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Actionable insights about your orders empower you to improve operations, optimize fulfillment, and strengthen customer relationships.

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Gain clarity from omnichannel complexity

More customers than ever are choosing to browse and purchase online. Some select delivery, while others prefer to pick up their merchandise in-store (BOPIS).  In both situations, coordination and speed are critical. Delivery must be lightning quick. And BOPIS shoppers expect the retailer to provide them with the exact time their purchase will be packed and ready to go.

Not only must you provide these omnichannel capabilities to your customers – you must be able to monitor, manage, adapt, and optimize all of the orders, inventory, and processes involved. And you must empower your business and technical stakeholders with the information they need to ensure the best outcomes.

Achieving this requires a significant amount of coordination between inventory, purchasing, and fulfillment systems. 

And when you consider all the backend information those systems need to access from your entire supply chain of manufacturers, distributors, shipping companies, and others – you can easily see the problem.  An onslaught of information from various sources and systems must be collected, integrated, analyzed, and made visible to the user – quickly, easily, accurately, and in real-time.

See your way to a more profitable future.

Fortunately, there are solutions that can integrate and consolidate all this information, analyze it, and present actionable insights through user-friendly dashboard displays. 

These solutions provide timely insights about their inventory, locations, fulfillment, and customers to guide the right actions at the right time.

By leveraging analytics and insights, companies can deliver superior customer experiences, improve marketing, sales, and merchandising effectiveness, and make informed decisions to become more competitive, profitable, and prepared for the future.

If your business users can’t see what’s happening with your inventory and fulfillment, they’re working in the dark. And you could be slipping into the red.

To keep a pulse on trends and to make well-informed decisions, your team members need holistic, accurate, timely information about order and fulfillment processes. Otherwise, how can they predict and prevent issues with orders? How can they detect and deter problems with fulfillment? How can they ensure the technology in place is sufficient to handle the work?

Each type of user must be presented with the analytics and insights they need to perform their jobs more effectively:

  • Business Teams
  • Operations Teams
  • Technical Teams

Business Teams

Business users need to know how the business is performing so they can adjust inventory levels, plan promotions, and undertake other activities to increase revenue and reduce costs.

  • Order revenue
  • Supply and demand
  • Inventory levels
  • Order volume
  • Locations and stores
  • Shipping time and costs
  • Profitability

Operations Teams

Operations users need to know how fulfillment processes are functioning so they can divert inventory, alter transportation methods, or make other changes to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Fulfillment operations
  • SLA performance
  • Fill rates
  • Store and node performance
  • Delivery methods
  • Fulfillment costs
  • Risks
  • Backorders

Technical Teams

Technical users need to see how systems are functioning so they can ensure that everything is up-and-running appropriately, and they have the required technology in place.

  • Orders processed
  • Response time
  • System performance
  • Resource capacity
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Traditional business intelligence tools don't cut it.

Unfortunately, obtaining these high-level views can be a monumental challenge. Many leading business intelligence tools provide only a limited, siloed view of activities. 

If you do manage to break through the barriers to collect data, the sheer complexity of supply chain partners, stores, channels, distribution channels, and marketplaces makes information difficult to collate and integrate. 

Finally, the number of systems and volumes of data involved makes timely, meaningful analysis difficult and time-consuming.

As a result, your business, operations, and technical people won’t have visibility into accurate, real-time information and insights they need—and your company’s performance will fall short of potential.

Gain crystal clear insights to improve your
omnichannel operations.

To manage the performance of complex order management and fulfillment processes, you need extensive oversight: high-performance analytics that present an accurate picture of order, inventory, store, fulfillment, and system performance to business, operations, and technical users.

For example, with our Lightwell Illuminate OMS Analytics solution, business and technical users can access complete, accurate, and current information across orders, customers, and processes – all through a single pane of glass. 

What’s more, through a personalized, self-service dashboard, they can discover the factors behind the metrics, uncover correlations, and understand why performance isn’t at the expected level. This insight enables them to make better-informed decisions to improve performance.

With this solution, companies can generate reports easily and quickly for decision makers across the organization.  This empowers managers to make better-informed decisions that benefit the company, its supply chain partners, and its customers.

Order management insights drive performance improvements across the organization.

When presented with these kinds of insights, your business users have the information they need to:

  • Anticipate needs
  • Avoid disruptions
  • Optimize processes
  • Improve profitability

Anticipate needs

Obtain a real-time, detailed understanding of orders, fill rates, shipping, inventory, stores, and channels. This enables you to take actions such as:

  • Adjust safety stock levels and divert inventory to ensure appropriate stock levels for upcoming promotions.
  • Turn on and off Available to Promise (ATP) inventory as needed to meet in-store or online demand.
  • Identify slow-moving or seasonal inventory and create promotions to avoid stale stock and costly markdowns.

