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Enable exceptional customer order and fulfillment experiences, streamline omnichannel order orchestration, and gain end-to-end visibility and insights.

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Resolve complex B2C and B2B order management challenges to meet escalating customer expectations

Whether in B2C, B2B, or B2B2C industries, companies everywhere are facing the same challenge: meeting customer expectations that are higher than ever…and on the rise.

Today’s customers demand full, real-time visibility into inventory and want to choose whichever fulfillment method is most convenient to them. They also expect personalized omnichannel service, accurate pricing, and accurate, up-to-the-minute delivery details. Orders must be on-time (if not early) and 100% accurate.

To meet these needs, organizations need to take control of inventory levels and optimize their complex order management and fulfillment processes. 

But these processes are complicated and require the seamless integration and orchestration of many different systems – internal and external – that are typically spread across dispersed locations.

Leverage the power of an intelligent order management system

The solution lies with IBM Sterling Order Management software. This powerful solution provides a single view of inventory and orders across your entire fulfillment network, enables customers to order via their preferred channel and receive through their preferred fulfillment method, and get accurate details and updates about the status of their order. You’ll deliver the seamless omnichannel experiences customers want and delight them with more perfect orders.

Sterling OMS enables support Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS), Ship from Store, drop shipping, Buy Online, Return in Store (BORIS), and more, helping you meet customer expectations to order from anywhere, fulfill from anywhere to anywhere, and return to anywhere. And you’ll gain extensive control and visibility to optimize how orders are orchestrated across all locations and fulfillment methods.

It empowers your business users to manage orders and optimize processes without IT involvement. User-friendly tools enable them to set up rules, control orders, implement inventory and sourcing decisions, manage shipping nodes, and more. They can add and change stores, divert orders, and reserve inventory when needed quickly, helping to ensure inventory the right level of inventory is available to meet demands where it’s needed most.

It also provides capabilities to empower your store associates and call center personnel. With the addition of IBM Sterling Store Engagement, store associates can easily locate items that are out of stock, help customers check out anywhere in the store, and provide personalized recommendations to customers. IBM Sterling Call Center provides your call center personnel details about the customer and their orders that help them deliver accurate updates and more personalized experiences.

Leverage Sterling OMS to achieve tremendous benefits for your customers, your team, and your company

With the IBM Sterling Order Management solution combined with the expertise of our team, you’ll achieve a wide variety of benefits and high ROI from the solution, including:

Greater efficiency in managing and fulfilling orders across your extended enterprise
Higher “perfect order” fulfillment rates
Lower excess inventory across the supply chain
Fewer stock-outs
Increased responsiveness to market and customer changes
Satisfy quality
Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

The simple facts about the complexity of omnichannel order orchestration.

Omnichannel order management and fulfillment are tremendously complicated processes. Consider how many items you sell, in how many configurations, and where all that inventory rests. 

Then think about all the different ways you make that merchandise available to your customers, the different methods of delivery they can choose, the service levels they require, and the variety of people and processes that are involved in each transaction. It’s mind-boggling.

To complete transactions successfully from start to finish – and to deliver the perfect order that delights your customer – requires speed, accuracy, and visibility in all locations for all constituents –at all times. Otherwise, you run into challenges like these:

  • Information silos prevent visibility into inventory and order processes.
  • Issues with orders can’t be detected early enough to prevent problems, resulting in disappointed customers.
  • Business managers lack the information and control they need to identify issues, act quickly, shift inventory, and avoid delays.
  • Customer orders are incorrect or arrive late, even with costly expedited shipment.
  • Omnichannel fulfillment processes are costly and inefficient, eating into your profits.
  • Islands of inventory remain idle on shelves, increasing costs and forcing markdowns.
  • Customers look elsewhere because they can’t find what they want from you, or they’re not happy with their order experience.

With extensive experience around omnichannel order management processes and technologies, our team can help you leverage the IBM Sterling Order Management system (OMS) to overcome these challenges and provide your customers great order and fulfillment experiences – profitably.

IBM Sterling Order Management gives you numerous competitive advantages.

  • Delight your customers with seamless, personalized omnichannel order experiences.
  • Achieve end-to-end visibility and control across systems, processes, and locations.
  • Accelerate and optimize order orchestration with intelligent capabilities.
  • Empower your business users to understand, manage, and act quickly.
  • Gain timely, valuable insights through informative dashboards and proactive alerts.
  • Leverage modern capabilities to grow with your changing needs.
  • Provides customers visibility into real-time, global inventory across all of your locations.
  • Gives customers a choice of delivery methods so they can select the one that is right for them: ship to home, drop-ship, ship from store, click and collect, and more.
  • Provides accurate delivery estimates and order status details.
  • Allows customers to return items to the location of their choice (BORIS).
  • Gives store associates and call center personnel access to order and customer information so they can deliver a more rewarding, personalized experiences.
  • Enables customers to submit complex orders that contain many different items with different specs, pricing rules, and delivery dates.


