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Lightwell brings industry expertise to help you optimize order and fulfillment experiences

You go to extraordinary lengths to transform prospects into purchasers. 

Your salespeople work hard to transform cold calls into contracts. Your company invests in raw materials, inventory, call centers, distribution facilities, retail outlets, web sites…the list goes on and on. 

So, when you finally convinced your target customers to select your product and place an order, that order needs to be properly, efficiently managed and fulfilled. It needs to be absolutely perfect.

But sometimes, the finalization of a sale requires extra attention.

Maybe the customer needs more information about the product or service. Perhaps they want to buy online and pick up in-store. Perhaps they’re selecting a lot of different available options and need instantaneous pricing. There are many moving parts involved in the transaction, which means there are many opportunities for the process to suddenly go south.

To maintain solid relationships, satisfy restless customers, and succeed in a highly competitive market, you’ve got to remain vigilant, responsive, and transparent. You must provide the capabilities they want, deliver flawless orders, while protecting your profitability.

We’re here to help. Through our team’s expertise and the industry-leading IBM order management and fulfillment solutions, we can help you accomplish all of this and more. 

Different industries, similar problems.

Whether you’re in the retail, consumer goods, consumer electronics, logistics and distribution, or telecommunications industry, you share many of the same problems – the pressure to provide inventory visibility, omnichannel capabilities, and rapid pricing on products for your B2B and B2C customers. 

You need to equip your store or field associates, as well as your customer service and call center staff, for a better, seamless customer experience. 

And you need to continually monitor processes, protect your company against losses, and make large-scale changes quickly as demands change or disruption occurs. The stakes have never been higher.

Extensive expertise and powerful solutions

We’ve provided many companies with affordable, scalable, agile order management and fulfillment solutions that have helped them address these challenges and achieve omnichannel excellence. 

Now, through exceptional new capabilities made possible by AI, we can make order management and fulfillment processes even better.

Our team can help you leverage these powerful solutions to delight customers, improve operations, and drive competitive advantages. Learn how the strengths of our order management consulting services and IBM Order Management solutions can magnify yours.

Each industry has its unique challenges.
We have our own unique approach to resolving them.

Depending upon your industry, you may face unique challenges, need to follow different
processes, adhere to specific regulations, or address other specialized needs. That’s why
we tailor our solutions to specific industries.

Customers demand a flawless omnichannel experience. Delivering this is only possible when your customers, in-store associates, and customer service reps have accurate, real-time visibility into orders. You can achieve this goal through the integration of legacy systems, the elimination of data silos, easy access to global data, and intuitive dashboards that facilitate analysis and action.

We can help you enable omnichannel capabilities that give customers insight into all available inventory, provides choices in fulfillment and returns, and enables quick make-to-order pricing.  And we can help you empower your staff to improve customer relationships and perform their jobs more efficiently and profitably.

To maintain success in conducting business with retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and direct consumer customers, you have three important goals:

  • Make your company easier to do business with.
  • Reduce the cost of providing accurate pricing, configuration, and delivery promising.
  • Enable your business staff to manage the entire order-to-cash process better.

But this is difficult when you’re dealing with different business units, silos, disparate systems, and geographic considerations. It’s made even more complicated by the complexity of individual orders that may require many different products delivered to different locations, various pricing and promotional models, and other factors that play into B2B relationships.

Many CPG companies work in a consignment model with retailers, so they need visibility of inventory both in their own facilities and in the retail stores. The high volume of transactions also presents a visibility challenge. Order management systems with inventory visibility enable suppliers to predict and respond to demand.

Our order management and fulfillment solutions help CPG companies overcome these challenges and more.

No matter what business you’re in,
you can’t sell what you can’t see.

That’s why you need a sophisticated order management and fulfillment system that:

cohesive pragmatic integrate
Delivers a seamless, flawless omnichannel experience

to B2B and B2C customers: anytime, anywhere, any way.

360 degree view
Enables customers to select a variety of fulfillment options

like curbside pickup, buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS), and same-day delivery.

Displays accurate, real-time global inventory

while browsing from any channel.

Provides managers, associates, and business partners with customized dashboards

revealing order status, customer details, and key indicators.

Helps prevent stock-outs and markdowns

through better planning and alerts.

Provides fast, on-time delivery

with the ability to track the status and get updates from any channel.

