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Omnichannel success requires balancing customer experience and profitability

Your industry is facing more challenges than ever before

You know that you need to provide your customers with great omnichannel experiences. And you may even have some level of omnichannel capabilities today. 

But if you’re like many retailers, you may be experiencing increases in the cost-to-serve omnichannel customers and achieving disappointing bottom-line results.

Omnichannel has proven to be a critical – but (potentially) very expensive proposition. But it’s one you can’t ignore. 

We provide offer affordable, practical, and yet innovative solutions to enable omnichannel customer experiences, improve efficiency, provide extensive visibility and insights, and improve your profitability.

Cost-effectiveness is a major challenge in omnichannel retail

Free shipping. Free returns. Accurate delivery times. Fast technology that provides real-time information. And personalized 24-hour customer support.

All these customer demands add up to hefty costs for retailers.

Some retailers who responded to an IBM survey reported that their cost-to-serve omnichannel customers has increased by up to 300%

Obviously, with the tight margins that we see today, this level of increase is unsustainable.

Leveraging the power of the IBM Sterling Order Management solutions, we help retailers deliver the experiences customers want, increase revenue, and reduce the total cost-to-serve. Here’s how.

  • Give customers what they want, when and where they want it.
  • Reduce the total cost-to-serve with complete visibility and intelligent fulfillment.
  • Increase sales while improving customer service.

Regardless of where they are or how they connect with you, your customers expect to see an accurate view of inventory that’s available for them to purchase. And they also expect to be able to select how and when they’ll receive their purchase – through delivery, in-store, or curbside pick-up. If they have any questions about their order, they want someone to be able to answer them quickly and correctly and to take appropriate action – via chat online, through a call center, or at a retail location.

Our order management and fulfillment solutions integrate and consolidate information from across your network and locations to ensure a single, accurate global view of inventory, customer orders, and delivery information. You’ll ensure up-to-date information is provided to customers, store associates, and customer service representatives in a manner appropriate to their roles. Your customer will be happy with accurate, personalized service, and your staff will be more engaged, more productive, and better equipped to generate additional revenue.

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When you don’t have inventory readily available to ship to arrive by the promised date, you either risk disappointing your customer or incurring extra costs for expedited shipping. If SLAs are in place, you also risk being out of compliance.

Our solutions help to optimize order fulfillment processes and ensure deliveries can be made as promised. You’ll avoid the cost of expedited orders, and in-store pick-ups and returns can be made seamlessly regardless of preferred location. The result is faster, streamlined processes that reduce the cost for the retailer and increase customer satisfaction.

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Even when they shop online, customers often choose to pick up an item at their local retail store. And very often, they also make an unplanned purchase as they do so, increasing individual order size. Their presence in your store gives your associates another opportunity to solidify customer relationships and increase your revenue through upselling, cross-selling, or personalized promotions.

Additionally, call center personnel who interact with customers can also boost brand equity and revenue through personalized service when customers contact them with questions.

Our order management solutions enable store staff and customer service representatives to access customer, inventory, and order data, helping them see up-to-date details they need to answer customer questions and serve their needs. Additionally, they can make changes to orders as needed and get helpful suggestions for making personalized recommendations.

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We provide the best order management solutions for retailers

We combine our experience and knowledge with industry-leading solutions to help retailers serve their customers better, empower their staff, and enable their managers to make better, more impactful decisions.

Each service and solution we provide is fine-tuned to your requirements and customized specifically to your organization’s needs. Learn more about our order management services and solutions for retail.

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