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Embarking on an omnichannel transformation can be daunting. Don't go it alone.

When you embark on a technological transformation, you’re likely stepping into new territory. It’s a continually evolving area that requires expert strategic planning, faultless execution, and responsible follow-up to ensure everything is performing to expectations. 

That often means going outside your organization to find qualified consultants with the skills, tools, and experience to augment your internal team.

After all, your business and IT staff are in the business of running your organization; they may not be proficient in the development and deployment of advanced and specialized systems.

Partner with expert OMS consultants to accelerate your results

That’s where Lightwell comes in. We’re experts in business technology, including Order Management systems and solutions. Over the years, we’ve completed many complex installations for successful retailers, consumer goods, and B2B companies worldwide. 

We know the technology, know the path to a successful implementation, and we are aware of the bumps that can occur along the road. We know how to smooth them out.

Our consultants work collaboratively with your team to understand your current operations and where you would like to take them. We’re familiar with your industry, so we have the insight to prepare you for future challenges. We also know your customers and what’s essential to their relationships with you.

When you’re planning to take your order management and fulfillment to the next level, turn to an IBM Business Partner that has achieved the highest recognition possible. We’re an IBM Platinum Business Partner who has been recognized as IBM Sterling Business Partner of the Year.

Let us put our strengths to work for you – to strengthen your organization: its people, performance, and profitability.

We strive to make your order management system
function perfectly – all the time, everywhere

While you want to provide the coveted seamless omnichannel capabilities needed to meet customer expectations, it’s tricky. There are many legacy systems to connect and integrate, suppliers to onboard, and silos to break through. Existing processes are old and clunky, but everyone has grown accustomed to using them. Old habits can be hard to break.

Your order management system must function flawlessly and reliably for all your stakeholders:  you, your customers, colleagues, and business partners. 

Our consultants have extensive experience with the Sterling Order Management solutions and have even enhanced them with additional capabilities like our Illuminate OMS Analytics solution. We offer solid, trustworthy advice and skillful implementation that ensures you get the most out of your OMS investment, and the fastest ROI possible.

Lightwell and IBM team up to provide solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

Based on years of experience helping complex organizations acquire, implement, manage and support OMS solutions, we’ve established best practices that get your OMS solution up-and-running quickly. We’re adept at configuring the software for your organization’s specific business needs.

Additionally, our efficient and thorough approach to project management ensures that deadlines are met, and that work is completed within budget. 

You’ll work with a qualified, collaborative team who are passionate about helping you achieve exceptional performance and an optimal return on investment for your project.

Lightwell Order Management Innovations

This suite of pre-built capabilities and value-added services streamlines the implementation, reduces cost of ownership, and improves the ROI of the IBM Sterling Order Management solution. We leverage this during our cloud deployments and migrations to accelerate time to value and ensure best practices are leveraged throughout the process.

Lightwell Illuminate OMS Analytics provides additional visibility and analytics that help you improve performance in a variety of ways. Make well-informed decisions that optimize order and supply chain processes, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. Lightwell Illuminate OMS Analytics provides companies with comprehensive, actionable insights across their order, fulfillment, supply chain, and customer data. It also reduces the time and cost of researching and compiling reports across multiple systems and brands.

When it comes time to make changes to your OMS, testing is essential. But launching those changes faster by accelerating the testing process is critical to keeping up with today’s rapidly changing demand. Lightwell’s Sterling OMS Test Framework automates, simplifies, and accelerates the full testing process for the IBM Sterling Order Management Solution. It helps companies quickly develop new test scenarios and modify existing ones, reducing the time and cost involved in all phases of testing while helping to reduce errors across order management and fulfillment processes. Whether you’re managing your OMS in the cloud, or we’re managing it for you, Sterling OMS Test Framework can help ensure faster, more effective changes.

Our end-to-end Order Management
consulting services

Leverage our expertise to optimize the IBM Sterling Order Management and Fulfillment solutions


Let Lightwell guide you to the future of B2C and B2B order management.

Consider the time, money, and human resources you’re committing to the optimization of your OMS system. Now consider the consequences of a sub-optimal installation.

To get the most out of your investment, you’ll want to supplement your internal team with knowledgeable, collaborative partners who will consider your staff’s ideas, experiences, and goals to create and deploy an outstanding solution. Done correctly using IBM Sterling OMS technology and Lightwell expertise, your order management and fulfillment solutions can help you achieve high customer ratings by providing an exceptional user experience.

You’ll have the tools to differentiate your brand by quickly adding new stores, new brands, new fulfillment methods, and other value-added services. You’ll perform more productively and profitably to excel in a highly competitive and always evolving marketplace.

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