  • Ensures that customers receive seamless, personalized experiences regardless of when or where they are in contact with your organization.
  • Satisfies customers with the selection, accurate orders, and timely service they receive, so they become more loyal to your organization and to your brand.
  • Strengthens B2B relationships by enabling them to better plan their downstream operations, so there’s no disruption to them or their business partners.
  • Differentiates your company through exceptional customer experiences.
  • Supports seamless order processes across multiple channels, including Web, mobile, field sales, store, and call center.
  • Provides visibility and control to business users through user-friendly tools.
  • Creates a single source of customer and order information through the collection, collation, and analysis of information from a wide variety of systems and locations.
  • Consolidates inventory information from all systems to gain a single view of all supply and demand, at rest and in transit.
  • Acquires data automatically from suppliers, distribution centers, and transportation company systems – to ensure accurate details and updates.
  • Processes information at a high-speed to ensure accurate, real-time information.


  • Integrates siloed, disparate systems, eliminating barriers to visibility.
  • Enables business managers, store associates, and others to rely upon a sole, reliable source of information regarding inventory levels.
  • User-friendly tools ensure users can get to the information and functionality they need quickly.
  • A fully integrated system provides greater efficiency in viewing, managing, and fulfilling orders across your extended enterprise.
  • Ensures that make-to-order products or those with customized specifications are handled and priced more accurately.
  • Accelerates order processes through intelligent automation capabilities that are faster and more accurate than traditional methods.
  • Enables users to configure, automate, and adjust complex workflows that streamline order orchestration.
  • Leverages flexible, customizable business rules for processes such as order promising and scheduling.
  • Uses an intelligent order sourcing and routing system to allocate and monitor orders across numerous sources and channels based on parameters such as geography and landed costs.
  • Enables users to change participants in the order process quickly and easily, as needed, through a graphical business process modeling tool.
  • Out-of-the-box line-level order fulfillment capabilities identify the right fulfillment process for each order and seamlessly fulfill each line item on an order, from the right location at the best price.
  • Integrates with production, manufacturing, ERP, and other systems to ensure orders are quoted, created, and transported appropriately.
  • Enables dynamic scheduling of product deliveries and associated services at the time of sale based on resource availability, the type of order, and agreed-upon service parameters.
  • Returns management process flows ensure that returned products are consistently and properly handled, and no items are lost or forgotten along the way.
  • Rules-based configurations give flexibility at a local level while allowing monitoring and oversight at the enterprise level.
  • Enables the creation of business rules and proactive alerts to indicate excess or depleted inventory.


  • Optimizes the speed of order sourcing and fulfillment while minimizing costs.
  • Enables you to achieve higher “perfect order” fulfillment rates, reducing the costs of errors and corrections.
  • Provides flexibility to change and adapt all aspects of order processes as needed.
  • Enables you to avoid stock-outs, delivery delays, and missed sales opportunities.
  • Makes returns, repairs, and exchanges faster, seamless, and more cost-efficient.
  • Gives business users the ability to enter, modify, track, cancel, and monitor the entire order life cycle in real-time.
  • Provides users customer, order, inventory, and fulfillment information relevant to their positions.
  • User-friendly, self-service functionality gives users increased capabilities and control, while reducing the need for IT intervention.
  • Allows managers to quickly add new locations and enable new fulfillment options.
  • User-customized dashboards display information in an easy-to-read format.
  • Enables users to shift fulfillment to areas where inventory is available and away from those where it has been depleted – so extra shipping costs or split shipments are avoided, and cost-to-serve can be reduced.
  • Enables users to shift inventory in preparation for promotional activities, or in reaction to regional, seasonal, or other changes in demand – to avoid stockouts or markdowns.
  • Allows store associates to determine where the nearest available inventory is located and ship from store, enabling them to save the sale.
  • Issues proactive alerts based on trends and thresholds.


  • Provides your entire team with visibility and control so they can take the right actions quickly.
  • Enables users to identify issues, quickly make changes where necessary, and remediate problems before they impact the customer.
  • Provides users the relevant information they need to perform more effectively
  • Enables accurate, real-time views into inventory levels across the enterprise, from inbound to returns, helping to optimize inventory utilization.
  • Frees up IT resources to concentrate on more important strategic issues.
  • Gives in-store associates the tools they need to provide quality customer service, and to stimulate cross-sell and upsell to achieve their sales goals.
  • User-customized dashboards deliver up-to-the-minute performance information.
  • Dashboards can be customized out-of-the-box to fit different roles, with drag-and-drop widgets for popular features.
  • Enables the creation of reports at the push of a button.
  • Simplifies dashboards and reporting through the use of business terminology.
  • KPIs and reports ensure managers can effectively monitor and direct the organization to optimize performance and improve profitability.
  • Simple processes and tools enable deep dives into data for identifying root causes and issues.


