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Omnichannel has transformed every store location into a distribution outlet and customer service center.

Online shopping currently represents about $4 trillion in sales worldwide, and it’s growing so quickly that it’s predicted to reach over $6 trillion by 2023. Unsurprisingly, it has precipitated unprecedented changes in consumer behavior. Rather than abandon bricks and mortar – as was once predicted – shoppers now view and use their local stores as an omnichannel resource.

Rather than visiting a store to see what’s available, the contemporary shopper is searching online for the products they want and then going to the store to complete the purchase. Sometimes, they’ve already finalized the transaction using a credit card, and they merely want to pick it up nearby. Other times, they’ve used your website to identify precisely what they want – and prefer to see the item, or maybe even speak to an associate before they commit to buying.

No matter their preference, the in-store visit gives your company the opportunity to increase sales, build loyalty, and enhance the value of your brand.

Leverage the right tools in-store to support your
omnichannel customers.

When customers come into your store, your store associates must be empowered to provide a satisfying, seamless experience. A combination of order management, inventory visibility, analytics, and mobile capabilities make it possible to deliver the right information to them at the right time. These technologies enable them to address a customer’s specific needs, offer suggestions and recommendations, cross-sell and upsell, and save the sale when an item is not immediately available. Your customers will expect this superior level of service, and your associates will be happy to provide it.

IBM Sterling Store Engagement, an enhancement to the IBM Sterling Order Management solution, helps your company rise to the challenge and deliver a satisfying, seamless omnichannel experience in-store. 

Omnichannel isn’t viable unless inventory is visible to everyone involved.

To achieve the level of service that customers now demand, your in-store associates need to be able to see what’s in stock and available to purchase. They also need to be able to see where merchandise can be located if it isn’t currently on hand. Furthermore, they need access to customer orders and information so they can offer solid, relevant suggestions. While this may sound simple, it’s an astoundingly complex process that requires highly sophisticated software.

If you’re currently operating without an advanced order management system that gives full visibility to store associates, you may be perpetuating these situations that disappoint customers and discourage sales:

Store associates lack instant accessibility to information.

Order and inventory information isn’t easily accessible to store associates, and cannot deliver insights into the past purchases and preferences of their customers.

Data silos result in incomplete information.

Inventory data is scattered across siloed systems inside and outside of the organization, so store associates can’t view accurate information about the availability and location of inventory when they need it.

Store managers lack the tools to connect and correlate inventory data.

Store managers can’t obtain and accurate assessment order and inventory data to ensure they can meet demand and proactively address disruptions.

Without a comprehensive store engagement solution, your retail sites don’t have up-to-the-minute views into inventory. So, you risk losing customers who want associates to check stock across multiple locations and provide real-time information on what’s available nearby.

Omnichannel Order Management

You also risk losing customers who will find an alternative retailer that provides exactly what they want.

Don’t neglect the in-store experience. It’s become a critical part of the online purchase process and can be leveraged to drive additional sales. Learn more about advancements in-store engagement and how you can position your company for success in an increasingly online and contactless purchasing environment.

IBM Sterling Store Engagement transforms store
associates into customer advisors.

IBM Sterling Store Engagement provides a real-time view of all your inventory, customer, and order data through an intuitive user interface that’s accessible from sales counters and mobile devices. This means that store employees can provide superior omnichannel services for:


Inventory management

Task management

Customer service

  • An intuitive web interface enables associates to provide answers anywhere, anytime.
  • A mobile solution supports both front and back of store activities.
  • Store associates can manage and enhance orders efficiently and effectively.
  • Managers can monitor and optimize omnichannel store operations.
  • Provides tools that are easily accessed from desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • An intuitive dashboard provides real-time product availability, pricing, and customer and order data at all locations.
  • Enables associates to view and track the status of orders placed across all channels.
  • Equips them to provide customers with choices on how best to obtain the product.
  • It helps them save the sale by offering the customer the option to pick it up in another store or have the item shipped to their home.


  • Ensures customers have an efficient, high-quality experience in the store.
  • Enable sales associates to provide customers with accurate, helpful information at the store level.
  • Improves brand image by providing more personalized customer service.
  • The same responsive solution can be used for customer service activities and back of store fulfillment activities.
  • Associates can handle in-store pickup and return of online orders, provide mobile device checkout, and search to find an out-of-stock item.
  • Enables associates to switch from helping a customer find an item or complete a sale – to another task, such as item picking for another customer.
  • Provides store associates with task screens that are relevant to their particular area.
  • Enables associates to accurately receive shipments, transfer orders, and packages utilizing the mobile store associate solution
  • Allows for easy and accurate rules-based processing of orders and items, regardless of the original purchase channel that was used.


  • Helps to leverage store labor and multitasking abilities efficiently.
  • Simplifies in-store orders and returns.
  • Helps to prioritize tasks for associates.
  • Increases efficiency and reduces costs.
  • Provides associates a 360-degree view of customer orders.
  • Enables them to easily search for an order that was placed in another channel, and make changes to orders as needed.
  • Ensures accurate available to promise (ATP) quantities using a real-time lookup.
  • Enables associates to provide pick up at store fulfillment or ship to home.
  • Helps associates suggest complementary products based on past orders and preferences,
  • Enables them to schedule in-store appointments, recommend items, and offer appeasements from mobile devices.
  • Equips them to check customers out quickly, anywhere in the store, rather than having them wait in line at a terminal.
  • Enable sales associates to provide customers with accurate, helpful information at the store level.


  • Creates an enhanced shopping experience by delivering compelling product information in-store.
  • Improves responsiveness to the customer’s needs, improving satisfaction.
  • Optimizes inventory utilization by drawing from available inventory regardless of store location
  • Provides speedier service and a more pleasant, personalized shopping experience.
  • Helps to increase revenue through up-selling or cross-selling.
  • Customizable store dashboards provide managers with inventory visibility and a view of the orders that need to be fulfilled, the rate of fulfillment, and whether the priority orders are on track.
  • Provides them information about the overall state of the store fulfillment, with the ability to drill down to specific orders as needed.
  • Helps them gain a better understanding of the volume, priority, and fulfillment rate of orders that are to be fulfilled from the store.
  • Get a holistic view of which product categories, regions, and channels are seeing the most impact across your supply chain.
  • Provides helpful insights and recommendations on product ordering and placement.


  • Helps to ensure all in-store orders are fulfilled on time
  • Achieve easy and accurate rules-based processing of orders and items, regardless of the original purchase channel that was used.
  • Monitor and manage activities and tasks for employees
  • Enable the manager to quickly make decisions and assign tasks to the store associates.
  • Maximize the use of working capital with accurate inventory counts, and condensed inventory across store networks.
  • Minimize out-of-stock.
  • Avoid future supply chain disruptions.

IBM Sterling Store Engagement is a powerful tool to help you optimize omnichannel performance. Lightwell helps you leverage it effectively.

Our team has extensive expertise around the IBM order management solutions and has helped many organizations like yours accelerate and optimize their value. Working collaboratively with your team, we’ll guide you through a fast and effective implementation, drawing on our extensive experience with companies throughout the world.

We’re an IBM Platinum Business Partner and were granted the prestigious IBM Sterling Business Partner of the Year Award.

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