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Gain comprehensive, actionable insights about your orders, fulfillment, supply chain, and customers

To remain competitive and profitable, companies must not only deliver the seamless, compelling experiences customers expect, but also take the right actions—at the right time—to anticipate needs, avoid disruptions, and drive down costs.

For omnichannel retailers and brands, the sheer complexity of supply chains, partners, stores, channels, distribution channels, and marketplaces makes this exceptionally challenging to achieve.

Also, the number of systems and volumes of data involved makes timely, meaningful analysis of these areas both difficult and time-consuming.

Clear and detailed insights beyond what common BI solutions can provide

Even with leading Business Intelligence tools, companies may only see a limited, siloed view of data—not a complete, accurate, cross-channel, and cross-system analysis needed to take the right actions with confidence.

We developed the Lightwell Illuminate OMS Analytics solution to address these challenges and needs. It provides companies comprehensive, actionable insights across their order, fulfillment, supply chain, and customer data. It reduces the time and cost of researching and compiling reports across multiple systems and brands.

As a result, companies can make well-informed decisions that optimize order and supply chain processes, customer satisfaction, and financial performance.

Key capabilities of Illuminate OMS Analytics include:

A single pane of glass for monitoring and analyzing data from multiple systems, including IBM Order Management, store, ERP, WMS, and call center systems

Real-time, actionable insights, with fast access to underlying data

Business and technical self-service dashboards, tailored for individual roles

Business users gain insights around orders, fill rates, inventory, shipping, stores, channels, and more

Technical users can monitor trends in system performance, response time, and capacity

Users can drill down into dashboards to explore more detailed data

Customizable, self-service dashboards for both business and technical users

Through powerful, self-service dashboards—customizable for a variety of roles across the company—users gain an accurate picture of order, inventory, store, fulfillment, and system performance needed to keep a pulse on trends and make well-informed decisions for the business.

Business managers and executives gain a real-time, detailed understanding of their orders, fill rates, shipping, inventory, stores, and channels.

Technical users can monitor system performance, response time, and capacity details.

From high-level trends to granular details

To learn about the factors behind the metrics, uncover correlations, or understand why performance isn’t at the expected level—users can drill down into the dashboards to explore the data in a variety of ways.

The solution provides a holistic view, bringing together data from multiple systems—including the IBM Order Management System, ERP systems, store systems, WMS, and call center—into a single, flexible user interface. 

This single pane of glass provides users with more complete, accurate, and current information across their orders, customers, and processes, while vastly simplifying reporting tasks.

Key benefits of Illuminate OMS

As a result of leveraging Illuminate OMS Analytics,
companies gain numerous benefits including:

Reduced fulfillment costs
Improved inventory management
Optimized processes
Increased sales and marketing performance
Satisfy quality
Higher customer satisfaction
Improved profitability
Business Architecture

Your Order Management Partner

Lightwell has the industry knowledge along with the technical expertise to ensure your order management and fulfillment solution delivers exceptional value and insights.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, Lightwell can assist you with all aspects of your solution—from software procurement to deployment to management and support. We’ve also created our own complementary solutions to accelerate and increase the value of OMS solutions, including Lightwell OMS, Sterling OMS Test Framework, and Illuminate OMS Analytics for IBM Sterling Order Management.

In addition, we can be there for you after go-live to ensure all features are performing as expected, provide ongoing OMS managed services, provide OMS in the cloud, and provide additional IT resources to augment your staff.

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