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Optimize your order management capabilities to elevate customer experiences, improve profitability, and drive competitive advantages.

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Technology has changed expectations. That’s why you need to change your Order Management technology.

Customers are customers. Whether they’re B2B or B2C, they all share the same expectations: simplified ordering, delivery when promised, and personalized service when they want it. 

As simple as it sounds, meeting these expectations involves a number of complex processes that must be perfectly aligned to ensure perfect orders, real-time visibility, accurate reporting, swift identification and remediation of problems, and instantaneous access to customer and order information from anywhere.

To achieve this finely-tuned orchestration of processes requires smart, powerful order management and fulfillment solutions. Working together, they must flawlessly execute every step of the order and fulfillment process.

Overcome omnichannel complexity and optimize outcomes.

IBM Sterling Order Management software and services are based on a deep understanding of the complexity of the omnichannel experience, the intricate processes that enable perfect orders, and the relationships between all of the supply chain participants. They’re designed to enable exceptional customer ordering and fulfillment experiences – wherever and however customers wish to receive their orders.

They’re also developed with strict adherence to standards of security and reliability and with an eye to future adaptations – growth, changes in demand, changes in technology, and new ways of doing business. In addition, they’re created to save you money.  They provide the information your managers need to make more informed decisions that reduce costs, generate revenue, and derive more value from your IT investments.

Our team has been assisting B2C and B2B companies with order management for over a decade and provides a full range of services and complementary solutions around IBM Sterling Order Management to help companies achieve their goals.  Learn more about the power of these remarkable solutions below, and learn how we can help you optimize them.

Intelligent, powerful solutions to solve today’s order management and fulfillment challenges.

Business Challenge

Key Solution

Managing customer orders across channels, orchestrating complex orders across your entire fulfillment network, and ensuring great customer order experiences.

IBM Sterling Order Management

Optimizing omnichannel order fulfillment to reduce cost-to-serve, maximize fulfillment capacity, and meet delivery expectations even during peak times.

IBM Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer

Gaining real-time visibility into accurate inventory levels across all channels and locations, helping to protect margins, meet customer expectations, and avoid lost sales. 

IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility

Simplifying the selling of complex products and services by automating the configuration, pricing, and quoting process.

IBM Sterling Configure Price Quote

Providing customer service representatives with critical order and customer information, helping them deliver consistent customer, seamless experiences.

IBM Sterling Call Center

Helping store associates provide customers accurate information around their orders, make personalized recommendations, locate inventory quickly, and deliver a more streamlined customer purchase experience.

IBM Sterling Store Engagement

The IBM Sterling Order Management and Fulfillment Solutions Suite

  • IBM Sterling Order Management
  • IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility
  • IBM Sterling Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
  • IBM Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer with Watson
  • IBM Sterling Store Engagement
  • IBM Sterling Call Center

IBM Sterling Order Management

IBM Sterling Order Management helps you orchestrate complex orders across your entire fulfillment network and deliver great omnichannel customer experiences. This intelligent solution combines multichannel order aggregation, inventory and delivery visibility, and service availability within a single platform. It helps you orchestrate orders from all channels in real-time from inception to delivery, and automates processes and data connected to the order as it moves through its life cycle. 

Sterling OMS centralizes the management of order information, including order capture, inventory management, order fulfillment, and after-sales services and scheduling. You’ll gain a single view of orders and inventory across all channels, and fulfill orders efficiently from distribution centers, warehouses, or stores. Customers can buy online and pick up in-store within hours (BOPIS). They can also return a product anywhere. Store associates can assist with orders and find inventory across the network to fulfill customer needs.

A modern, scalable architecture gives you the flexibility and speed to easily manage high-volume, complex orders and make order fulfillment a competitive differentiator. Leveraging proven approaches and pre-built assets, Lightwell can help you deploy this advanced omnichannel order management solution quickly and cost-effectively.


IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility

When you’re managing a great deal of inventory spanning a wide variety of locations, you need comprehensive tools that break down silos and consolidate information from throughout your supply chain ecosystem. This is not only important to retailers, but also for B2B companies that often grow through acquisition and have a fragmented view of inventory.

IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility is a cloud-based SaaS solution that provides a real-time view of inventory supply and demand activity, track inventory velocity, and optimize inventory utilization across channels. So, you can say “yes” to customers more often and meet expectations – while maximizing your inventory return on investment.

Lightwell helps you leverage this solution to achieve up-to-the-minute inventory tracking and accurate available-to-promise data--even in businesses with high volumes and many SKUs.


