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Empower your customer service reps to deliver the seamless omnichannel order experiences your customers expect while enjoying greater productivity.

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A call for help is an opportunity for higher revenues.

When a customer contacts your call center, they’re not just giving you the chance to help them; they’re presenting you with an opportunity to strengthen the relationship and convert them into brand evangelists. Studies have shown that when a customer has a positive interaction with your representatives – even if they’re calling about a problem – the benefits to your organization and your bottom line can be significant.

That is why it’s essential to provide your call center staff with useful tools and resources to help customers throughout their journey. You want them to perform magnificently whether they’re providing additional product or inventory information, solving a problem with an order, or making a change to the delivery method. You can do this is by supplying them with real-time, easy access to customer, inventory, and order information.

Leverage your call center to improve
omnichannel profitability.

IBM Sterling Call Center is a powerful enhancement to the IBM Sterling Order Management solution. This web-based solution provides customer service representatives (CSRs) with streamlined access to order, inventory, and customer information so they can deliver personalized service and seamless service. Your customers will have a more positive and helpful interaction when they connect with your call center about their orders, while you benefit from improved productivity and happier customers. 

Provide customers with the omnichannel flexibility they want…
while empowering your CSRs with the right information at the right time.

Your customers conduct business with you through websites, by telephone and mail, in-store, and maybe even through apps or texts. And with these multiple ways of doing business with you, they expect you to have a quick, accurate, and complete view of all their activity. When they call your customer service center, they want you to know exactly who they are. And they expect immediate answers to their questions – backed up with action – to expedite their orders.

To keep your customers happy, you need to provide:

A consistent face to the customer

Knowledge of their past orders

A view of their current cart

Ability to modify existing orders and fulfillment methods

Power to handle exceptions quickly and smoothly

Ability to manage the refund process

A smooth, hassle-free process

This can be a formidable challenge. Common CRM solutions may have been suitable for website, POS, and store activity. But they can’t accommodate the needs of a busy call center handling a high volume of omnichannel customer inquiries. And some solutions don’t provide the strict security and validation processes you need to prevent fraud.

What’s needed is a powerful solution that integrates with order management and fulfillment center systems, provides CSRs fast access to accurate information, helps them address questions quickly, and ensures a positive customer experience. IBM Sterling Call Center provides these capabilities and more.

IBM Sterling Call Center helps to ensure customer satisfaction while improving productivity.

  • Deliver accurate, consistent views of inventory and pricing information.
  • Empower CSRs to view and manage customer orders effectively.
  • Equip CSRs with an intuitive, customizable user interface.
  • Enhance your current technology investments with a powerful yet easy-to-manage solution.
  • Enable your customer service representatives to see what the customer sees.
  • Provide CSRs with product availability across both internal and external locations.
  • Give your CSRs access to the same pricing and promotion information that the customer is entitled to in other channels


  • Enable CSRs to be more productive.
  • Ensure consistency across all channels.
  • Dramatically decrease average call handling time.
  • Provide a synchronized, comprehensive 360-degree view of all customer activity.
  • Give your CSRs the power to easily manage complex order and fulfillment processes, and address exception scenarios.
  • Enable quick searches for an order based on virtually any number of criteria, and then view the order in summary or in detail.
  • Enable CSRs to take over the cart when customers are having issues Provide more accurate available-to-promise dates based on real-time information.
  • Allow CSRs to provide special order modifications such as price matches and alternatives to avoid costly returns.
  • Give CSRs the ability to efficiently enter a return and establish defined processes to manage it through your systems.
  • Provide alerts that let the appropriate employee(s) know when there is an exception to an order.
  • Enable CSRs to attach notes to a call to capture all interactions with the customer.
  • Offer a separate queue that can be assigned for CSRs to handle alerts during downtime.


  • Support your “order from anywhere, fulfill from anywhere, and return to anywhere” capabilities.
  • Enable CSRs to personalize the experience based on the customers’ order and history.
  • Help CSRs quickly locate an order, check its status, and make modifications as needed.
  • Equip CSRs to offer cross-sell and up-sell suggestions based on customer buying history.
  • Improve the efficiency of CSRs by empowering them and giving them the tools to serve your customers better.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by resolving issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Provide step-by-step tasks to guide your CSR to support your customer.
  • Customize screens easily for your specific needs.
  • Leverage permission- and role-based capabilities to provide relevant information to your CSRs.
  • Define scripts to provide customer-specific information based on often used tasks.


  • Train your CSRs more quickly and offer a higher level of customer service.
  • Ensure more consistent levels of service across your CSRs.
  • Adopt a manageable, consumable solution that is easy to deploy and upgrade.
  • Utilize an intuitive, WYSIWYG extensibility workbench for faster extensions and integrations.
  • Modify call center processes using a simple interface.
  • Employ rich functionality around process modeling, order sourcing, inventory management, and monitoring.


  • Reduce the proprietary knowledge required to extend the solution.
  • Simplify the integration with external systems, including front-end systems, payment systems, and address verification systems.
  • Expand the footprint of the call center and customer care solution.
  • Reduce IT costs to deploy, manage, and grow call center operations.

IBM Sterling Call Center helps you elevate the customer experience through your CSRs. Lightwell consultants provide the expertise to deploy and leverage it effectively.

IBM Sterling Call Center is a powerful solution that provides your call center staff with a single source of truth, real-time visibility into customer orders, and the power to make order changes to suit the customer’s needs. It’s an important component of an omnichannel strategy — one that will improve customer service, enhance call center productivity, and improve omnichannel profitability.

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