, and always-on edge gateway.


IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

Ensure more reliable movement of files with security-hardened, high-performance point-to-point file transfers trusted by the world’s leading companies.


IBM Sterling Control Center

Track and monitor critical events so you can proactively address issues and achieve your SLA commitments with confidence.


IBM Sterling Secure Proxy

Secure your network and data exchanges at the network edge to enable trusted B2B transactions and managed file transfer file exchanges.


IBM Aspera

Securely transfer large files and big data anywhere – up to hundreds of times faster than other technologies.

IBM Platinum Business Partner

IBM Platinum Business Partner

Comprehensive services and innovative solutions to help you improve results.

Our extensive MFT services, innovations, and accelerators include:

Lightwell Managed File Transfer Consulting

Our end-to-end Managed File Transfer consulting services include assessments, strategy, roadmaps, architecture, implementation, management, and support. From start to finish, we’re here to guide you.


Lightwell SFG Quickstart

Our accelerates the implementation of IBM Sterling File Gateway, reducing time-to-benefit by up to 70%, by leveraging pre-built components and integrated best practices.


Lightwell Visibility Portal

Through a single, intuitive pane of glass, you’ll gain an unprecedented level of visibility, control, and insight across your Managed File Transfer, B2B Integration, and integration solutions.


Lightwell MFT Managed Services

Our team will ensure your MFT solution is always running optimally, including management, security, patching, upgrades, health checks, maintenance and access management.


Lightwell MFT Cloud Services

Our flexible cloud MFT solutions are built on the IBM Managed File Transfer portfolio and are tailored to your needs and goals. 


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In today’s fast-paced and highly-sensitive business environment, organizations must adopt secure, scalable, reliable, and affordable file transfer technologies. Today’s managed file transfer solutions brings a new level of velocity that facilitates the massive size and number of sensitive, business-critical files companies exchange each day.

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