IBM Sterling Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

IBM Sterling CPQ transforms and automates configuration, pricing, and quoting of complex products. For companies that deal with configure-to-order or make-to-order products, such as vehicles or high-value capital equipment, you know that manual intervention across the quoting and pricing process adds more layers of friction.

Additionally, pricing rules often vary by customer contract terms and product types, which can slow down pricing. This IBM Sterling solution transforms the buying and selling of complex products and services across all of your buyers' preferred channels to help select the right products and ensure that pricing is accurate.

Lightwell consultants are skilled in IBM Sterling CPQ, and can help you quickly get it up-and-running for your business.


IBM Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer with Watson

Flawless omnichannel order fulfillment is essential to satisfying the expectations of your customers – both B2B and B2C. But you must be able to keep your costs down and deliver this profitably.  By leveraging Watson AI, this solution accelerates smarter sourcing and fulfillment decisions, helps you reduce cost-to-serve, and provides actionable insight to help you get ahead of disruptions.

Our consultants are experts in applying intelligence and analytics to overcome inventory and order fulfillment challenges. We’re also experts in integration and APIs who can connect your systems and data sources, ensuring speed and accuracy that creates a frictionless customer experience.


IBM Sterling Store Engagement

Customers and in-store associates want every engagement to be productive and fulfilling. This solution helps store associates provide superior, consistent in-store experiences around customer orders. It provides a real-time view of relevant inventory, customer, and order data through an intuitive user interface that’s accessible from sales counters and mobile devices.

Associates appreciate that the in-store pickup gives them additional opportunities to generate sales and build customer relationships. Customers appreciate the personalized service they receive.

Lightwell can help you implement tools that help store associates engage customers and deliver a rewarding in-store buying experience.


IBM Sterling Call Center

When customers have a question about products or orders, they expect to get accurate answers right away. And these answers must be consistent with what they know or what is available through other channels. Now, with access to a full spectrum of customer and order information, your customer service staff can provide the consistent, accurate information customers require.

Lightwell can help your call center employ this solution so that customer service representatives (CSRs) are empowered with the information they need to provide a seamless omnichannel experience.


Exceptional capabilities for your customers, your team, and your company.

  • Give your customers a rewarding, personalized omnichannel experience.
  • Streamline and automate the orchestration of complex order and fulfillment processes.
  • Help your business users perform better with real-time visibility and control of orders.
  • Provide up-to-the-minute inventory views that everyone can trust.
  • Empower store associates to strengthen relationships and generate additional revenue.
  • Optimize business outcomes and achieve a better return on investment.
  • Provide a seamless, consistent experience with your company, however they choose to interact.
  • Allow customers to order any time, anywhere, their way.
  • Empower them with access to real-time inventory visibility and accurate delivery information.
  • Provide staff access to customer information that enables a personalized interaction at the call center, distribution center, or in-store.
  • Help associates get access to information so they can better know their customers and offer appropriate recommendations and promotional pricing.
  • Ensure correct pricing on make-to-order and other complex, customized items.
  • Predict your customers’ expectations by integrating your ERP system with your order management and fulfillment processes.
  • Build brand love by providing convenience and service with flawless execution regardless of channel.
  • Delight customers by delivering perfect orders every time.
  • Achieve flawless execution of orders that may include a huge variety of items and quantities, with various specs and multiple dependencies.
  • Enable flexible fulfillment (such as BOPIS and ship from store), as well as easy returns.
  • Optimize inventory levels to reduce overall carrying costs, reduce shipping costs, reduce backorders, and guarantee the fulfillment of orders.
  • Prioritize the allocation of products, parts, and people to be responsive to critical customers while maintaining the lowest cost-to-serve. 
  • Empower business users to monitor multichannel order management and fulfillment activities, analyze performance, and make decisions to improve results.
  • Gain control of order operations via self-service, real-time capabilities to make changes to inventory levels, delivery methods, sources, add new products, suppliers, etc. –without requiring IT involvement.
  • Monitor KPIs with detailed, customized dashboards that allow business users to dig deeper for greater detail.
  • Set up business rules to issue alerts and initiate appropriate changes to avoid stockouts and markdowns.
  • Improve operational efficiency to reduce the cost-to-serve, accelerate revenues, and improve ROI.
  • Give buyers, distribution staff, in-store associates, and customers an accurate view of inventory availability and location.
  • Give supply chain partners access to a single source that allows them to monitor inventory levels, so they’ll know when to ship new inventory.
  • Enable decision makers to shift inventory to different locations to ensure appropriate levels for increased demand or promotional activities.
  • Optimize inventory levels to reduce overall carrying costs, reduce shipping costs, avoid backorders, and ensure on-time fulfillment.
  • Provide staff access to customer information that enables a more personalized interaction in-store.
  • Help associates get access to information so they can better know their customers, and offer appropriate cross-sell or upsell suggestions and promotional pricing.
  • Enable “line busting” by providing every in-store associate with the ability to serve the customer.
  • Increase retention by helping in-store staff meet their goals and feel that they’re making a valuable contribution.
  • Reduce the cost-to-serve by facilitating the least costly shipment methods, better management of inventory, and the stimulation of ancillary sales.
  • Gain actionable insights that help to improve order management processes, inventory utilization, and profitability.
  • Deploy cost-effective, scalable order management and fulfillment solutions as SaaS, on-site, or hybrid cloud – helping to increase agility and support growth, especially during peak times.
  • Leverage our accelerators and frameworks to launch the new system rapidly across the supply chain network to begin generating revenues as quickly as possible.