Avoid disruptions

Predict problems and prevent them through early detection and intervention. This enables you to take actions such as:

  • Identify inbound shipment problems that impact delivery and take appropriate remedial action.
  • Re-route inventory from one geographic region to another where demand is higher – or to a region that is not impacted by a weather-related event.
  • Identify local issues that impact BOPIS fulfillment and make adjustments to delivery methods to prevent customer disappointment.
  • Examine alert thresholds to ensure the fulfillment network is managed proactively and by exception.

Optimize processes

Technical users need to see how systems are functioning so they can ensure that everything is up-and-running appropriately, and they have the required technology in place.

  • Orders processed
  • Response time
  • System performance
  • Resource capacity

Improve profitability

  • Reduce the time and cost of researching and compiling reports across multiple systems and brands.
  • Reduce fulfillment costs by selecting the most efficient delivery methods.
  • Reduce costs by working with your best-performing partners.
  • Improve sales and marketing effectiveness.
  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty.

Lightwell and IBM bring clarity and confidence to
order management and fulfillment.

The IBM Sterling Order Management solutions have received many industry accolades for their extensive capabilities. We bring our industry expertise, technology skills, innovations, and best practices to help companies achieve the most value from these solutions.

IBM Platinum Business Partner of Year

We’re proud to be an IBM Platinum Business Partner whose outstanding performance was recognized with the 2020 award for IBM Sterling Business Partner of the Year.

Learn more about the solutions and services that enable order management analytics and insight for improving business and customer outcomes.

Make well-informed decisions that optimize order and supply chain processes, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. Lightwell Illuminate OMS Analytics provides companies with comprehensive, actionable insights across their order, fulfillment, supply chain, and customer data. It reduces the time and cost of researching and compiling reports across multiple systems and brands.

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We provide comprehensive, end-to-end services – ranging from assessments, architecture, implementations, managed services, and cloud solutions – to help you optimize your order management processes and inventory visibility. Our full spectrum of consulting and management solutions includes:

cohesive pragmatic integrate

IBM Sterling Order Management

IBM Sterling Order Management provides accurate, global inventory visibility and orchestrates complex orders across your entire fulfillment network. This intelligent solution combines multichannel order aggregation, inventory and delivery visibility, and service availability within a single platform. It provides valuable insights that will help you better plan and manage your inventory to achieve greater ROI. Leveraging proven approaches and pre-built assets, Lightwell can help you deploy this intelligent omnichannel order management solution in an accelerated manner.


IBM Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer

By leveraging Watson AI, this solution accelerates smarter sourcing and fulfillment decisions, helps you reduce cost-to-serve, and provides actionable insight to help you get ahead of disruptions. Leveraging a wide range of expertise, Lightwell consultants are experts in applying intelligence and analytics to overcome inventory and order fulfillment challenges. We’re also experts in integration who can connect your systems and data sources, ensuring speed and accuracy that creates a frictionless customer experience.

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IBM Sterling Inventory Control Tower

This AI-powered solution enables your team to easily see and manage your inventory, wherever it is, and respond quickly to changing needs. It helps you detect and understand events that could impact your inventory, prioritize, and resolve critical issues in real-time, take the right actions to prevent disruption, and leverage best practices to improve outcomes. Our team will help you leverage this solution to optimize inventory management while reducing risks and costs.


IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson

Make faster, smarter decisions that help prevent supply chain delays and disruptions. This AI-powered solution provides comprehensive, end-to-end visibility and real-time insights that enable you to optimize the performance of your supply chain. Leveraging the power of AI, it helps to deepen visibility, proactively predict and mitigate disruptions, and reduce costs. Our team will help you capitalize on this powerful solution, helping you drive the best outcomes for your supply chain, partners, and customers.

IBM Platinum Business Partner

IBM Platinum Business Partner

Trust Lightwell to help you gain clarity from complexity.

If you don’t have a high-level view of your order and fulfillment management systems, you can’t make informed decisions about operations, processes, performance, and customer satisfaction.

You risk understocks, overstocks, reduced margins, exorbitant shipping costs, and unfulfilled SLAs. You risk alienating your customers as well as your suppliers. You risk underperforming revenues and inadequate ROI.

We’re here to help you overcome these challenges and excel in this complex, dynamic environment. Contact us to explore what great things we can accomplish together.

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