IBM Sterling OMS Managed Services

The right combination of services, support and hosting for your Order Management System

Comprehensive managed services for IBM Sterling Order Management

The Order Management System (OMS) Managed Services and OMS SaaS solutions from Lightwell are designed to help you achieve the far-reaching benefits of the IBM Sterling OMS solution while significantly reducing the burden on your company’s internal resources.

Our Managed Services and SaaS offerings combine:

  • The industry-leading capabilities of IBM Sterling Order Management and related solutions
  • The deep technical and business expertise of our consulting team
  • The efficiency-enhancing benefits of the Lightwell OMS solution
  • Comprehensive support
  • And world-class hosting and infrastructure

Flexible services tailored to your needs

We believe there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to your order management system, we offer four levels of managed services.  

So, whether you simply need a few skilled resources to assist you with your current order management solution or upgrade, need us to manage your on-premise solution, or wish to outsource the management of your order management solution to us—we have a solution to meet your current and future needs.

Four Levels of Managed Services for Order Management Solutions

We offer four levels of managed services to meet your needs now and in the future. Our services and solutions are designed to enable you to move between these levels as your needs change.

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OMS Staff Augmentation

We’ll provide skilled resources to assist you with your on-premises OMS initiative during specified hours and timeframes.


On-Premises Solution for Existing Order Management Implementations

If you have an existing IBM Sterling OMS solution in place at your location, you can outsource the management and monitoring of the solution to us. We will engage in an initial discovery process, freshen up your existing implementation, apply best practices, become an extension of your staff for services and support, and proactively manage and monitor your application for you.

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On-Premises Solution for New or Upgrade IBM Sterling OMS Implementations

If you wish to migrate to the IBM Sterling OMS solution from another OMS solution, or upgrade to the current version of IBM Sterling Order Management System, we’ll perform all of the above, in addition to completing a new solution design and implementation at your location.


OMS SaaS / Cloud OMS Solution

We host the IBM Sterling OMS solution in our cloud in addition to managing and optimizing all aspects of it. From initial discovery of your needs, to design, setup and implementation, to proactive monitoring and support—we’ll handle it all for you.

Our Managed Services for OMS Provides Numerous Benefits

Through our OMS Managed Services and Cloud OMS services, you’ll achieve numerous benefits including the following:

Expert management of your IBM Sterling OMS solution


Increased efficiency

Faster response to ever-changing demands

Exceptional visibility across your value chain

Lower internal technology and resource costs

Satisfy quality

Increased customer satisfaction

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Partner with Lightwell for IBM Sterling OMS Managed Services

You can count on Lightwell for personalized, superior services and support for your IBM Sterling OMS solution.

We have the industry knowledge along with the technical expertise to ensure you get exceptional value quickly from IBM Sterling Order Management—while helping you manage and maintain it cost-effectively.

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