Facilitates order changes

(split shipments, locations, arrival date) from any channel (in-store, call center, distribution center).

Helps associates locate out-of-stock inventory

quickly from in-store.

Manages orders and fulfillment

more quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Better manages inventory

and provides greater visibility into inventory across your supply chain.

Reduces the total cost

of fulfillment.

Delivers ROI

by improving efficiency, customer relationships, and business outcomes.

New technology makes the exceptional omnichannel experience possible. Our expertise will help you make it work for your company.

Lightwell and IBM combine our respective strengths to help enterprises better serve their customers, provide their staff with simple, modern tools, and enable managers to make better decisions.

The services and solutions we provide are customized specifically to your organization’s needs and tailored for your industry. We’ll help you leverage them with your existing technology on whichever platform you choose: on-premise, SaaS, or cloud.  

Learn more about our order management and fulfillment solutions that contribute to the creation of seamless, flawless omnichannel experiences, and greater efficiency and profitability for your company.

IBM Order Management Solutions

cohesive pragmatic integrate

IBM Sterling Order Management

IBM Sterling Order Management helps you deliver seamless omnichannel customer experiences and optimize order fulfillment across all your locations. It enables you to automate and orchestrate orders throughout their lifecycle, and track orders across all channels in real-time – from inception to delivery to returns. We can help you leverage this solution to deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience and deliver fast, flawless customer orders.


IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility

IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility breaks down silos and consolidates information to process inventory supply and demand update activity rapidly. We’ll help you leverage this solution to achieve up-to-the-minute inventory tracking and accurate available-to-promise data – even in businesses with high volumes and many SKUs.

IBM Sterling Configure Price Quote

IBM Sterling CPQ automates configuration, pricing, and quoting of complex products, such as vehicles or high-value capital equipment. To speed up the process, it simplifies the management of pricing rules that often vary by customer contract terms and product types. Our consultants are skilled in IBM Sterling CPQ, and can help you quickly get it up-and-running in your operation.


IBM Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer

This AI-powered solution helps you optimize your fulfillment network and minimize cost-to-serve. It enables you to understand and act on changes in the market as they occur – helping you balance protecting margins, utilizing store capacity, and meeting delivery expectations. We can help you leverage this solution to overcome order fulfillment challenges, improve processes, and increase profitability.

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IBM Sterling Store Engagement

This comprehensive solution provides store associates a real-time view of inventory, customer, and order data through an intuitive user interface that’s accessible from sales counters and mobile devices. We can help you implement mobile store engagement tools that help store associates engage customers and deliver a rewarding in-store buying experience.

360 degree view

IBM Sterling Call Center

This solution provides your call center representatives with access to relevant customer and order information, enabling them to provide the up-to-date information customers need. Lightwell can help you employ this IBM Sterling technology to provide a seamless customer experience and improve customer satisfaction.

Lightwell Order Management Solutions

We provide pre-built capabilities and value-added services that streamline the implementation, reduces the cost of ownership, and improves the ROI of the IBM Sterling Order Management solution. Lightwell consultants leverage this during our cloud deployments and migrations to accelerate time to value and ensure best practices are leveraged throughout the process.

This solution provides companies with end-to-end visibility and comprehensive, actionable insights across their order management and fulfillment processes. It also reduces the time and cost of researching and compiling reports across multiple systems and brands.

customer centric

This solution automates, simplifies, and accelerates the full testing process for the IBM Sterling Order Management Solution. It helps companies quickly develop new test scenarios and modify existing ones, reducing the time and cost involved in all phases of testing, while helping to reduce errors across order management and fulfillment processes.

Lightwell Order Management Services

Our consultants have extensive solution experience and a broad range of industry expertise, and will apply their knowledge to your specific industry requirements. We’ll tailor your solutions to help establish positive, productive relationships with business partners and customers.

Application Development Solution IMplementation

Let’s get down to business.

Order management and fulfillment is a complicated process that requires perfect coordination. Any slip-up that is visible to the customer creates problems with delivery costs, customer satisfaction, and returns. That’s why it’s so vital that you leverage expertise and modern technology to create visibility for internal staff, external partners, and customers who demand a flawless omnichannel experience.

Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with one of our experts. Then, work with a team of highly qualified, experienced professionals who will collaborate with you to design and implement the optimal solution for your need. 

Whatever sector you’re in, we can help you overcome your order management and fulfillment challenges and solidify your customers relationships.

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