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Our experienced team can assist you in building a sound omnichannel strategy, starting with a thorough assessment

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Achieve a comprehensive understanding of your order management needs, goals, technologies, and processes

By conducting a thorough assessment, our team can assist you in building an effective order management and fulfillment strategy. Our assessments include:

Documenting your existing processes

with detailed process flow maps, system-to-system communications, and supply chain participant interfaces

Evaluating existing processes

against industry best practices to determine if there are any opportunities available that can improve the processes

Observing system performance

and existing reporting or key performance indicators

Reviewing options

regarding the various available supply chain solutions, including “low hanging fruit” changes as well as larger, more strategic options

Analyzing implementation and upgrade processes

including testing, training, documentation and customization steps

Identifying key areas of improvement

and recommending solutions and implementation steps

Performing a gap analysis

of existing systems versus recommended solutions

Satisfy quality
Prioritizing efforts

based on several factors including ease of implementation, return on investment, and resource availability

Assisting with RFP development

and providing an objective review of proposals, proof of concepts, and other evaluations

Leveraging extensive order management, omnichannel, integration, and supply chain management experience, we’ll review your processes and technologies at a high level, as well as at the micro-level, to find improvement opportunities.

You’ll realize significant value in the assessment quickly, and develop a solid strategy that can help your business thrive in the long term. 

Your Order Management Partner

Lightwell has the industry knowledge along with the technical expertise to ensure a successful order management and fulfillment solution implementation. We’ll help you achieve ROI quickly, gain extensive visibility and insights, and optimize ongoing management processes.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, Lightwell can assist you with all aspects of your solution—from software procurement to deployment to management and support. 

In addition, we can be there for you after go-live to ensure all features are performing as expected, provide ongoing OMS managed services, provide OMS in the cloud, and provide additional IT resources to augment your staff.

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