Leverage powerful AI capabilities in your order management and fulfillment processes.

Watson AI technology takes the capabilities of the IBM order management and fulfillment solutions to a whole new level. AI enables a number of capabilities to improve insights, actions, and decisions:

ai advanced technologies

Understand domains deeply

AI applies an understanding of the company’s business, industry, and customer activity to allow you to create “what-if” scenarios and evaluate their impact.

connect integrate

Adapt to change

AI capabilities can automatically make adjustments to processes when needed. Unlike traditional rule-based systems, you don’t need to make manual adjustments.


Learn from experience.

AI capabilities understand supply and demand across networks based on historical data, and can learn from changes to it as it’s happening.

360 degree view

Interact naturally with people and systems

With AI, users can interact using natural language interactions. They can even create new scenarios to simulate performance simply by asking questions about how specific events might impact the business.

IBM and Lightwell combine strengths to help you optimize the value of order management.

The IBM Sterling order management solutions have been leveraged by industry leaders worldwide for years, empowering them with advanced capabilities that help them create competitive advantages.  These solutions have evolved, leveraging AI to analyze complex data and provide actionable insights that help stakeholders take the right actions quickly.  Detailed dashboards deliver critical information that enables fast, effective decisions about inventory levels, delivery methods, and other issues relevant to ensuring profitability.

Lightwell collaborates with IBM and your organization to design and deploy the ideal set of capabilities for your specific requirements. We consider your customers, your stakeholders, your corporate goals, your existing technology, and your future aspirations before we make recommendations. And then with our team’s experience, diligence, and foresight, we help you implement order management and fulfillment solutions that will take you into the future.

IBM Platinum Business Partner of Year

Lightwell is a Platinum IBM Business Partner, and was named the 2020 IBM Sterling Business Partner of the Year. We’re recognized for our customer focus, expert consultancy, technical skills, and continuing post-deployment support.

Comprehensive Order Management Services

We provide end-to-end consulting services to help you get the most value from the IBM solutions.

Lightwell Innovations for IBM Sterling
Order Management Solutions

Lightwell OMS

This suite of pre-built capabilities and value-added services streamlines the implementation, reduces cost of ownership, and improves the ROI of the IBM Sterling Order Management solution.

out of box

Lightwell Illuminate OMS Analytics

Lightwell Illuminate OMS Analytics provides companies with comprehensive, actionable insights across their order, fulfillment, supply chain, and customer data. It also reduces the time and cost of researching and compiling reports across multiple systems and brands.


Sterling OMS Test Framework

Lightwell’s Sterling OMS Test Framework automates, simplifies, and accelerates the full testing process for the IBM Sterling Order Management Solution.

bring data together

Achieve exceptional business results.

Organizations that have deployed IBM Sterling order management software and solutions report outstanding results. Here are just a few examples:

$4.2 million in new profits from improved order management

as a result of improved availability, visibility, and flexibility provided by additional omnichannel capabilities.

$6.4 million savings from improved operations

including uplift in conversion rates and reductions in markdowns, shipping, inventory carrying, and inventory placement.

$2.3 million in avoided costs from the previous collection of order management tools

based on savings on license fees, regular hardware updates and full-time employee maintenance hours.

Application Development Solution IMplementation

Let’s get started.

To succeed in the rapidly evolving and highly-complex business environment, you need to provide your staff, business partners and customers with advanced order management capabilities, such as real-time, accurate visibility, automation, and intelligence.

With Lightwell and IBM, you’ll gain these capabilities and more to delight your customers, differentiate your organization, drive more revenue, and improve profitability.

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