  • Provides your entire team with insights and analytics they can make better-informed decisions to improve performance and profitability.
  • KPIs and reports help to identify and address issues before they grow out of control –while helping to capitalize on what’s working well.
  • Enables your team to focus on what’s improving profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • Provides flexible deployment options. IBM Sterling OMS is available as SaaS, on hybrid cloud or on-premises.
  • Leverages a modern architecture with containers and Kubernetes.


  • Harness the power of the cloud.
  • Combine with other technologies and solutions in the cloud to enhance capabilities.
  • Quickly launch more advanced features and make changes.
  • Achieve flexibility, adaptability, and scalability needed to improve overall performance and keep your customers coming back.

Learn more about these specific modules of
IBM Sterling Order Management.

Delivery and Services Scheduling

Effectively schedule deliveries, installation, and add-on services at the time of sale.

out of box

Drop Ship

Enlarge your product offerings without expanding your inventory.


Reverse Logistics and Returns Management

Automate returns and exchanges reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction.

bring data together

Boost the power of Sterling OMS
with complementary capabilities.

Meet complex order management challenges and high customer expectations with solutions that enhance the value and capabilities of IBM Sterling OMS.

Enterprise Architecture

Lightwell and IBM team up to provide solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

We offer end-to-end Sterling OMS consulting services to support you every step of the way—from initial planning stages to ongoing management and support. Based on years of experience helping complex organizations acquire, implement, manage, and support OMS solutions, we’ve established best practices and innovative solutions that get your OMS solution up-and-running quickly, while minimizing your ongoing management costs.

Our efficient and thorough approach ensures that deadlines are met, and that work is completed within budget. You’ll work with a qualified, collaborative team who are passionate about helping you achieve exceptional performance and an optimal return on investment for your project.

Lightwell innovations and services help you optimize them.

This suite of pre-built capabilities and value-added services streamlines the implementation, reduces the cost of ownership, and improves the ROI of the IBM Sterling Order Management solution. We leverage this during our cloud deployments and migrations to accelerate time to value and ensure best practices are leveraged throughout the process.

Lightwell Illuminate OMS Analytics provides additional visibility and analytics that help you improve performance in a variety of ways. Make well-informed decisions that optimize order and supply chain processes, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. Lightwell Illuminate OMS Analytics provides companies with comprehensive, actionable insights across their order, fulfillment, supply chain, and customer data. It also reduces the time and cost of researching and compiling reports across multiple systems and brands.

customer centric

When it comes time to make changes to your OMS, testing is essential. But launching those changes faster by accelerating the testing process is critical to keeping up with today’s rapidly changing demand. Lightwell’s Sterling OMS Test Framework automates, simplifies, and accelerates the full testing process for the IBM Sterling Order Management Solution. It helps companies quickly develop new test scenarios and modify existing ones, reducing the time and cost involved in all phases of testing while helping to reduce errors across order management and fulfillment processes. Whether you’re managing your OMS in the cloud, or we’re managing it for you, Sterling OMS Test Framework can help ensure faster, more effective changes.

Choose IBM Sterling Order Management software for extensive capabilities. Engage Lightwell consultants to illuminate your path to success.

IBM Sterling Order Management software has received many industry accolades for industry-leading capabilities and is used by many of the world’s best-known companies to optimize their order management and fulfillment processes.

Our consultants have helped organizations like yours implement and optimize this solution for decades. Working collaboratively with your team, we’ll help you implement the order management solutions you need to aggressively compete in this hyperactive, hyper-connected business environment. What’s more, we’ll do it in less time, and at less cost than you might expect.

We combine deep industry insights, business process expertise, and extensive technology skills with the strength of the IBM Sterling Order Management and IBM Sterling Supply Chain solutions.

The value we bring and the commitment we have to our customers’ success are just some of the reasons we have been recognized as IBM Sterling Business Partner of the Year.

Working with our colleagues at IBM, we’ll optimize this powerful platform for your specific needs, strengthen relationships with customers and partners, improve profitability, and drive competitive advantages.

Learn more about our comprehensive order management consulting services and innovative order management software and solutions. Explore how we can work with you to improve your overall performance by optimizing the technology you already have in place, expanding your channels and capabilities, leveraging the cloud, and capitalizing on AI and analytics capabilities.

We provide end-to-end consulting services to help you get the most value from the IBM solutions.

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